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Rumor Zone: The Haunted Play – Las Vegas?

In a recent Facebook post – our friends at The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion have been hinting around with the idea of doing a Vegas version of their show. With their show’s mix of magic and horror we think that The Haunted Play could be strong compliment to Vegas’s unique haunt season offerings such as Goretorium, Freakling Bros.,  The 13th Floor Experience and Penn & Teller (scary we know).

In his recent trips to explore the possibility, Haunted Play creator Jon Braver, believes that there is great amount of potential there, yet he realizes that the Vegas audience is quite different from L.A. (Hollywood) crowd. In addition, for a Vegas production  he received the suggestion to make it more of a flow-through event (i.e. get more people through, quicker!). From a purely business perspective it makes sense. From a Haunted Play perspective that means a loss of intimacy and doesn’t coincide well with Jon’s goal to make it a high price ticket event which will allow a truly unique, interactive and intimate experience.

Perhaps, they can find the right balance with either a space that allows for  two groups to tour simultaneously or enter more frequently after each other. In L.A. the challenge is that the mansion location requires some backtracking through scenes, so to keep groups from colliding they have to keep them spaced apart thus limiting the number of “tours” they can offer each night. In addition, the mansion is located in a residential neighborhood so they have to stop shows by a certain hour which isn’t an issue in Vegas.

The Vegas version isn’t confirmed but they are currently scouting locations so it seems that there is a strong likelihood we’ll see see some Delusions in Vegas.

Back in L.A., The Delusion Mansion (talk about your fixer uppers), which has been their home for the last two years, is currently for sale. It seems that bids are coming in around the $900K. It’s believed that owning the mansion would serve as a viable investment property as it’s frequently used for film shoots throughout the year and of course Delusion from mid-Sept to mid-Nov.

This doesn’t mean they’re planning to move out of L.A. (pending the new owner’s willingness to rent the home for an extended period of time) but they are also considering opening another show in Pasadena (L.A. suburb). This could be good whereas they will be able to create a completely new kind of experience within a new house/mansion. Pasadena has some very old historic and creepy neighborhoods and houses including the famous Michael Myers house from Halloween so they should fit right in.

We also don’t know if Neil Patrick Harris will be contributing his creativity to the show again but we’ll keep you  posted as we hear more.

Experience Silent Hill in the Flesh at HHN

Today at Comic-Con Universal Studios announced that the video game, turned movie franchise, Silent Hill will be one of the featured themed attractions at the 2012 Halloween Horror Nights events in Orlando and Hollywood. The Silent Hill announcement has definitely created a new amount of buzz among HHN fans and Haunt Stalkers.

Silent Hill has been a recurring theme on the annual HHN survey and this will be the first time they’ve transformed a video game property into a maze. In the past, themes have included exclusive iconic horror movies like Scream, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare On Elm Street. With both a new game and movie coming out this fall it all makes perfect synergistic sense as the “Welcome to Silent Hill” maze will be able to promote the release of the next installment of the video game Silent Hill: Book Of Memories as well as the release of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which hits theaters October 26 via Open Road.

During the Comic Con session they screened a brief teaser for the movie which started with a woman running from a grotesque mannequin beast through a warehouse. Then, as the woman is trying to approach a man strapped to a bed it’s revealed that they’re surrounded by a crowd of disfigured nurses holding an assortment of jagged blades and worse. Suddenly, as the girl begins the move, the nurses start to jerk to life, honing in on the sound of the two in the middle. Now just imagine experiencing this in real life!

