Haunt Review: Sinister Pointe(less) 2016


During its prime Sinister Pointe ranked near the very top of our annual haunt ratings list. With themes ranging from Saw to Silent Hill, and an elaborate haunted house with annual Xmas and Valentine’s Day haunts, this was one of the premier haunted attractions in Southern California. The mazes were superbly designed with movie quality sets, interactive elements, and suspenseful scares that had us screaming to go back year after year. In addition, the talented team behind Sinister Pointe were also the masterminds behind the creation of Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and one of our favorite haunts at the Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights. So after they left their permanent location in 2014 we anxiously anticipated their return in 2016.

Earlier this year Sinister Pointe had a Seance event that we found to be fun. With a few tweaks, it could have been a pretty epic experience. With that said, it seems that public opinion was that the Seance event was a waste of time and money. Making good on their commitment to customer satisfaction, Sinister Point sent out special invitations to all the Seance attendees, welcoming us all back as VIP guests to experience their new 2016 haunted maze.

cuypulkuiaaqgys We couldn’t wait to finally return to Sinister Pointe and see the next level of terror and fun they promoted. The maze is themed as a dark journey through a decrepit world where victims must choose different paths to get through four demonic dimensions. Unfortunately, the description is the most exciting part. The maze we went through (3 times) is mainly constructed from black painted plywood walls and hanging sheets.  There were hardly any props and limited effects. There actually was one section of the maze where we got stuck with other guests because we thought that the path through a curtain was taking us out of the maze and behind the scenes. It looked like an emergency exit. However, an actor told us to keep going and called us idiots for not knowing that was the correct path. We’re sorry but when going through a maze we’re not used to going behind the walls and walking over light cords, fans, past stacked chairs, and behind the audio speakers. We couldn’t believe it was part of the maze.  We all did feel like idiots for taking the time and paying to go through this maze.

We went through three times and didn’t find any of the paths to be significantly different. Every time we went through none of the other people in the maze seemed to be impressed either.  It was really disappointing to realize that Sinister Pointe has regressed into being nothing more than an overpriced junior high school haunted house. We think that this was the first time that a haunt has left us feeling depressed as it had very little redeeming qualities about it.

cuyrqpzueaqmv57What seems to have gone wrong is that the overall set design and talent has fallen far below the quality that Sinister Pointe has spoiled us with before. We give credit to a few scareactors who were giving it their all but the rest seem just as lost in the maze as we did. We understand that the haunt business is a tough one and requires haunters to make a big investment to produce a quality maze. Given their tenure and established name in the industry we expected that Sinister Pointe would have both the creativity and resources to produce another high-end experience. Alas, all we got was a cleverly marketed but ill conceived haunted house experience.

Our hope is that this year was just a fluke and due to circumstances beyond their control they weren’t able to produce the haunt they had initially intended to make. However, we’re not responsible for making excuses here and since they’re taking people’s money we can’t in good conciseness give them a good review.  Sad to say that this a a first class that haunt that has gone all the way back to coach. Sinisterly Pointless indeed.



Haunt Design: 1-skull        Theming:  1-5-skulls

Scare Factor: half-skull     Fright Value: half-skull 

Overall Rating: 


Haunt Review 2016: Motel 6 Feet Under

Motel 6 Feet Under is located in a business park in Anaheim, not far from Disneyland, and we included it as a stop on our O.C. haunt itinerary.


The backstory of the haunt focuses on Mabel, a little girl who haunts a motel and “has enlisted the help of the dead and undead motel staff to keep you in her tourist trap.” The haunt begins with a short wait in the hotel lobby, which is lavishly decorated with props to set the scene of an old motel. After a short wait, we were ushered into an elevator “experience” with a demented and funny porter. Once we exited the elevator, we traveled down a dark hallway, where we were accosted a few times by Mabel herself, a seriously creepy little girl. There are interesting animatronics and props along the way, as well as some good scares from the enthusiastic actors.

