Brave the “13th Floor” at the 2014 West Coast Haunters Convention

April 3rd, 2014

This May, the West Coast Haunters Convention, in Portland, Oregon,  has a special treat for guests who love things that “go bump in the night.” If you’re among the brave, you can book a room on the 13th floor of the convention hotel (the DoubleTree), where you’ll receive a bit of “extra attention”:

13th floor

The DoubleTree has a 13th floor and we have held every room…21 of them! Your room will be give extra attention by our WCHC staff and you will be treated to visits by our WCHC “maintenance” guy Nix and his crew of creepy, crazy and faithful helpers!

All the little extras you receive are yours to take with you at the end of the WCHC.

The 13th floor experience cost is $175, which is in addition to the regular room rate, and you must reserve a room for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s always Room 666!


Room 666 includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creepy and unusual decor (yours to keep it’s going to be one hell of a great room!)
  • Odd happenings.
  • Unexpected visits at all hours.
  • Things that go bump in the night.
  • Personal visits by Nyx, Helga and faithful servant.

There’s only one Room 666, and it can be purchased ONLY through an online auction, which is happening right now. Click here to be taken to the auction page. This sounds like a creepy and cool experience, similar to Alton Towers’ (UK) “Scare Rooms” featured during the Halloween season.

The West Coast Haunters Convention will be held from May 16-18, 2014, in Portland Oregon. The convention itself has been getting bigger every year and has grown from a small, local convention to a well-respected event attended by people from all over the country. Friday night features a tour of Milburn’s Haunted Manor, and convention speakers include…well,  a couple of guys from SyFy’s Face Off (after all, it wouldn’t be a haunt convention be without an appearance by somebody from that show). But more important than the so-called “celebrity speakers” are the haunters who will be giving seminars and demos throughout the weekend on all kinds of topics. This convention has a home haunter/low-pro slant to it, so if you have your own home haunt or are looking to start one, this is the convention to attend.

ScareLA returns this summer

April 1st, 2014


Last summer SoCal Haunt Stalkers were treated to Halloween tricks in the middle summer with the impressive and widely attended ScareLA convention. The convention featured the who’s who of SoCal haunters from the big name local haunts, Reign of Terror and Sinister Pointe, to the big parks like Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). The convention ceremoniously featured  HHN’s announcement of The Purge scare zone and Insidious maze (one of our favorites of 2013). In addition, there was Hollywood Horror royalty, makeup and effects masters, mini-walk throughs, and vendors of fine creepy items. In comparison to some of the other long running and well known haunt conventions we’ve been to; this one was the biggest and best, its first year out of the grave.



The fun and scares return this summer for the second annual ScareLA taking place back at LA Mart in Downtown Los Angeles on August 9th and 10th, 2014, with an even bigger show full of haunted attractions, Halloween crafts and lore, makeup, costuming, and haunt production classes, interactive experiences (including mini-haunts) and all sorts of ghoulish delights.


If you’d like to be involved in the scare-tivites you can either submit a proposal for the program and tell them if you or somebody you know would be a rock star panelist, scary class teacher, performer, or if you know of a great experience that should be at ScareLA. You can also apply to be a vendor or exhibitor – showcase your work to an anticipated crowd of over 6,000 local Halloween and haunt enthusiasts and professionals.

Tickets will go on sale soon, and checking Scare Zone to be one of the first find out when and hear about more tricks and treats as they’re unveiled!

The Halloween Experience

March 29th, 2014


The haunt activity is finally beginning to pick back up as we’re now at the halfway point to haunt season 2014. In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more news and rumors from the major and local haunts as they begin to slowly reveal their plans to terrorize us for another year with ghoulish delight.


Until the gates begin to creak back open at your favorite domains of terror, you can go back and revisit some of the top haunts in Southern California in an all new video The Halloween Experience: Volume 1.

One of our favorite Haunt Stalkers, Phil Crain, was cool enough to share a copy of the DVD with us. It was just what the sadistic doctor ordered as we were able to experience the fun and scares of haunts in the comfort of our living room. The series is hosted by ‘Bloody Jenny’ who introduces the featured Southern California favorites; Sinister Pointe, Reign Of Terror, Chambers of The Mausoleum, The Backwoods Maze, The Haunted Hotel, and Fears Gate.

Unlike the haunt countdown shows on Travel Channel, in this series you won’t have to take a POV journey through a maze behind a group of annoying screaming girls. Instead, the video provides a solitary first person POV of the mazes, operating in full show mode. It’s just the viewer and the scareactors. It’s like going through your favorite mazes by yourself. While it may not have the full production value of a Travel Channel series, it actually provides the most authentic and raw haunt walk throughs available.

We recommend that any true haunt fans and stalkers check it out (which should be all of you reading this post) and we can’t wait to see them make more volumes… 2-13. Copies are available on Amazon and The Halloween Experience Website for only $13.

