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Winner Kills All: Freddy vs. Jason at HHN25

Now we get to have both of the most iconic horror movie killers of all time terrorize us together at Halloween Horror Nights 25. The house will feature "iconic kills" from the movies, as victims (guests) make their ways though the respective killers worlds.

#TBF13: Inside the “Scareactors” Studio with “Jason” at HHN Hollywood

Scare Zone goes Inside the "Scareactors" Studio for an interview with Mario D. Gaitan, one of the actors who played "Jason" in the Friday...

Jason and Saw to Return to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

Universal Hollywood finally announced their complete maze lineup this morning. We already knew 3 of the mazes, but the final 2 were revealed today....

Jason Returns to HHN?

I'm not sure if this sounds right? An unconfirmed source at Bloody Disgusting says Universal Studios Hollywood’s Horror Nights will host a maze based...

Scares of a Decade #666: The Scare Zone’s Top Mazes of the Past 10...

This season we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Scare Zone and believe it or not this is post #666! To commemorate...

The 5 Most Cringeworthy Horror Movie Songs Ever

These horror movie songs will make your ears bleed.

Haunt Review: Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood) 2018

HHN Hollywood sticks to its formula of cinematic themed mazes with a lineup featuring some of the most popular horror movies and TV series. For 2018 there's the unexplained and ghostly phenomenon in the "Stranger Things", "Poltergeist" and "The Horrors of Blumhouse" mazes. Killers, slashers, and creeps in the "The First Purge", "Halloween 4", and "Trick r' Treat" mazes. You'll also come face to face with some of horror's top movie icons in the incredibly fantastic "Universal Monsters" maze. Plus, the tried and true HHN attractions like "The Walking Dead" walk-through attraction, "Terror Tram", and a few miscellaneous scare zones try their best to also thrill guests.

HAUNT REVIEW: Warner Bros.’Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights’

It seems that Universal Studios is no longer the only haunted movie studio in Hollywood. For a few years in a row, Warner Bros. Studios has been hosting their own Halloween horror movie event using their archive of movie properties. We like that they're remaining committed to this event, which must mean it's gaining popularity (and making money). What we could be witnessing the rise of an all-new annual Halloween haunt experience in Hollywood.

HAUNT REVIEW: Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2017: The Remix Year

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) 2017 is fun, scary, and still the best haunt in town. But is there a limit to how many different...

H40: Laurie Strode will Return to Haddonfield in 2018!

Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to play the iconic Laurie Strode in the “Halloween” franchise.