The screening of these two incredible scenes from Silent Hill: Revelations 3D was followed by short introductory segment with Director Michael J. Bassett, Adelaide Clemens who plays Heather in the film, and Producer Samuel Hadida. Following the movie preview this trailer played:

As you could image, the crowd erupted into loud applause and then Silent Hill Producer Tomm Hullett, Creative Director for Halloween Horror Nights John Murdy, and Orlando Show Director Patrick Braillard took the stage. First to speak was John, confirming that Silent Hill was coming to Halloween Horror Nights in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. He spoke of the origins of idea was reached after first meeting Tomm from Konami. “It was a perfect fit,” John admitted, “the passion for detail, I couldn’t be more thrilled with Konami helping bring Silent Hill to life.” Tomm, Creative Producer of several Silent Hill titles assured fans, “They did do their homework, and it’s going to be a cool maze.” When asked by the moderator what we will see of Silent Hill in the attraction, John was quick to reply, “All of it,” followed by, “With so much to draw from, we want to do as much as we can from it as we can.” He continued by praising the many great characters and environments they hope to recreate in the attraction, including Fog World, Other World, and many more. “First you’ll see the movie,” Michael chimed in, “then you’ll be in the movie.”

To further promote this announcement, HHN is currently giving away tickets to Halloween Horror Nights. You “just” need to follow @HorrorNights on Twitter and Tweet #UniversalHHN and #konamicode for a chance to win! For those Haunt Stalkers at Comic Con, simply stop by the Konami booth and you’ll get a chance to win HHN tickets after snapping a photo with The Nurse.

John Murdy confirmed via Twitter that the Hollywood maze will be located behind the Mummy attraction in the lower lot, replacing last year’s Hostel maze.

While we’ve already heard and seen proof of  The Walking Dead mazes terrorizing both parks, an official announcement on that property has not yet been made.

So far we like what we’re hearing from Universal for both their Hollywood and Orlando Haunts. We believe that both The Walking Dead and Silent Hill could be very scary mazes.  However, we’re also hoping that the similarities end here as we want to visit both haunts this year and have unique experiences at each one.

“Carrie On” at Howl O Scream?

Busch Gardens Tampa has recently posted these “teaser” pictures on their Howl O Scream Facebook page.

Howl O Scream Father's Day post

Howl O Scream June 22 Post

While they’ve told us all to “relax” as “these are not clues” this could all be a ploy to throw us off track. Obviously someone over there has suddenly become infatuated with the master of horror Stephen King whose vast repertoire of frightening stories and characters  would lend themselves well to a park-wide haunt or house. This would also be a nice follow up to last year where they created a fantastic house themed to the world of another dark literary master, Edgar Allen Poe.

Whatever it is, it seems as if the devious minds over there enjoy tormenting us.

Universal’s HHN 2012 – Orlando Dates

For Haunt Stalkers in the the UK, Universal Orlando’s UK website has begun to sell tickets for this year’s HHN. The haunt will be taking place on the following nights:  September 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 30, October 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 31.

Current rumors point to the strong possibility of a Walking Dead house, which may be a theme used at both Orlando and Hollywood.  In addition, it’s rumored that this year’s event could take place in both the studio park and Islands of Adventure (IOA). With the (sad) removal of the Jaws ride in early January the studio is now down one haunt location. In recent years, there has been 8 houses at HHN Orlando and with it’s ever expanding worldwide popularity there is no way they would scale back to just 7. In fact, it’s believed that this year they will expand to 9 which the space in IOA could  comfortably provide, and then some! Plus this could allow them to expand their offering to include some wicked fun inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

If this rumor is true, this wouldn’t be the first time that Universal Orlando hosted a two park haunt.  The last dual park haunt was in 2004 which held the theme of  “What’s Your Breaking Point?”. It was promoted as “2 X the Fear (Twice the Park. Twice the Fear)”. Check out HHN Crypt for more details on HHN XIV

Given than the Scare Zone crew is gearing up to check out this year’s HHN in Orlando you can bet we’re going to be closely following the news and rumors and will share them with all our Haunt Stalkers.  In addition, please feel free to share any rumors with us at

Knott’s ReVAMPs Dominion of the Dead for 2012

After an entire season without any vampires at Knott’s Scary Farm, they’re now coming back. There were numerous reports from this weekend’s West Coast Bash at Knott’s Berry Farm that the classic vampire maze, Dominion of the Dead, will get “revamped.”

