The Purge Gets a Sequel at Halloween Horror Nights

July 22nd, 2014

The theme of Halloween Horror Nights 2014 seems to be “Corporate Promotional Synergy,” and HHN’s latest announcement is falling right in line with that theme. It’s probably no big surprise to HHN fans that the Universal-produced and -distributed film The Purge: Anarchy will be bringing the chaos to the streets as a scare zone at both Hollywood and Orlando theme parks this year.


purge anarchy

Last year, The Purge scare zone served as the entrance to HHN Hollywood. Guests had to brave the chainsaws and taunts of the Purgers  as they made their way to the mazes. Although it’s not confirmed that it will be in the same location this year, it only makes sense. We actually found it to be one of the most successful and well-themed scare zones that we’ve experienced at HHN. The story lends itself perfectly to the streets, where chaos, terror, murder, and anarchy rule the night. Scare zones can sometimes feel forced, as they’re outdoors and have to fit into a pre-existing theme park landscape and architecture. Since The Purge is about chaos in the streets, it’s well fitted to the city scape in the park’s entrance.

Here are some of the looks we can expect to see on the scareactors this year:

purge Mask 1
purge mask 2
Film Title: The Purge: Anarchy


Rumor Zone: Michael Myers is on his way to HHN 24

July 17th, 2014

It’s been reported that Michael Myers has allegedly been seen on his way from Haddonfield to Orlando for Universal’s HHN24! We’re not sure if he’ll also make a detour to Hollywood but we still haven’t forgotten when he terrorized us back in 2009.


Stay tuned as we try to contact Dr. Loomis to get more information. Until then, Orlando know that death is coming to your little town.

Here’s a look back at the night he came home to HHN Hollywood…

SyFy’s Face Off coming to HHN 2014

July 16th, 2014

The most twisted and gruesome character creations featured on Syfy’s hit competition series “Face Off” will be live and “In the Flesh” at both Universal Hollywood and Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) events. Nightmarish creatures will surround guests on both coasts as the macabre visions of some of the most talented up-and-coming make-up artists’ from the show are brought to life. Face Off joins The Walking Dead and From Dusk Till Dawn as featured haunt themes base on TV shows at HHN in Hollywood and Orlando.


In Hollywood, Face Off: In the Flesh will be a full maze set inside the existing year-round House of Horrors attraction. This venue has never featured the scariest or best HHN mazes as it has a prefixed set-up that doesn’t allow for much change year over year aside from having new characters running around. Nonetheless, the Face Off creations should be nice additions to this maze that usually features classic horror monsters. Some of the Face Off creatures we’ll see will include insect-human hybrids and creatures from Alice in Zombieland. Oh, for you dubstep fans, have no fear as house music DJ Figure will be back again to provide the soundtrack for this maze.

“‘Face Off’s’ inspiration to create original movie-quality creatures makes for very compelling television,” said John Murdy, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Creative Director for and Executive Producer of “Halloween Horror Nights.” Collaborating with the show’s creative team, however, gave us a unique way to extend the life of these exceptional characters that make-up artists have poured blood, sweat and tears into creating. We’re excited to put these incredible works of art to the test and see just how scared our guests will become when they are face to face with live versions of these nightmarish characters.”

In Orlando, Face Off will be setup as a scare zone where creatures inspired from the show will stalk guests within 5 different scenes.

“The gruesome creatures imagined on Face Off are the perfect fit for the streets of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights,” said Michael Aiello, Director of Entertainment – Creative Development, Universal Orlando Resort. “Our goal is to bring to life the macabre artistry displayed in the characters seen week after week. We are also very excited to be featured in a season 7 episode of Face Off, and to include that episode’s winning makeup in the maze. For our guests, I know it will be a uniquely terrifying opportunity to come face to face with these creations for the very first time now “In the Flesh.”

The promotional synergy is rather obvious with this theme as the Universal theme parks and SyFy are all owned by Comcast. We just hope this doesn’t mean that the next haunt they announce is Sharknado. Season 7 of “Face Off” premieres July 22. To return the promotional favor, an episode will feature the artists competing to create an original horror villain that will be featured at HHN.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Launches 2 New Mazes

July 16th, 2014


The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor has announced that there’ll be two new mazes this year replacing the former Hellfire and Containment mazes. However, the full details with the names and themes of these new mazes has yet to be fully revealed.