Everything seemed to be pretty standard at this haunt until we reached a dead end. We hesitated a few moments before turning back to see if there was an alternate path we missed. There wasn’t. Instead, the path of the maze had actually shifted behind us. This unexpected twist in the standard maze scheme was a great surprise and immediately put us on our toes. We encountered a few more instances of changing walls and paths, until we finally made it out into some “outdoor” scenes, including a giant spider and a train.


If you’re going out to Orange County to see one of the other main O.C. haunts (including Sinister Pointe  and 17th Door), you should definitely add Motel 6 Feet Under to your touring plans.

It may be a small haunt by some standards, but there’s a lot to see inside. In many ways, it felt like a throwback to some of the more traditional haunted houses of several years ago. These days, a lot of haunts are turning to gimmicks and extreme measures to differentiate themselves from the competition, but by sticking to a more standard formula (with a few tricks thrown in), Motel 6 Feet Under was a refreshing change of pace for us. The theme and backstory have great potential for the haunt as it matures. We definitely got the feeling that the haunt designers are passionate and thoughtful about creating unique experiences and scares. We hope to see the haunt return and grow in the coming years.


Haunt Design: 3-5-skulls    Theming: 3-25-skulls

Scare Factor: 3-skulls           Fright Value: 3-5-skulls

Overall Rating: 


Haunt Review 2016: The 17th Door Haunted Experience


Last year, the talk of the Southern California haunt community was the 17th Door in Tustin. At the time, we were intrigued, but our packed haunt schedule in 2015 didn’t leave us time to visit the haunt during its inaugural year. And, in full disclosure, we’re typically not fans of the “extreme haunt” experience, so we didn’t make it a priority. But after great word of mouth, we put this one near the top of our to-do list for 2016.

And we’re sure glad we did.

About the Experience

The 17th Door promotes itself as providing “psychological terror,” and although many people have described it as “extreme,” after experiencing it, we wouldn’t put it in the same category as Blackout or McKamey Manor. We found the 17th Door to be a great mix of a traditional haunt, theatrical haunt, and an extreme haunt experience.  And for those who might be “extreme haunt curious,” the 17th Door could be a great choice.

Despite its location in a homogeneous, boring mall (typical for Orange County), once inside the 17th  Door, everything is elaborately themed. Even the ticketing/queue area is impressively decorated, and victims should remain on their toes because some of the most unsuspected scares may happen before you even get your hand stamped. The haunt does make all customers sign a waiver. Be sure to read it thoroughly to get a preview of what themes and experiences may await you, and some of the subject matter could be disturbing to sensitive people, such as depictions (implied, not graphic) of child sexual abuse, abortion, and infanticide.

The back story of the haunt is a continuation from last year. Our heroine Paula has survived the mental hospital and is back in school at Gluttire University, where she finds herself unfortunately pregnant by her abusive boyfriend.

The haunt is structured such that each room is its own individual experience. You must remain in the room until the light above the door (17 of them) turns green before you can move on. We were particularly  impressed by the fact that each room is very unique but also serves the overall story. Some rooms are simple and involve a typical haunt “boo” scare, whereas others are elaborate setups involving the actors playing out a scene to tell the story or lead into a scare. Other rooms–the most “extreme” ones, obviously–require guests to perform some task before moving on. Some may be easy, some uncomfortable, and still others might be completely unbearable depending on what you’re afraid of.

There’s always the option of yelling “Mercy!” to get out of a performing a task, but we definitely recommend that you push yourself and try to do as much as possible. We don’t want to spoil too much, but we will say that there are a few instances of electric shock, which is probably the worst thing we experienced in the haunt. You won’t have to eat any bugs or have any bugs put on you. You  might have to touch some gross stuff, including butchered animals. You might get sprayed with water or have water lightly spit on you. But most of it was pretty tolerable. The actors will touch the guests, but it was mild and infrequent.