The original Dominion of the Dead ran for 5 years: 1995 through 1999. Knott’s promises that the new version will resurrect the spirit of the original, which—unlike the contemporary setting of Club Blood—had a dark and Gothic atmosphere with classical music, old-world costumes, and candlelit corridors. Dominion of the Dead will be replacing Lockdown: The Asylum, which was paired up with Delirium in the park’s Ghostrider corridor. As double-header mazes, guests wait in one line and  upon exiting the first maze, they are immediately transitioned into the second maze.

Dominion of the Dead could turn out to be a great gateway maze into Delirium.  And looking at how Knott’s has recently (or finally) increased the level of set design and effects for their newer mazes, we expect something that could be very aesthetically impressive. We also hope that they make it genuinely scary, which, as we rediscovered to our surprise last season, vampires actually can be.

It was also said that Dia de los Muertos will be (sadly) returning, and there will be another new maze, yet to be announced. In addition, we heard interesting news that the Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Train will not be receiving full theme overlays this year, but instead will just have some “special haunt stuff inside.” We know that both rides have undergone recent refurbishments, and although they haven’t been the best haunt attractions in recent years, the potential is still there to make these rides scary as hell, as they were in the 90s.

Now here’s a look at Dominion of the Dead from 1999. Footage courtesy of our friends at Theme Park Adventure

Rumor Zone: 2012 HHN Hollywood Themes

Earlier this winter, Universal Hollywood sent out their annual survey asking which themes we would like to see at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Once again, Scare Zone took good note of all the themes in the survey, and we’re ready to begin our speculation of what we can expect to see this year. Last year, we successfully guessed a few of the themes, and with the help of our Haunt Stalkers we were able to reveal the other themes before they were publicly confirmed. This year, the survey not only asked about movies, TV shows, and video games, but it also included questions about film directors and musicians. This makes sense, as last year we got Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, and Alice Cooper titled mazes.

John Murdy tweeted that he actually started HHN design this wee,k and he has already made progress on the design of maze #1 for HHN 2012! So, before more time passes, here’s our exclusive analysis of the survey and what we believe to be strong possibilities for 2012 HHN Hollywood themes. Take a look for yourself, vote, and leave comments letting us know which themes you’d like to see come to life. Once again, we’ll keep track of everyone’s votes and see if we can guess the mazes before they’re officially announced.

Terror Tram


The survey began with specific questions about last year’s Terror Tram: A Scream 4 Your Life. Questions about the tram seemed to indicate that some changes to (or even elimination of) the terror tram are being considered. Questions included:

  • Should the tram be replaced by a seventh maze?
  • Should the tram go to a different part of the backlot?

For most people we know, the tram is a low point of the haunt. In 2011, the Scream theme definitely did not shine through. The open nature of the areas and long “conga line” of guests also prevent scares from being effective. The Psycho House/Bates Motel and War of the Worlds sets are cool to see up close, but they’ve been doing the same path for years now, and it’s no longer surprising (and certainly not scary). In addition, noise complaints from residents in the surrounding hills limit the possibilities of expanding or improving the terror tram experience. However, the terror tram is a great “people eater,” and in an already overcrowded haunt, shuttling thousands of people per hour down to the lower lot alleviates a lot of the gridlock from the maze areas. If they eliminate the tram from HHN altogether, we hope they put some serious thought into alternative crowd-control strategies—outside of stuffing guests into the line for the new Transformers ride.

Scare Zones


Some questions were aimed at gauging guests’ opinions about scare zones in general. One question asked, “How many scare zones did you attend?” with an option of “10 or more” for an answer. This is interesting, as there were only 5 scare zones at HHN last year. Another question asked, “How did you know when you had entered a scare zone?” From these questions, it seems that guests are having trouble recognizing not only where a particular scare zone begins and ends but also the difference between the zones. For example, is there much difference between Klownz and Freakz? And is knowing the difference really important to most guests? Probably not. Maybe it’s time for HHN to consider a new approach to scare zones: one that has the zones flow naturally into one another and tell a coherent story, eliminating the need to have separate “zones.” Just a thought.