Over the past few years, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor has become a venerable haunt well worth visiting in Southern California. It has established itself as a top-quality, good-value attraction, successfully embarking on new journeys of terror with distinctive and scary themes such as last year’s new ‘Circus’ maze, which took a unique approach to the carnival/clown maze with an old-fashioned, early 20th century circus theme. They also expanded their offerings to include a broad array of shows, foods, rides that making it more than just a block of haunt mazes but a fully immersive  Halloween festival. From what they’ve shared so far it sounds like 2014 is going to be yet another improvement on the Dark Harbor legacy and we couldn’t be happier especially with the other major Socal haunts starting to go adrift.

Here’s what we know so far from their press release.

QM_2014DH_Voodoo smallThe Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is surfacing a spectacle of new attractions that include two brand new mazes, the new The Voodoo Village, and an Exclusive Encounter on board the infamous ship. Beloved veteran characters including The Ringmaster and all grotesque spirits of the Queen will make a chilling return for 20 nights of delightful terror amidst freaks, food, and live entertainment.

The two new death-defying mazes will take guests through never before visited areas of the ship and will replace the former Hellfire and Containment mazes. Details of each new terrifying maze will be unveiled in the months leading up to the October 2 Dark Harbor opening. Half Hatch Harry will once again emerge from the Deadrise maze, the infamous Captain will return to haunt the Dark Harbor grounds, and The Ringmaster will host the most frightening show on earth at The Circus, located in the outdoor dome just off the ship.

In addition to new mazes, Dark Harbor will feature the new Voodoo Village with dark magic gypsies that will taunt guests passing by in a setting wrought with shrunken heads, voodoo dolls and the feared Voodoo Queen. Also breaking ground at Dark Harbor in 2014 will be the Exclusive Encounter aboard the Queen Mary ship that will require a signed waiver to participate. This new, exclusive experiment in horror puts guests in an intimate and frightening setting that will leave a lasting impression jarring extreme fear.

The all-new Monster Midway will be where guests, zombies, food, and entertainment intertwine. The Midway will act as the centerpiece of Dark Harbor and welcomes back the Freakshow, exposing even more freaks than ever before including the harrowing Beast. Adventurous guests can chance the Mechanical Monster and check out the newest Dark Harbor ride that is yet to be revealed.

Dark Harbor will also feature stage shows that spotlight timeless characters as well as the fresh presence of the feared Voodoo Queen and her lackeys. LED hula hoopers, live musical entertainment, costume contests, holiday celebrations, and drag shows will enhance the spine-tingling experience.

Dark Harbor brings the real haunted history of The Queen Mary to life, offering an unforgettable, authentically frightening experience. The annual event kicks off October 2 and runs for 20 haunted evenings through November 2 from 7 p.m. to midnight. Ticket prices start at just $20 online, with Fast Fright, VIP Passes, and lodging packages available. Season passes are also an option for optimal adrenaline seekers. For more information, or to purchase tickets online, visit


HHN Goes ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

July 15th, 2014

New mazes based upon Robert Rodriguez’s series ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ have been announced for both Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and Hollywood!


We can’t believe that original movie ‘From Dusk Till Dawn” came out 18 years ago (in 1996) and now it has been transformed into a TV series on the the El Rey Network that is becoming a maze. HHN fans have expressed interest in a maze based on this movie for many years so it seems that the timing is now perfect for this theme as it not only utilizes a very popular horror movie that has a unique spin on the vampire lore; but it also has themes of hispanic folklore (Mesoamerican) that Universal has been exploiting… err exploring over the past few years (La Llorona and El Cucuy) and it helps to promote the new series. A win-win all around.

We think that most guest to HHN will identify more with the movie than the series but the series is said to have a very similar storyline where the ultra violent bank robbers, who are brothers wanted by the FBI, seek refuge inside an isolated nightclub after going on murderous bank heist only to discover that it’s infested with an array of gruesome vampire creatures ruled by a sexy vampire queen. One thing different about the HHN mazes is the vampire club will just be called ‘Twister” opposed to the the movie’s “Titty Twister “namesake. Nonetheless, we imagine that the facades will be visually stunning with the club’s neon lights massive structural place-making. They definitely should also have the barker guy outside enticing everyone to come inside see all the different types of… vampires (smelly, silky, and bloody).