The Haunt


Your journey begins as a psychiatrist discharges you from the mental ward and releases you to the real world and Gluttire University. At least, we think that’s what happened. Our memory may have been erased! The first scene is an excellent introduction to the haunt, and the scares in this room are brilliantly used to set the level of fear for all the guests. We were instantly put on edge, and that feeling remained with us throughout the experience.

We progressed through various scenes, but we won’t describe them all here to avoid spoilers. But some standouts included a disgusting bathroom, a mini escape room experience, the outside of a fraternity house, a laboratory of insects, a McDonald’s “Play Place,” Paula’s dorm room, and the labor and delivery ward. Each room is fully immersive, and the scares and “tasks” build as you progress through the experience. The actors are also some of the best we’ve seen. They did a great job deciding on the fly who would be the best person in the group to pick on in a particular room, and they would also back off that person if they refused to participate, seamlessly moving on to the next “victim.” The actors at 17th Door have a particularly challenging task in striking the balance between psychological terror and fun, and they achieved it easily.


We loved 17th Door for its great mixture of experiences. It is definitely a step up from the traditional haunted house in terms extreme elements, but we think most of our haunt stalkers would be up for the challenge. If you’re bored of the “monster around the corner” type of scare, you should definitely visit 17th Door to see what the hype is about. It is definitely one of the best themed, unique, and fun haunts in Southern California right now.

Our Ratings

Haunt Design:  5-skulls

Theming:  4-skulls

Scare Factor:  4-skulls

Fright Value:  4-5-skulls

Overall Rating:


Haunt Review: Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood) 2016

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios Hollywood continues to put out the scares and pack in the crowds.


This year’s buzz about HHN has reached an all new high with a lineup of mazes featuring some of the most popular movie and TV franchises in horror history. It’s slashers gone wild in mazes featuring Michael Myers, Leatherface, Jason, and Freddy. Demonic destruction in “The Exorcist”  and “Krampus” mazes. You will also experience terror vision in mazes based on TV’s top rated horror series “American Horror Story” and “The Walking Dead”. Plus murderous clowns roam the backlot and Purgers have taken over the rest of the park. With all of this horror greatness we have to agree that Universal Studios Hollywood’s HHN is a blockbuster Theme Park Halloween event.

Freddy, Jason, Michael, and Walkers are probably some of the biggest draws that keeps people coming back year after year (along with all their friends and family). People truly love being able to see their favorite horror icons and experience their terrifying worlds. On the other hand, for us, there is also the desire to have new experiences. While Universal has created new story lines for some of the repeat horror franchises they’re presenting  we have to  wonder where can HHN go from here and how can they continue to raise the bar if they remain locked into producing mazes solely tied to movie and TV franchises?

Listen, to their credit, unlike Knott’s and other parks that usually run the exact same mazes for three to six years straight, Universal seems to operate under a plan where they rotate the themes in and out over the years; freshening them up with new layouts, sets and effects when they come back. This makes every year somewhat different (expect for Terror Tram) and also allows for horror fans to have ongoing experiences with their favorite horror movies. It’s not a coincidence that sequels and remakes are popular in the horror genre as the fans can never get enough. Nonetheless, as frequent haunt stalkers who have experienced HHN at Universal Orlando where they also have a few unique mazes every year, we think if Hollywood included more original concepts into their mix then they would have the perfect collection of mazes in one park.

img_6824Overall, HHN continues to reign as the scariest Theme Park haunt in Southern California. In comparison to Scary Farm and Dark Harbor, we still rank the mazes at HHN highest in overall design, theming, and scare factor. The other parks may just have an edge when it comes to the park wide experiences and value.

