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Knott’s ReVAMPs Dominion of the Dead for 2012

After an entire season without any vampires at Knott's Scary Farm, they're now coming back. There were numerous reports from this weekend's West Coast Bash at Knott's Berry Farm that the classic vampire maze, Dominion of the Dead, will get "revamped".

Scare Zone’s 2011 Top Haunts

Well, the 2011 season is over, so it’s time to rank best that we Stalked! Haunt experiences can be a highly individual and subjective experience; what may scare one person might not be frightening at all to another, and what scares you one night might fall flat on a return visit. For this reason, the Scare Zone writers will be providing separate rankings.

Haunt Review: Knott’s Scary Farm 2011

Going to KSF this year, we were somewhat skeptical, but also hopeful, about their ability to ramp up the scares. So, this year, we're glad to say that KSF was successful in pumping some new blood into their haunts. Overall 2011 is more elaborate and scarier than it has been over the past few years. We like the direction that they are headed in, but it still doesn't have the level of intensity which we've come to expect over the past 19 years.

Knott’s Scary Farm: 2011 Information Released!

  It's turning out to be a great Friday the 13th already! Knott's Berry Farm released information this morning about this year's Halloween Haunt. Like last...

Knott’s Announces New Maze for 2011: Delirium

  At today's West Coast Bash event, Knott's announced that the tired, predictable vampire maze Club Blood will (finally!) be replaced this year an all-new...

Trip Report: Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt (Part 2)

Today's haunt audience is more sophisticated and Knott's hasn't fully invested in refreshing it's haunt to bring it's scares up to today's tastes; the haunt of 2010 doesn't look very different from 2000. In addition, with Universal's HHN growing year after year and offering more modern terrors, we want to see Knott's step up it's game to remain competitive. We'd hate to see the "granddaddy" of haunts fade away.

Cedar Scares: Halloweekends

While we've already provided some in depth coverage on Knott's Scary Farm (KSF), it wouldn't be "fair" if we didn't also provide info on its scary...

KSF 2010: L.A. Times Preview

The LA Times has an article about Knott’s Scary Farm’s 2010 mazes and Scare Zones. It also ranks what they believe are the best,...

Knott’s 2010 Maze Lineup

It's official! Knott's will once again feature 13 mazes at their Halloween Haunt. The full lineup is as follows: 1. Club Blood 2. The Doll Factory 3....