We’ll need to go back and check out the movie again and try to find the El Rey Network, so we can reacquaint ourselves with the characters and get (even) more excited about these mazes. The settings alone should lend themselves to some very impressive maze design, makeup and costuming. We also hope that the Universal designers have new scare-tactics planned that will bring some much needed intensity and scares to these mazes, which seems to have diminished a little over the years especially with the TV show based mazes.

This is the second shared property for both HHN events that’s based on a TV show as last month they announced The Walking Dead mazes will infest both parks for the third year in a row.

The Purge: Breakout Opens in L.A. This Weekend!

July 9th, 2014

One of the most popular haunt themes of the past year is returning to L.A.


With anticipation for the upcoming movie THE PURGE: ANARCHY our sinister minded friends at Blumhouse have once again taken the terror show on the road with this summer’s THE PURGE: BREAKOUT. This is the second immersive escape-game experience based on the world of  The Purge. Last Halloween, we experienced THE PURGE: FEAR THE NIGHT, which was unquestionably an intense and immersive theatrical thrill show but we didn’t find it to be scary at all. In addition, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood featured The Purge as theme for their main scare zone. So, if you’re a big fan of the THE PURGE or looking for a new type of experience, then we do recommend that you go check out THE PURGE: BREAKOUT.

In THE PURGE: BREAKOUT, it’s once again Purge Night, and your group is being held captive by a demented torturer…with only 30 minutes before the start of The Purge.  Trapped in his house, groups must work together—solving a series of increasingly complicated mind-bending puzzles and clues—to escape captivity and survive THE PURGE.  Based on popular escape room adventures taking the U.S. and Asia by storm, the experience is like a real life video game.  Visitors will be completely immersed into a horror experience like no other.

Los Angeles is the final stop on the tour and reports from other cities (**SPOILER ALERT) claim that only one group per city has been able to successfully escape. We hope that our L.A. Haunt Stalkers are more successful in finding ways to breakout.

The nationwide tour has sold out and LA is all that remains so get your tickets now!

Fourth of July Terrors

July 2nd, 2014

We wish all our Haunt Stalkers, but mostly the American ones, a fun but scary Fourth of July! This weekend we’ll fire up the barbecues before we watch fireworks and some classic summertime horror flicks. In the spirit of the holiday weekend, and pure American Horror, we’ve picked off these 4 Patriotic, All-American, and July 4th holiday themed terror flicks for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Of course when we watch horror movies, we’re always looking to see if they have haunt potential. We see some of these flicks on this list as providing eerie settings and creepy characters that would be good for haunts.

4. 2001 Maniacs: Eight college students traveling to Florida stumble into a remote town in Georgia where they are set upon by the residents who are out to avenge their deaths by Union troops over 100 years earlier during the Civil War.

2001 Maniacs 01 01-1

This movie is campy, corny, gory with some over-the-top murder scenes that could make even the most hardcore horror fan cringe. The settings and characters lend themselves very well to a sadistically themed haunt but may be too explicit for a haunt.

3. Jaws: A Great White Shark decides to make the small beach resort town of Amity his private feeding grounds. This greatly frustrates the town police chief who wants to close the beaches to chase the shark away. He is thwarted in his efforts by the town’s mayor who finally relents when nothing else seems to work and the chief, a scientist, and an old fisherman with revenge on his mind take to the sea to kill the beast. 


This is a classic horror film that takes place on the July 4th holiday. Jaws may be a difficult haunt to make but not impossible – perhaps if it was based on the town of Amity which is now cursed by the ghosts victims of Jaws. The finale of the maze can have these enraged spirits sending you into the depths of the ocean for a face to Jaws encounter with the Great White terror itself. Just a suggestion @HHN.

2. I Know What You Did Last Summer: It’s the fourth of July and four friends are celebrating along with graduation. On their way home they hit a pedestrian walking down a dark and curvy road . After disposing of the body they make a pact to keep it a secret in hopes of saving their futures. The following summer it seems that he or someone who saw them is ready to put them back on the hook (literally).


The movie’s killer fisherman with a hook hand has been featured in a few haunts we’ve experienced over the years. Most notably was Dead Man’s Wharf at Knott’s Scary Farm, which featured a maniac (with the fisherman’s rain slicker and hook) stalking victims in a fog shrouded shipyard.

1. Uncle Sam: A Desert Storm vet who was killed in combat rises from the grave on July Fourth, to kill the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown, after some teens burn an American flag over his burial site.