We think that park operations have also improved slightly this year with early maze openings and easier security and entrance procedures but it still gets uncomfortably crowded as the park has small walkways and its over a mile to walk from the front gate down to the back lot where most of the mazes are.  We also believe that it will be nearly impossible to experience everything without paying the absorbent cost for a front of the line (FOL) pass. The sad reality is you are more likely to NOT have a have a good time if you don’t have a FOL but we also know that paying over $200 bucks for a haunt isn’t  the reality for most people either. We think if they opened up the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter and maybe even incorporated the Death Eater attack, like in Japan, then that would help further disperse the crowds. Of course we also would prefer if they would add at least two to three more mazes.

With a FOL we were able to see all the mazes and get on a few rides in just under 4 hours. We didn’t bother seeing the JabbaWockeez show as we still don’t get their connection to Halloween aside from wearing white masks and aren’t fans of watching shows when we can be going through mazes instead.

Now as Dr. Loomis said “It’s time, Michael” so let’s get to business and review all the mazes, Terror Tram, and Purge scare zone at HHN 2016 featuring videos from our friends at ThemeParkHD.



The Exorcist


Based on the “scariest film of all time” this maze takes guests inside the MacNeil house, where we get to witness firsthand the violent battle of a demon trying to take the soul of a little girl.  There are some cool animatronic and special effects used in this maze.  The settings are redundant as the path just goes back and forth between dark corridors  filled with demonic creatures to various recreations of the movie’s bedroom scene where we see lil Regan evolve into a demonic monster.

There are some pretty intense and startling scares in the maze but they pretty much stick to one scare tactic that gets used over and over again, though ever so effectively. We easily caught on to the rhythm of the maze a few rooms in. There was a  noticeable similarities  between this maze and last year’s “This is the End” maze that was in the same location and featured a demonic invasion using similar scare tactics.

The recreation of this movie is no easy feat and what they managed to do with The Exorcist was pretty impressive. We think that this is a not to be missed maze and is a good one to start with to get your heart pumping for the rest of the night at HHN.

Haunt Design: 4-skulls
Theming: 4-skulls
Scare Factor: 4-5-skulls
Overall Rating: 4-skulls



As a movie Krampus may not be one of the scariest. It’s fun but not scary. However, as a maze, Krampus offers a real treat of elaborate set designs and unique scares. It’s an early Christmas present to haunt fans. This maze has the best looking facade at HHN and as soon as you step into this holiday house of horrors the sweet scents of spice, pine, and gingerbread cookies fills the air.


As guest make their way further into the home it doesn’t take too long for Krampus and his nasty little helpers to get into action attacking from every corner and angle imaginable. There are non-stop scares with the creatures coming out of the most unexpected places, above and below.  This maze does a great job recreating the best scenes from the movie and it truly stands out as one of the best designed mazes in recent HHN history.

Haunt Design: 5-skulls
Theming: 5-skulls
Scare Factor: 4-skulls
Overall Rating: 4-5-skulls

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Choose Your Fate in an All-New Experience at Sinister Pointe

It’s almost the weekend, so that means it’s time to preview a couple more haunted attractions! This weekend, Scare Zone is headed out to Orange County to experience a few of the excellent stand-alone haunts the region has to offer. Of course, the top of our list includes Sinister Pointe, one of the best and most highly rated attractions in all of California.


As usual, SP is breaking new ground and going beyond the usual conga-line template used by a lot of the bigger haunts. Instead, this year victims will choose their own fate among four different paths in the maze:

Sinister Pointe has opened a portal between our world and the next. Upon multiple experimentations, we have discovered four separate dimensions within this dark and vast oblivion. Enter this world cautiously for the BRANDER lurks beyond the walls. If you are caught in his grasp, you WILL BE MARKED. Once marked, there is no escape! Your path through this dark and decrepit world has been chosen for you. Stray from your chosen path and you will be banished from the world we know for eternity.

We got a small taste of the new maze at Midsummer Scream this year, and we were impressed with some of the dark, demonic imagery.


Sinister Pointe is known for being “interactive,” and this year looks to be no exception:

Sinister Pointe Haunted Attraction contains interactive elements that may include contact with Ouija boards, tarot cards, crawling, total darkness, tight spaces, and possible moments of being alone. 