Now, check out the video preview…

More Nights of Terror at Universal Orlando’s #HHN24

March 27th, 2014

select nights sept. 19 - nov. 1

Today Universal Orlando  announced the calendar for this year’s HHN, which will run for an unprecedented 28 nights! In addition, they revealed that this year will feature 8 haunted houses, 2 shows, and “street experiences”. This lineup is consistent with last year’s. We expect to see more houses based on popular movie, TV, and video game properties; however, this year seems to be slow when it comes to big ticket horror movies so they’ll probably go back to some of the “classics” for inspiration. We guess Haunt Stalkers will just have to wait and see as the clues and rumors begin to take off for 2014!

Here’s their release, visit the HHN24 website for more details.

Step right into some of the most pulse-pounding moments in horror history at Universal Orlando® Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights®, the nation’s premier annual Halloween event. During the day, you can experience the fun and excitement of Universal Orlando’s two amazing theme parks. But on select nights from September 19 through November 1, 2014, the streets of Universal Studios Florida® theme park come alive with hordes of horrifying mutants, monsters and maniacs.

You’ll be immersed in the worlds of the biggest names in horror as you explore eight terrifying haunted houses, make your way through multiple street experiences where creatures lurk around every turn, enjoy outrageous live shows, and experience many of the park’s most exciting rides and attractions


March 25th, 2014

Monsterpalooza is the annual celebration of classic and modern horror, fantasy and science fiction, in film, literature, media, art, illustration, make-up and more. Simply put it’s the “Art of Monsters”.  Although you won’t find much about the haunted attraction industry here, the assortment of horror movie collectibles, art, makeup, and merchandise is well worth the visit.

In addition, on Sunday, Universal’s HHN creative Director, John Murdy, will be  presenting and making some of the first announcements about HHN 2014!  Last year he announced the “Design A Character contest”  based upon classic Universal monsters and we assume this year he’ll reveal the new theme for aspiring monster makers.

The event is taking place this weekend, March 28-20,  and tickets are on sale now. Unfortunately you can’t buy Saturday tickets online  so we suggest you plan to arrive as early as possible or buy advance tickets for Sunday. This event has become incredibly popular, and the ticket line is long and slow (we waited almost 2 hours last year). We still hope that Monsterpalooza will find a bigger venue soon; for now, it’s returning to the Burbank Marriott.

This year’s Celebrity Guests From The Genre And Beyond includes:

Kenji Sahara – War Of The Gargantuas, Destroy All MonstersRodanGodzilla vs The ThingThe MysteriansKing Kong vs Godzilla

Harou Nakajima – GodzillaRodanDestroy All Monsters

Russ Tamblyn – “Twin Peaks”, War Of The Gargantuas

Rutger Hauer – Blade RunnerThe Hitcher, “True Blood

Dee Snider – Twisted SisterStrangelandVan Helsing’s Curse

Tippi Hedren – The BirdsMarnie, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Nancy Allen – Blow Out


Midnight Syndicate LIVE: This Fall at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends

March 16th, 2014

Midnight Syndicate

When you’re looking for music for your haunt, whether you’re a home haunter, an independent professional, or a giant theme park, Midnight Syndicate is the go-to source. Midnight Syndicate is Halloween music.  They have music for every theme, genre, and mood. If you’ve ever been in a haunt, there is a 99% chance you’ve heard a Midnight Syndicate song playing in the background.

So it’s perfect that, after 17 years of composing recorded Halloween music, their first live performances will take place this Fall during HalloWeekends at Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio. Midnight Syndicate Live! Legacy of Shadows is described as a “multimedia horror-themed concert blending live music, theatre, and film,” and performances will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night from September 12 through November 1. 

Some of the haunts (among hundreds) that have featured music by Midnight Syndicate include Reign of Terror (CA), Terror Behind the Walls (PA), 13th Gate (LA), Parker House (TX), and all Six Flags Fright Fest locations.

Here’s a sample of Midnight Syndicate’s haunt music:

Sinister Pointe Moving; “Lore Masquerade” Will Be Final Event in Current Location

March 12th, 2014

Sinister Pointe recently announced they would be leaving their current permanent location in Brea, California, and will be moving to a new address for the 2014 haunt season. But fans of SP shouldn’t be worried, as we think this will be a great thing for the haunt and will inject new life into its attraction. SP has actually promised “a brand new haunted attraction in 2014.” Although they’ve always added new “elements” to their current attraction each year at their current location, it hasn’t been quite enough to justify repeated visits for haunt stalkers who live far away or are looking for entirely new experiences with each haunt season. We know what the Sinister Pointe team is capable of, and we can’t wait to see something all new from them in 2014. 

There are no details yet on the new location, but SP promises it will be close by and maybe within even a few blocks of the current spot. Stay tuned for more details.

But in the meantime, SP will be presenting the final event in their current location, “Lore Masquerade,” on April 25 and 26, 2014.

Sinister Point Lore

Join us for two evenings filled with a variety of unique entertainment, creative arts, imagination, music and dance to celebrate the closure of this amazing chapter for Sinister Pointe.