This is the ultimate Fourth of July themed horror movie. Uncle Sam was trying to be to the Fourth of July what Michael Myers is to Halloween but it turned out to be very campy and low-budget. You know, like how Leprechaun is to St. Patrick’s day. Nonetheless, Uncle Sam is extremely creepy himself with some patriotic murder tactics who we would be scared to see stalking us in a haunt… we actually think we have (?).

Scare Zone’s First Look into Knott’s Scary Farm 2014

June 17th, 2014



Yesterday Elvira’s return to Knott’s Scary Farm was announced, however, we’re now deep into the middle of June with very little clues or rumors as to what we can expect from the mazes at this year’s Halloween Haunt. Unlike their “Nowhere to Hide” tagline from last year, the folks at Scary Farm have really been hiding out.

So while we all wait to find out what will be lurking in the fog, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to announce the mazes that we bet will be coming back (if they don’t, we’d be very surprised). With last year’s infusion of 5 new mazes we actually only expect there to be 1 or 2 new mazes added this year. This can also be the reason why there hasn’t been much news or fanfare about they’re developing. Instead of new mazes, they may look to perfect and plus up their current maze lineup and try to make up for the now reduced number of mazes by putting more effort into the scare zones (they really need to). Nonetheless, we’ll keep our ears to the gravestone and hopefully have our Haunt outlook confirmed soon!

Scare Zone’s Anticipated 2014 Returning Mazes

Black Magic


This maze was one of our favorites last year. We were amazed by the detailed themeing and settings they created around this story. Using magic as backdrop for a maze provided continuous surprises throughout. There was definitely more than rabbits popping out of hats inside of here. The talent in this maze were some of the most impressive of all the mazes with scary magician’s assistants, victims of tricks gone bad, and an actual magician who did a quick card or handkerchief trick as you passed by. This maze also had a nice blend of light and dark scenes allowing for some good scares as your eyes adjusted with the lighting transitions We look forward to capturing more of the Black Magic inside of this maze.



The Edgar Allen Poe theme has become more popular at haunts across the country in recent years with both Universal Orlando and Busch Gardens taking a stab at the infamous writer. Knott’s version diverted from strictly recreating eerie scenes of Poe’s stories and creates the story line of a serial killer who is on a murder spree utilizing murder tactics from Poe’s fables akin to The Following. What we liked about it were some of the clever modernization of Poe’s stories into death scenes. The Pit and the Pendulum scene is incredible. While there was some good eye candy in this maze, it wasn’t always clear what was going on. In one scene it looked like we stumbled into Club Blood. The scares were also far in between. In comparison to the other new additions this maze had room for improvement. With it’s freshman year behind it, this maze should hopefully pull off some more poetic terror this year.

Mirror, Mirror

This was a new find your way carnival style mirror maze. We applaud Knott’s for trying to do something new but last year this maze seemed like it was thrown together at the last minute. While the setting and concept was interesting it was too small inside and the finale was disappointingly anti-climatic. This maze had the potential to be better but this year it would need a much larger footprint, more monsters, and lighting tricks in order to make it more exciting and worth bringing back. We think they will bring it back given the cost effectiveness and with it’s very long and slow moving lines it creates a reason to sell the up-charge ‘Skeleton Key’ front of the line pass they introduced last year.

The Gunslinger’s Grave

Yeehaw! This maze is the epitome of the Knott’s legacy. In Gunslinger’s we’re taken through the haunted labyrinths of mine shafts, corrals, and salons. The layout of this maze is mostly outdoors with trails winding in and out of the Ghost Town buildings making it really feel as if we are out in the old wild west amid the Silver Bullet and Jaguar coasters rolling by overhead. The soundtrack was solid with frenetic Bon Jovi stylized guitar riffs. It was obvious that the “residents” of this town are less than happy to see us and it wasn’t fully clear but we assume we’re looking for refuge from alive or dead outlaws and towns folks. This maze had a few good startle scares but it wasn’t overly frightening. The talent was convincing in their roles as they were fully costumed in western attire, but for scares they just did a lot of yelling “get outta here” and kept cattle prodding us through the scenes. With a few more characters in more horrific makeup and a slower pace, this maze should able to hit it the bullseye this year.