If you want to be able to experience all paths of the maze, SP is offering an “all-night” ticket so that you can go through the maze over and over.

We’ll also be checking out 17th Door and Motel 6 Feet Under, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates and photos/videos!

Haunt Review: Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2016 Feels Lost at Sea

We recently re-posted our 2010 review of Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. That year, the event had turned itself around from being a complete “Shipwreck” (consisting of neon 3D-painted plywood walls, cheap masks, and mazes with barely any theme) to an impressive major player on the SoCal haunt scene that smartly put to use its location and history as leverage for a uniquely themed event. For the past 5 years, Queen Mary has been near the top of the haunt pack, serving as a legitimate challenger to Knott’s and Universal. However, we’re a bit sad to say that the 2016 version of Dark Harbor fails to live up to its previous standards and has slipped back into second-rate status.

So what’s changed? First of all, the event has undergone a bit of rearranging this year. Some of the attractions have been pushed out to the periphery (the main stage, the Hex Paintball attraction, Deadrise), and the footprint of the various lounges/bars has been extended. Overall, as we walked the Dark Harbor grounds, we got less of a feel of a coherent haunt event than a big carnival. The large Deadrise facade, which had been an impressive centerpiece in years past, now seems to be an afterthought. Instead, the focus seems to be more on the food and liquor stalls.


Second, the more disturbing fact is that the new maze (Intrepid) was very weak. This is concerning to us because it’s never a good sign when the brand new maze is the worst of the event. This can be an indication of either decreased budget or change in talent/direction of the creative staff. Neither is good in the long-term, obviously.

So with those initial thoughts, let’s get to the review featuring videos from ThemePark HD.


Intrepid (*New for 2016*)


Sharing the dome space with “Circus” this year is the brand-new maze Intrepid, which features the new character of the “Iron Master.” The backstory involves a Scottish shipyard and a locomotive bound for hell. The steam train entrance to the maze looked promising, and upon entering, groups were immediately split into two paths: some people were directed upstairs while others went through a side passage and remained at ground level. We took the upstairs route. The opening scene was cool, but after exiting the train, there wasn’t a whole lot to look at. The entire maze has an industrial feel, with a lot of chain link fencing , dark passages with black or corrugated metal walls, characters in welding masks, simulated iron pouring into molds, and even metal tubes to crawl through. The maze lacked detail, and the story of the Iron Master didn’t really come through.  There was also a complete lack of scares.

Haunt Design: 2 Skulls
Theming: 2 Skulls
Scare Factor: 1 Skull
Overall Rating: 1.5 Skulls

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Horrifying Scream City Haunted House Returns To Washington DC For 2016 Halloween Season


Nationally Recognized Haunted House Designer/Builder/Operator – Steelhead Events and Productions – returns with a unique Things To Do in Washington DC offering two terrifying haunted houses in 1 location. Over the summer, Steelhead continued to expand its high-end haunted house brand by opening Ocean City Screams Haunted House in Ocean City, Maryland.

exorcism-estate538x305 slaughter-factory

Scream City Haunted House Washington, DC opens this weekend on October 7 with new terrifying scenes, props, animation and the introduction of a small compound of bon fires, smores and hot drinks for attendees. Scream City Haunted House is an indoor Halloween amusement with 2 major high end haunted houses with 28 rooms of terror – Exorcism Estate and Slaughter Factory. The experience starts by overwhelming customers’ senses with haunted detailed scenes, sounds, lighting, smells and experienced actors that know how to exploit every human fear. Both haunted house attractions are included in the one fee found at ScreamCity.com. Both haunted houses are Smoke and Alcohol-free and NO BAGS or BACKPACKS are allowed on the property.