Friday, April 25th 2014
General Admission $45.00
VIP Admission $85.00

Saturday, April 26th 2014
General Admission $55.00
VIP Admission $95.00

A portion of the ticket sales will contribute to the development of the long-awaited “Spirit Lounge” a haunt-themed bar in progress from the SP folks.

For tickets and more information, check out the website.

Bloody Valentine’s Haunts 2014

February 11th, 2014

The first haunt season of 2014 is arriving with some love and lots of fear for Haunt Stalkers. If you find it romantic to be stalked by spooks, frightened by freaks, and chased by chainsaws then check out this line up of Valentine’s Day Night haunts that promise to get your heart pumping.

It’s a known fact that being scared is physiologically arousing, so hold your loved one(s) by the hand and pray it stays attached to their body. As we always say, love will never do without haunts.




Warehouse 31 - Birmingham

Arx Mortis - Killen


All Saints Lunatic Asylum-Dark Hearts - Apple Valley

Talladega Frights-My Bloody Valentine - Bakersfield

Sinister Pointe-Battle Royale - Brea

Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour of Terror - North Hollywood

Horrors of Love” Valentine’s Haunted House – San Francisco


The 13th Floor-A candlelit night of Horror  – Denver


Scream Acres - Covington


Legends Dark Amusements-A Haunting in Old Town - Kissimmee


Fear City Haunted House Valentine’s Zombie Massacre Party – Chicago

New Jersey

Brighton Asylum-Dark Romance - New Jersey

New York

District of the Dead-Eat Your Heart Out - Buffalo

Blood Manor  – NYC - Scare Zone has visited Blood Manor on Valentine’s Day and had a bloody good time. Read our review here.

Times Scare – NYC



The Asylum-Bloody Valentine  – Nowatta

The Sanctuary-Tunnel of Love  – Oklahoma City



Castle Blood’s Valentine’s Show - Monessen

Valentine’s Ghost Tour – Philadelphia

The Scarehouse – Pittsburgh


Ripley’s Haunted Adventure: My Bloody Valentine – Gatlinburg


Chainsaw Massacre - Amarillo

House of Torment – Austin

Moxley Manor-Valentine’s Day Massacre  - Bedford

The Parker House – Denton

Cutting Edge-Twisted Love - Fort Worth SZ Review

Tayman Graveyard-Valentine Massacre - Midlothian

Dark Hour Haunted House-Love is Blind - Plano

13th Floor Haunted House – San Antonio


St. Albans Sanatorium - Radford

We hope you have a horrifyingly Valentine’s NIGHT! 


Freakling Bros. Presents “The Victim Experience: March of Death”

January 26th, 2014

Victim Experience

Freakling Bros., the little haunt in Las Vegas that is gaining recognition as one of the most terrifying, disorienting, and all-around awesome haunts in the entire country, has decided that it’s just not scary enough. Last October, they debuted “The Victim Experience,” an extreme horror experience that tested the limits of guests—an experience that only 30% of paying victims made it through. And now, by popular demand, Freakling Bros. is bringing it back for a special run this March! So if you missed it last October, now is your chance for some off-season extreme terror.

From their Web site:

Freakling Bros. Proudly Presents… our first ever off season event: THE VICTIM EXPERIENCE: MARCH OF DEATH.  A twisted, Masochistic, and utterly Hellish experience for that special kind of thrill seeker.  This experience is not for most.  This experience is not “fun.”  But most importantly, there is nothing quite like this ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY.  All ticket sales will be online.  There are a limited amount of tickets available and they will sell out.  THIS WILL NOT BE OFFERED DURING HALLOWEEN SEASON!

There has been some whining online about the high ticket cost for this ($185, + online service charge). but we think this price is actually a bargain. First of all, this is an extremely personalized experience. The actors/torturers will be entirely focused on you. They won’t be shaking a can at a conga line, like in most haunts. Second, there are a lot of perks included with this price, including a “special” shuttle ride, a “decompression” lounge that includes beverages and snacks, and a survivor shirt (if you make it through, and that’s a big if). Not to mention the bragging rights you’ll get for being able to claim you attempted (and maybe even survived) the most intense haunted attraction in the country.

If you’re on the fence about doing this, be warned that this will not be offered in October. So don’t miss your chance this March. Tickets are limited and will be sold online only through February 20th.

For more information and to buy tickets, check out The Victim Experience site.



HAUNT-CATION: Queen Mary’s Paranormal Package

January 11th, 2014

Now that the horror of the holidays are over – it’s time to take little time out for yourself. The Queen Scary errr Mary currently has a special getaway offer for you to enjoy the horror of the haunted Queen Mary. We can’t think of a more frightening or relaxing winter retreat.

The best past is some of the scenes and sets you experience are also used during their Dark Harbor haunt event.


Get a stay aboard the haunted Queen Mary and enjoy a Paranormal Ship Walk for two for one low price. For all TUES to THURS stays in 2014, get two tickets to a paranormal Shipwalk Tour ($39 per person) and one night’s stay aboard the Queen Mary – starting at just $115.

Date night? Nah…this is Trepidate night!

 Buy Paranormal Package now
 Paranormal Ship Walk Info