The wait is almost over for the 2019 kick off of the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights season, featuring an intriguing and ambitious line up of mazes.


If you’re like most of us, you probably have a “to-do list” with special projects you’ve been meaning to do that keeps haunting you year after year. Hell, we still have past trip reports, haunt profiles, and (scathing) haunt reviews to post! It seems like time isn’t always our friend, but for the HHN creative team and fans, the time has finally come to check a few “wish list” mazes on the to-do list.


In the past, there were usually only a few maze themes that really pique our interest and get us excited for another year of HHN. There also were the predictable announcements of Terror Tram, Walking Dead, and Jabberwockeez (ZZZ). Well, better than a Figure remix of the Universal Monsters, things are getting mixed up for HHN 2019! First off, Terror Tram will remain parked, since they’ve thankfully opted to add an additional maze in its place. There’ll also be a couple of original themes that aren’t tethered to a movie or TV show, which fans have begged for. So, let’s take look at the complete 2019 HHN line up….

“Classic” Movie Mazes



We’ve been waiting for this one! We predict that this maze will be “the most fun we’ve ever had being scared.” For many 80s kids, the Creep on the video box was one of the scariest yet fascinating things to look at on the video store shelves, and the movie itself had some very terrifying tales. We think Creepshow is by far one of the best and scariest horror anthology movies ever made, and with a new TV series coming out, now is the perfect time for HHN to reintroduce it to today’s horror fans. The best part is that it will include some of the original stories like “Father’s Day,” “The Crate,” and “They’re Creeping Up On You.” Newer tales include “Gray Matter” and “Bad Wolf Down.”



While not quite a horror movie in our book, the Ghostbusters fan base is a very dedicated and hardcore group of movie nerds… fans. Just like Psychomagnotheric Slime, it keeps growing worldwide. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the classic movie, so with that and a new movie on the way, it now makes more sense than ever as an HHN maze. The movie does have some creepy scenes, so if done right, this maze will be both visually thrilling and have a few good scares. It will be interesting to see how they bring the Stay Puft Marshmellow man to life and we’re already nervous about going through the aisles of the NYC Public library and encountering the Terror Dogs.



The first haunt maze we ever went in had a clown theme, and it’s a haunt standard that will never cease to exist. So why not do it a little differently and incorporate one of the most bizarre and campy horror movies of all time? With a lot of fan requests and speculation over the years, the Big Top Space Ship will finally touch down at HHN. Once inside, “Guests will be lured by the sweet smell of cotton candy and ice-cream and find themselves face-to-face with the crazed klowns and their sinister, side-splitting antics, as they witness diabolical klowns making cotton candy cocoons from unsuspecting victims and will realize the joke’s on them as they are next to become the gooey snack.”



Last year’s Universal Monsters maze was incredible and one of the top-rated mazes for the year. While we like Universal to switch up themes, we kind of hoped it would return, so we’re glad to see that a new iteration of the classic Universal Monsters theme will be featured this year. “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man” delves deeper into the Universal Monsters’ lore. Loosely based on Universal’s 1943 horror movie of the same name, this terrifying journey will follow in the footsteps of the Frankenstein Monster, lured to a gypsy encampment where he meets the Wolf Man. The madness begins along a path of destruction through the murky moors, to a creepy cemetery, and into the smoldering ruins of Castle Frankenstein. Once again, Slash is onboard to compose an original score for the maze.

Modern Movie & TV Mazes



There probably isn’t a more popular sci-fi/horror series right now than Stranger Things. To us, the potential of last year’s maze, which was based on season 1, was better than the maze itself. Nonetheless, we easily predicted that it would come back to continue the storylines of the subsequent seasons. This year will combine seasons 2 and 3 to make the maze current with the series. After a rather dull and confusing second season, the third was very fun to watch, especially with the 80’s mall setting and larger than life monsters, so we’ll remain optimistic about this one.



We knew there would be a Blumhouse maze, but we never saw this one coming! With the social and political commentaries that underscore the storyline of the recent horror hit from Jordan Peele and Blumhouse, it’s bold and great that HHN is utilizing it as a theme. The terror will be untethered from the screen into a maze that follows the events of the movie, starting with a young Adelaide Wilson, who has a disturbing encounter with her own doppelgänger while exploring a funhouse. From there, guests will be thrust into the chaos of the Tethered uprising as they emerge from their tunnels to murder their privileged doubles in a nationwide coordinated act of rebellion. This maze can go either way, but we expect it to be a living nightmare, where we’ll quickly realize we are our own worst enemy.



It’s been a while since Rob Zombie has brought his cast of degenerate hellions to HHN. Well, he has a new movie coming out called Three from Hell that continues the bloody saga of the savage Firefly family. We should note that this actually will be the fourth time they’ve done a version of this maze at HHN! In 2000, they had a version of HOTC, which we remember as being very terrifying. Then in 2010 and 2011, it was reincarnated and presented in Zombievision (3D), which diminished some of the scare potential. Now we wonder what gory horrors are in store for us inside “Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters & Madmen.”


The park’s year-round haunted attraction based on the hit AMC series will be open during HHN with the promise of some extra dead inside.

Original Mazes



Is there really anything more terrifying than spending time with friends, family, and loved ones over the holidays? Last year’s Holidayz in Hell “scare zone” was really an outdoor maze on Universal’s lower back lot themed to all the holidays gone bad. It was a fun walk through with a very interesting concept. This year, the theme gets an official maze treatment, and we’re very curious to experience it. We expect that the terrors will go well beyond Halloween, as it is said to be a sadistic experience involving a trip through a series of psychotic seasonal celebrations in a true 365-day nightmare. The scarier, the merrier!



One of the most terrifying places to go to is a Pandora store on the day before Mother’s Day or Black Friday. This maze will bring those horrors to life. Just kidding, but imagine that. Seriously, greed is the underlying theme of this all-new maze, resurrected from Universal Studios Hollywood’s vault of masterful storytelling that transports guests from the land of the living into the nightmarish netherworld of Hades. The maze will begin inside “Pandora’s Cabinet of Curiosities,” a dilapidated modern storefront that’s eerily reminiscent of a structure that belongs in the back alleys of Victorian London. As guests pass through the shop, they will hear a faint, yet seductive voice echoing the words, “anything can be acquired, anything our hearts desire,” beckoning maze-goers to tempt fate, just as a cataclysmic earthquake erupts, shaking the shop and unleashing the living nightmare netherworld of Hades, populated by the most fearsome monsters in Greek Mythology. Sounds far more exciting than looking for charms inside a Pandora.


Fan Preview Night on September 12th from 7:00PM – 1:00AM.

Open select nights September 13th through November 3rd from 7:00PM – 2:00AM. Open from 7:00PM – 1:00AM on September 15th, 19th, 22nd and November 3rd.

Find your tickets and more event info HERE


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