Scream City Haunted House is quickly becoming a tradition for many in the Washington, DC area who have enjoyed Steelhead’s other events for 16 years and are aware of the quality of the experience their events bring. Steelhead Events and Productions are also the creators of Field of Screams Maryland known as one of the best Halloween Haunted Attractions in the country and is the largest, most popular, and most highly rated Scream Park in Maryland, Virginia, DC and Delaware. In addition to being the Winner of A&E’s National Haunted House Design/Build Competition in 2014 – it’s design and management company, Steelhead Events and Productions – has been recognized as a leader in high-level immersive haunt productions. Steelhead has an extensive offering of services in the haunt industry working with professional sports organizations and companies such as the Baltimore Ravens, Hard Rock Cafe, and A&E Network.

scream-city-photo-gallery_02Attendees should prepare for the fright of their lives by wearing sturdy shoes that are good to run in. In addition to scaring the life out of the attendees year after year, the hauntrepreneurs at Steelhead Events and Productions are longtime supporters of the areas they operate in giving back to local charity. A leader in the haunted house ‘Business of Screams’, these attractions create hundreds of area jobs each year providing valuable financial support to the local economies it operates in. Tickets for Scream City Haunted House are ON SALE NOW at http://www.ScreamCity.com

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This year marks our 24th year of attending Knott’s Scary Farm, which adds up to  a lot of monsters, mazes, and Elvira shows we’ve experienced along with miles upon miles of walking (running) in the fog.

When we first went to Knott’s Scary Farm we were young, naive, and easily scared teenagers. Everything about Scary Farm was terrifying, fresh, exciting and new to us. Now as “adults” we sometimes ask ourselves “is there really anything more that they can do that will really wow and scare us after all these years?”. I mean,  we’ve pretty much perfected our haunt POV to the point we can easily detect where all the monsters are hiding in the mazes or predict what they’ll try to do to scare us in the scare zones. Plus we’ve toured the country and have expereinced all the different types of haunt scenarios you could imagine.

There even was a period when Knott’s had become  the dated “granddaddy” haunt that held a nostalgic value but very little else; especially when compared to the new renaissance of high production, ultra suspenseful, and personalized  haunt experiences that have emerged within the past ten years.  Add in Universal who got very serious about its Horror Nights events in the mid-2000’s and we saw the bar for theme park and local haunts get raised so high it seemed that Knott’s should just do like they do in Calico Square and hang it up.

14463157_963053570468030_2916029003104925387_nHowever, when you’re an originator that created the game you can redefine the rules. So not being unaware of the competitive changes, a few years ago the creative team at Knott’s Scary Farm embarked on a pleasantly dark path where they wouldn’t necessarily try to compete with what everyone is doing but instead move to further perfect what they’ve started. With this came the emergence of some incredible new maze themes and concepts that are designed the capture the imaginations and fears of today’s teenagers (and adults). In recent years we’ve watched as each season they’ve created unique maze themes and haunt concepts that showcase just about every frighting and fun aspect of Halloween. What Knott’s uniquely possess in comparison to other haunts is the soul of the Halloween Season.

To us they may no longer be the scariest haunt in town but for others, especially the new generation of haunt goers, they could easily hold the terror crown. We believe that it’s the wide variety of themes and enhanced story-telling that brings Knott’s Halloween Haunt to life. Where else can can you go Trick Or Treating in a witch’s house, investigate Paranormal activity inside a haunted hospital, battle zombies with laser guns in a post apocolyptic city, and try to escape from demonic Samurais or gun sling with cowboys and werewolves? It’s all pure Halloween season fun.


This year we continued our tradition of visiting the Scary Farm and like Elvira it still hasn’t gotten old. This was the first year we’ve attended on their opening night. Usually we like to wait for a week or two to give the monsters and performers a chance to perfect their scares. While it was noticeable in some areas that they could improve over time, overall we are impressed by how well managed and produced this year’s Halloween Haunt is. The tagline for this year is “Whatever, you’re imagining is here” and trust us, there was a lot of imagination put into this year’s show.

Let’s take a closer with look with our 2016 review featuring maze videos from ThemeParkHD: Continue reading

Fright Dome Brings “Freddy’s” Video Game to Life

New Mazes for 2016

Five Nights at Freddy’s


This year, Fright Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada, is bringing Freddy to life in an all-new maze. No, we’re not talking about Freddy Kreuger. The maze will be inspired by “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” a popular online indie horror game. Here’s a description from Fright Dome:

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of horror-themed video games in which players takes on the role of an overnight security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a family restaurant and arcade. At night, the restaurant’s life-sized animatronic characters, including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, wander the restaurant. As the security guard, the player must keep a close watch over the premises, as surviving to 6am may prove to be the most difficult part of the job. Launched in 2014, the series includes three sequels and has been optioned by Warner Bros. for the development of a feature film. Striker Entertainment, the licensing agency handling the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, was key in connecting Scottgames and Fright Dome to launch the October attraction. 

In addition to “Freddy’s,” Fright Dome is debuting two other new mazes:

Krampus’ Not So Silent Night


Guests will enter the dark world of Krampus—the legendary horned demon counterpart to Santa Claus known for terrorizing and holding captives in his lair. High above The Adventuredome floor this house features high-tech FX, customized characters, snow and memorable Christmas smells. The new maze is a collaboration with Gary J. Tunnicliffe, an FX professional responsible for makeup, props, and special effects for more than 60 feature films including franchises such as HELLRAISER, HALLOWEEN, CANDYMAN, EXORCIST, BLADE, SCREAM, and many more.




Described as an “isolation-style house,” Ouija is an up-charge attraction that will be available only to guests who have purchased a fast pass or VIP tour.

Enter the séance with others if you dare but be forewarned… this house chooses who will enter next. Just when you thought there was safety in groups you’ll find yourself separated and left all ALONE to navigate. The abandoned hospital is seemingly harmless until you realize all of the spirits – good and bad- have been awakened within.

Returning Mazes

Clownz: Cotton Candy, Carnage and Chaos!


Enter the neon, luminescent world of crazed clowns in this nightmarish world of painted freaks and jesters gone wickedly wild!


Wasteland 2: Rises of the Mecha-Saur

frightdomewastelandBack by popular demand with new sinister twists Fright Dome’s own post-apocalyptic house returns! Enter a world where the inhabitants battle carnivorous butchers, nomadic mechanics and more!


frightdomehellcatrazThe legendary prison on the bay comes to life and is overrun by past inhabitants. Escaping ‘The Rock’ won’t be so easy with flesh eating zombies on your heels.


Scare Zones

This year’s scare zones include Clown Havoc, Cornstalkers, VooDoo (Mardi Gras of the Dead), Cornstalkers, Fright Club, and Freak Show.

Fright Dome opens September 30 and runs various nights of the week through October 31 .


HALLOWEEN: The History of Michael Myers


There’s no question, Michael Myers is the king of Halloween. He’s to Halloween what Leprechauns are to St. Patrick’s Day, Miners to Valentine’s Day, and Krampus is to Christmas.

This weekend Michael Myers Returns to HHN Hollywood and Orlando where you’ll get to try to survive through the second half of the night of his Halloween 1978 trick or treating massacre. Just like Dr. Loomis, we can’t wait to find Michael but know it’s going to be a terrifying encounter as last year he stalked us in one of our all time favorite mazes at Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN).

Halloween is one of the most successful horror franchises of all time and has grossed nearly $400 million worldwide. Since the original “Halloween” film, nine additional Halloween sequels have been created. It’s actually crazy to see all the directions they took this franchise just based on that that low budget 1978 movie. You can see it all in a special box set with all ten Michael Myers films in full blu-ray, featuring never-before-seen and behind the scenes content. Michael is also sharpening his blade to return to the big screen.

Now it’s time to catch up on everything Michael Myers so you’ll know what to expect if you unluckily encounter him this Halloween season. Here’s a comprehensive look at the life and crimes of the pure evil that is Michael Myers.


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