Movie Themes

  • 28 Days Later – 28 Months Later is in development for 2013
  • Alien/Aliens – The loosely based prequel, Prometheus, comes out this summer, but we feel that it’s unlikely we’ll see an Alien maze
  • An American Werewolf in London
  • Amityville Horror
  • Dawn of the Dead A sequel titled Army of the Dead is currently in development at Universal for 2012
  • Evil Dead/Army of Darkness – This is owned by Universal, and we know John is big on this series, but the remake isn’t slated until 2013, so we may have to wait another year
  • The Exorcist – John has said he’d love to do a maze based on this movie, but he’s had trouble securing the rights in the past
  • Freddy vs. Jason
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Hatchet – A third sequel is in development and slated for release later this year
  • Hellraiser
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • Insidious 
  • Jeepers Creepers – The long rumored third part isn’t slated to come out until 2013
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  • Lords of Salem – Rob Zombie is directing the 2012 remake, so this is STRONG possibility
  • Paranormal Activity – Like clockwork, another movie is coming out this year, we’re just not sure how these movies translate into a worthy maze
  • Poltergeist – Remake slated for 2013
  • Psycho – A classic Universal property that John loves, but we’ve had our fill of Norman appearances on the Terror Tram
  • Resident Evil – Another 3D sequel is coming out this year
  • Silent Hill – A 3D sequel is coming out this year
  • Stephen King Films (IT, The Shining, etc.)
  • Trick ‘r Treat – This was highly requested by fans and on Murdy’s shortlist in 2011, but the hype probably has worn out by now
  • Universal Studios Classic Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.) – We know John is fascinated by them and the House of Horrors will always need an overlay
  • Zombieland

Previous HHN Movie Themes 

  • Child’s Play (Chucky): Noooooooooo – Chucky is not scary!
  • Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees) – Jason never stops returning, but it’s a been a while since he’s been in theaters
  • Halloween (Michael Myers) – Halloween 3D is coming out this October, so this could be a strong contender
  • House of 1000 Corpses – Rob Zombie may be back, but Captain Spaulding’s Murder Ride should have taken its last run in ’11
  • Hostel – We hope hunting season is over
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger) – Freddy’s still asleep
  • Saw – Please, no more predictable games
  • Scream – Scary Movie 5 may be a better option
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Another possibility as the 3D sequel is coming out this October
  • The Wolfman – We believe a lunar eclipse will keep Wolfy away this year

TV Shows

  • American Horror Story
  • True Blood
  • The Walking Dead

Video Games

  • Biohazard – Evil
  • Left 4 Dead

Myths and Legends


  • **La Llorona – We though that this was a great maze last year and knowing HHN’s history of bringing back mazes, we
    think this could (should) return this year

Film Directors/Producers/Writers

  • Robert Rodriguez
  • Trey Parker – WTF? They’re doing South Park the maze? Probably just asked to survey the demo or for possible Bill & Ted’s show themes
  • Tobe Hooper – currently directing Djinn, 2012 release
  • Stephen King
  • Guillermo Del Toro
  • John Carpenter
  • John Landis
  • Tim Burton – currently working on Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie, 2012 releases
  • Wes Craven
  • George Romero
  • Quentin Tarantino
The following directors’ names were also in the survey, and they have worked with HHN in the past:
  • Eli Roth – producing a remake of Fun House in 3D, release date unknown
  • Clive Barker
  • Rob Zombie – directing Lords of Salem, coming out this year

Music Artists

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Lady GagaHHA_2011__4700
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Alice Cooper – We’re 50/50 whether or not Alice’s maze will return this year 
  • Rob Zombie
  • Slipknot
  • KISS – Could work since Gene Simmons’s hair is scary

Now we want to hear from all of you, our Haunt Stalkers. Share your guesses and votes about which mazes you want to see at HHN Hollywood in 2012!

Friday Fright Links: August 19

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A good overview of all the scary doin’s at theme parks around southern California this Halloween –

A video of the work in progress at HHN Hollywood shows a very large Mexican church, which could confirm our La Llorona maze rumor –

‘Scream 4’ Taking Over The Backlot At HHN Hollywood – Bloody Disgusting

Busch Gardens Tampa Shows Off Official Howl-O-Scream Ad –

Alice Copper will debut new tracks from “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” on his Friday Night “Nights with Alice Cooper” show! –

Greensboro’s Spookywoods receives bone-chilling business membership –

Rumor Zone: Final Two Mazes and Terror Tram Theme for HHN Hollywood?

Scare Zone has received an interesting rumor/tip about the last two mazes left to be revealed at HHN Hollywood, as well as the Terror Tram theme for this year. Although we could not confirm this information officially, we compared the rumor against the clues and against other people’s guesses so far, and we think it’s highly likely that these are the last two mazes. Or course, we can’t be completely sure until it’s officially announced by Universal.




Maze 1: La Llorona

Maze 2: Wolfman (2010 version)

Terror Tram: Scream 4


Many have guessed that Wolfman would be coming to the 2011 event. It’s been widely believed that the code name “Trivia” corresponded with this maze. Also, it’s been revealed that Trivia is going into the House of Horrors, and what could possibly fit better in that space than Wolfman? La Llorona is somewhat of a surprise, but it could make for an awesome, original maze. And in fact, someone over at Horror Night Nightmares seems to have cracked the code name (Soap Opera/O’Dowd) on this maze last week. The logic seems very tight. La Llorona was a scare zone last year, and her scary image was featured on the HHN homepage in 2010. The “Soap Opera” maze will be located in the Shrek queue.

We’ve also been told that four mazes this year would be set outside the United States, and both Wolfman and La Llorona would fit that criterion, with Wolfman set in England and La Llorona in Mexico (with the other two “foreign” mazes being The Thing and Hostel).

Finally, many of our readers have had their fingers crossed for a Scream tie-in as well, so this will make a lot of people happy, if true. But we have the least amount of confirmation for this theme.

But the bad news? No Evil Dead maze. There’s always next year….

Again, we will have to wait and see if this information is confirmed by Universal. But we thank Qwest for the great info.

Screaming Soon – The Thing: Assimilation

We FINALLY know one of the mazes for this year’s HHN Hollywood AND Orlando. The 1st announced maze for 2011 is The Thing: Assimilation.

At an Antarctica research site…’re trapped, it’s cold, and there’s no one around. Except for a shape-shifting alien….. The Thing: Assimilation!

This was one of the potential mazes we mentioned in January, however  many of us forgot about it and kept focused on other potential mazes such as Scream and Hostel. With Universal’s new “The Thing” movie scheduled to premier in October it’s an obvious choice and a strong promotional platform. Don’t you love synergy?

The Thing has made an appearance at HHN Orlando before. When Scare Zone visited HHN Orlando back in 2007, they featured a maze with the exact same name;  “The Thing: Assimilation”. While it wasn’t very scary, it did have some highly detailed sets and special effects including temperature changes and animatronics.

This could be a strong theme for a maze and being on the studio lot it has the potential to offer some new state of the art effects and scares. We can’t wait to see what John Murdy and his team come up with!

Now how much longer do we have to wait to learn about the other terrors coming to HHN?  In the meanwhile, be sure to V O T E for the other mazes you EXPECT to see at this year’s HHN.

1st HHN Hollywood Announcement of 2011 Expected At Midnight!

We’ve been speculating and playing guessing games for months, and now Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood is expected FINALLY to make an announcement this week about their first “attraction” for 2011.

Which maze is on the top of your (death) wish list? VOTE below and we’ll see how accurate our Haunt Stalkers are.

(Note: None of the movies pictured below are confirmed as mazes.)





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