Dominion of the Damned

While this maze was revamped from it’s 2012 to 2013 version we didn’t find it to be changed significantly. We anticipate that the immortal blood suckers will be back in one fashion or the other. This is another maze with a cool soundtrack and superb set design but among the beautiful set pieces we encountered vampires who looked in desperate need of a blood transfusion. Dominion is a nice showcase the different reiterations of vampires from the Nosferatu to the Anne Rice versions but it was hard to track the story line, which seemed to be like we were on a tour of The Natural Museum of Vampire History (hmmm that could this year’s revision). Since it seems that we’re Dammed to always have a vampire maze at haunt we expect this one to return in some reincarnation we just hope to see it get more energy and scares.

Pinocchio Unstrung


This maze established the new bar of themeing and design for all the preceding new mazes at Knott’s Scary Farm. The entire setting feels like walking through a bloody, after hours, version of Disneyland’s Pinocchio ride. Pinocchio successfully twists the popular children’s story in a way that makes its feel as if we were trapped inside a dark storybook nightmare. What’s unsettling about the maze is how the once innocent characters are now placed into scenes of distress, gore, and horror. It’s rather tragic to see Gepetto, Stromboli, and the Blue Fairy meet their fates at the hands of a torturous wooden puppet who instead of becoming a real boy now wants to be a real killer. The monsters in this maze were consistently scary and high energy. In some scenes they even team up on victims. This is a now a haunt classic and we don’t see Pinocchio getting strung up anytime soon.

Trick or Treat

This maze recreates a night of Trick O Treating gone bad. Once you enter the front door of the Green Witch’s house the journey cascades through a haunted mansion packed with sinister Halloween decorations and ghostly effects. The infamous Tricksters are also creating mayhem in the various rooms along the way. This maze is shorter than the others, but it’s also has some of the strongest atmospheric environments and an interestingly theatrical finale. The scares were turned up slightly last year but the focus of this maze is more on the fun of Halloween versus the scares. Knott’s has also been posting teaser pictures of the Tricksters on their Facebook so we’re certain they’re going to be up to some new tricks this year.



The Delirium continues in the maze that is credited for setting a standard for the modern Scary Farm mazes. This maze features some very disturbing scenes completely emerging us inside the minds of the former Asylum maze’s demented patients. Inside, you can expect to encounter people spewing cockroaches, monstrously large flesh-eating maggots, and hideously bloody monsters hiding under the beds. This maze also features some of most interesting lighting effects and large scale props at Scary Farm. We love how the nightmare/dementia theme gets progressively more twisted as we venture further into the maze. This maze has the potential to bring out more craziness for a few more years, and we only hope that in doing so they continue to push the boundaries of Delirium even further.


Making its debut in 2012, Trapped was Knott’s Scary Farm’s first reservation only, interactive maze – and was an immediate sell-out. Trapped returned last year bigger and more expensive but was a disappointment compared to the first. Last year’s version focused more on puzzle solving vs. suspense and scares. It really was an expensive scavenger hunt. We hope over the past year the designers of this maze watched less Fear Factor and saw more Scare Tactics to bring back some intensity and value to this high-concept maze.

The Witch’s Keep – Confirmed!

As reported on Mice Chat last month, the Witch’s Keep will be returning to the Calico Mine Train in 2014. There was some speculation that it might be scrapped due to the complete refurbishment of the attraction this year with brand new animatronics, but it looks like the Green Witch will be back to curse us all for another year.

Gone to the Graveyard: These are mazes we believe (or wish) won’t return for 2014

               Endgames 10091645463_40f88be0c7_o Invasion-Beneath-2

Endgames - What does it look like when you combine The Running Man, Mad Max, UFC and the Hunger Games? You get a standard post-apocalyptic, industrial maze with some cool animatronics and an infusion of technical glitz. We never found this maze to be scary, and hope that the game has finally ended.

Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse – While this maze packed some great scares last year, this is now the oldest maze and we believe they should let it go before it rots on the shelf and to make room for something new. Perhaps like the clowns and vampires at Knott’s, the slaughterhouse cannibals will be back but hopefully with a new story and settings.

Elvira is Baaaack (and front too) at Knott’s Scary Farm 2014

June 16th, 2014


The Queen of Halloween, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, just announced on Twitter that one of Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt’s most popular things to ride on, herself, is coming back once again to titillate and frolic all over the stage. And she’s doing a show too!


spl624327_015Elvira had a long run (not just in her pantyhose) starring in a stage show and hosting Knott’s for Halloween Haunt for 20 years and during that time she also had a maze – Elvira’s Nightmares, and a haunted log ride – Elvira’s Red Moon Massacre, which were both based upon her scary adventures (the log ride was somewhat autobiographic).

After taking an extended hiatus to pursue other endowments, err endeavors, she finally returned back to the Scary Farm last year with a new show titled ‘Elvira’s Sinema Seance’. ‘Sinema Seance’ was two handfuls of fun as her big… return kept the crowd alive with musical numbers, tongue in cleavge jokes, some high grade stage effects and low brow humor. In ‘Sinema Seance’ the Mistress of the Dark was sucked (or the other way around) into scenes from classic and contemporary horror movies such as The Blair Witch Project, The Birds, and Paranormal Activity. She also wound up inside of one of Saw‘s deadly booby traps.

We think Elvira’s shows at Scary Farm are as good as it gets when it comes to theme park Halloween shows. She always gives it all up in her spooky Vegas style variety shows that fully mounds, err rounds out the Knott’s Haunt entertainment experiences. We also have to hand it to Elvira as she’s still looking great and we’re glad that she’s once again back (and front) to where she belongs during the Halloween Season. Now we just hope we can get to see more of her on the Boob Tube again.


A Killer’s Father’s Day

June 15th, 2014

It’s Father’s day and there seems to be slightly fewer killer dads vs. moms within the world of horror. Perhaps it’s because most of the male killers can never even find a woman (or keep her alive) in order to become fathers. However, we still think the few top bloody daddies should be acknowledged because if they’re not then they loose their heads (or the heads of their loved ones on top of a Father’s Day cake).



The Shining (Jack Torrance) – With his character of the same name, Jack Nicholson brings his true crazy papa out in this classic horror flick based on Stephen King’s novel. While staying at secluded hotel for the winter, because they missed the Priceline deals on Caribbean cruises, an evil and spiritual presence takes over Jack and he goes on a killing spree throughout the hotel. This leaves his poor wife and physic son running for their lives uphill, in the snow, both ways.


Creepshow: Father’s Day (Nathan Grantham) – It’s starting to look like Stephen King has serious daddy issues as he also wrote this story specifically for the Creepshow horror movie anthology. After working hard in a lifetime career of bootlegging, fraud, extortion, and murder-for-hire to establish his family fortune, all this guy wants is some cake for Father’s Day but his emotionally abused kids decide he doesn’t deserve any and kills him instead. Seven years later after his drunk daughter spills some powerful whisky on his grave, his maggot-infested corpse decides to rise up to obtain his long-desired pastry.

On a related note, we’d love to see a haunt themed to Creepshow!



Pet Sematary (Louis Creed) – Confirmed… Stephen King has daddy issues. In this tale from the horror master, a well intentioned father wants to bring back his recently killed son by burying him inside a pet cemetery located on an ancient native american spiritual burial ground, in spite of being told not to do so. Soon his reanimated son and pet cat return to terrorize the the townsfolk with death and mayhem. The final straw for this dad with his demonic little toddler’s unruly behavior comes when junior kills his wife. In turn he kills his zombie offspring with a nice shot of morphine. Then this stubborn dad thinks that the second time will be the charm so he buries is freshly dead wife in the pet cemetery, such a mistake. “Stalk me once, same on you. Stalk me twice, shame on me.”



Frankenstein (Dr. Frankenstein) – Before Pet Sematary, this father was also trying to bring people back to life. This father created his “son” during his experiments to build a man in his own image, using the body of a dead man (he must have a bad self image). They end up not having the most loving father and monster relationship with the monster becoming overly aggressive resulting in his pops locking him up in a cell. After the monster escapes the real horror comes when he tries to deal with the living again (we can all relate). Might of been easier (and a more enjoyable exprience) had he just made his son the traditional way.



The Stepfather (Jerry Blake) – Get this guy a tie for Father’s Day and he’ll choke you to death with it.This family-values man wants to make sure there’s always room for daddy as he goes around marrying widows and divorcées with children in search of the perfect family. Whenever his new family members decide they don’t want to get along with his dreams of domestic bliss he kills them. Then he alters his appearance, assumes a new identity, and skips to another town to begin the deadly ritual all over again (through 2 more movies and a remake).  The Stepfather remake was also given a less than effective “scare-scene” at  the 2009 Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt.