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Fright Dome Brings “Freddy’s” Video Game to Life

New Mazes for 2016

Five Nights at Freddy’s


This year, Fright Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada, is bringing Freddy to life in an all-new maze. No, we’re not talking about Freddy Kreuger. The maze will be inspired by “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” a popular online indie horror game. Here’s a description from Fright Dome:

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of horror-themed video games in which players takes on the role of an overnight security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a family restaurant and arcade. At night, the restaurant’s life-sized animatronic characters, including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, wander the restaurant. As the security guard, the player must keep a close watch over the premises, as surviving to 6am may prove to be the most difficult part of the job. Launched in 2014, the series includes three sequels and has been optioned by Warner Bros. for the development of a feature film. Striker Entertainment, the licensing agency handling the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, was key in connecting Scottgames and Fright Dome to launch the October attraction. 

In addition to “Freddy’s,” Fright Dome is debuting two other new mazes:

Krampus’ Not So Silent Night


Guests will enter the dark world of Krampus—the legendary horned demon counterpart to Santa Claus known for terrorizing and holding captives in his lair. High above The Adventuredome floor this house features high-tech FX, customized characters, snow and memorable Christmas smells. The new maze is a collaboration with Gary J. Tunnicliffe, an FX professional responsible for makeup, props, and special effects for more than 60 feature films including franchises such as HELLRAISER, HALLOWEEN, CANDYMAN, EXORCIST, BLADE, SCREAM, and many more.




Described as an “isolation-style house,” Ouija is an up-charge attraction that will be available only to guests who have purchased a fast pass or VIP tour.

Enter the séance with others if you dare but be forewarned… this house chooses who will enter next. Just when you thought there was safety in groups you’ll find yourself separated and left all ALONE to navigate. The abandoned hospital is seemingly harmless until you realize all of the spirits – good and bad- have been awakened within.

Returning Mazes

Clownz: Cotton Candy, Carnage and Chaos!


Enter the neon, luminescent world of crazed clowns in this nightmarish world of painted freaks and jesters gone wickedly wild!


Wasteland 2: Rises of the Mecha-Saur

frightdomewastelandBack by popular demand with new sinister twists Fright Dome’s own post-apocalyptic house returns! Enter a world where the inhabitants battle carnivorous butchers, nomadic mechanics and more!


frightdomehellcatrazThe legendary prison on the bay comes to life and is overrun by past inhabitants. Escaping ‘The Rock’ won’t be so easy with flesh eating zombies on your heels.


Scare Zones

This year’s scare zones include Clown Havoc, Cornstalkers, VooDoo (Mardi Gras of the Dead), Cornstalkers, Fright Club, and Freak Show.

Fright Dome opens September 30 and runs various nights of the week through October 31 .


Freakling Bros. Horror Shows has a New Haunt for 2015!



The scariest show on earth is bringing an all-new experience to its trilogy of terror for 2015. The Coven of 13 joins Freakling Bros. line up of madly intense and terrifying mazes, which includes Castle Vampyre and the R-rated Gates of Hell.

We’ve been through a lot of haunted houses and we can still say that Freakling Bros. Horror Shows in Las Vegas contains some of the craziest and scariest haunted attractions we have ever experienced. This is the only haunt to earn our highest rating of 666 skulls.

We hope we’ll be able to make our way back out to Vegas to see if we can survive another visit… we already cheated death with them 3xs before. We highly suggest you also step up and test your luck with them as well.



Freakling Bros. presents The COVEN of 13 – an ALL NEW HORROR SHOW that pushes the boundaries of complete and total immersion while offering a unique, company-trademark take on one of Halloween’s oldest and most classic themes: Witches, Warlocks, and Black Magic. 

In the thick darkness of the witching hour, as night becomes early morning, When most of us are fast sleep, a pack of cloaked, ageless figures gathers and chants. If you listen closely in the night, you will hear them. They speak slowly, softly, deliberately, and with insidious intention. Their physical bodies are diseased, decrepit, and rotten, but when the Old Hag summons the dark spirit, and the High Priest channels the ferocity of its essence, they are empowered, and they are fierce. These are the dark witches of 13, born of sepsis and poison: You have been invited to make their coven complete. They call to you and welcome you in, to be vetted, initiated, and even reborn as one of them. Do you dare try to make the cut?

About Freakling Bros.

Established in 1976, Freakling Bros., creators of Las Vegas’ premiere haunted attractions, unveiled the cities first free-standing haunted attractions in 1992 at the corner of Sahara and Decatur Boulevard.

Three years later the company pioneered the development of the industry’s first six trailer, completely self-contained mobile attraction, paving the way for a new concept in “haunted houses” that would sweep the country.

By the year 2000, two additional attractions had been added giving the company three separate and unique haunted structures. Every few years one of these attractions is demolished and completely rebuilt, insuring Freakling Bros. the ability to present the newest and most innovative technology available.

Gates of HellIn 2011, in an aggressive attempt to remain on the cutting edge, we unveiled the first ever R-Rated Haunted attraction in the state of Nevada, The Gates of Hell: an experiment in serious, uncompromising, interactive horror. It was an unprecedented gamble based on one simple theory: that our adult audience was ready for something more. What we had initially built for a niche’ audience surprised us by becoming a main stream success. Geared for the 17+ crowd, and based on the concept that “things happen to you”, The GATES of HELL is now a nationwide haunt industry phenomenon and an absolute game changer in the city of Las Vegas. 2011 represented a sort of rebirth for Freakling Bros. We experienced overwhelming crowds, and were Ranked #1 in the Western U.S. by

Then in 2013, with the unveiling of The Victim Experience, an all new level of intensity was achieved: “The only must-see Haunt in Nevada!”. “Third most Extreme Haunt in America!”. “Our staff considers Freakling Bros. one of the top Haunted Attractions in the world!”. We have reestablished ourselves, once again, as the trend setter in the haunt industry.

By concentrating on primal fears, relying on the power of live performers, and employing the art of theatrical illusion, Freakling Bros. has been and continues to remain a leader in the haunted attraction industry, with a reputation as “one of the best in the business” for over 30 years.



For More Information visit their Facebook Page  or…


Leatherface Gets His Buzz On in Vegas

Leatherface follows in the bloody footsteps of Michael Meyers, Jigsaw, and The Collector, as Fright Dome’s 2014 icon and featured haunt.

For our readers under 18 who live in Las Vegas, we think that this could be some exciting news as Fright Dome offers some good Halloween fun for this age set. We say this after our visit to Fright Dome back in 2011 where we were lured in with two Michael Myers mazes. It’s possible that they’ve matured their scare-craft over the years but for our more sophisticated Haunt Stalkers, the gamble is yours to take.

Here’s more details of the massacre taking place in Vegas…



Fright Dome at Circus Circus, one of the nation’s top-ranked haunted attractions, will team up with legendary horror director Tobe Hooper and writer Kim Henkel to feature one of the most terrifying horror films of all time.

Beginning Friday, October 3rd, Fright Dome will once again takee over The Adventuredome at Circus Circus and will theme one of its six haunted houses around the grisly story of THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this Halloween season, THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE is a theme that Fright Dome fans have been asking to see come to life for years. The themed haunted house will immerse guests in scenes from the iconic film, leaving them to fend off the attacks of one of the most notorious chainsaw-wielding killers ever created, Leatherface. No corner is safe as guests fight their way through in hopes of escaping the cannibals in pursuit. Will they survive… or become the next sliced and diced item on the dinner menu?

“We are happy to be working with Fright Dome to bring The Texas Chain Saw Massacre haunted attraction to the fans for the film’s 40th anniversary,” said writer Kim Henkel.

Utilizing the THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE theme is yet another milestone in Fright Dome’s long-standing history of frightening the masses. Over the years the haunted attraction has worked with many industry greats, including George A. Romero and Marcus Dunstan, to utilize themes from popular franchises including HALLOWEEN, SAW, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE COLLECTOR, and more.

“I am thrilled we are able to work with such a renowned brand this year,” said Jason Egan, owner and creator of Fright Dome. “Being able to utilize a movie of this magnitude as a partner is quite an honor. For the past 12 years we have been extremely fortunate to work with some of the best in the horror industry, making Fright Dome one of the top haunted attractions in the nation year after year.”

In addition to this groundbreaking theme, the sweeping 250,000-square-foot haunted theme park attraction will feature five additional new haunted houses, including a solo haunted house, appropriately named “Isolation.” Separated from friends and forced to enter alone, guests will forge their way through a labyrinth of industrial corridors filled with traps, crazed inhabitants, and those that have ventured in before them but never escaped. Endless passages make each person prey in this shadowy haunted experience.

Dark and fog-filled, Fright Dome creates a chilling atmosphere with roaming characters, high-powered strobes, multi-colored lasers, and five acres of horror made up of four all-new extreme scare zones, rides, attractions, and nightly live stage shows.

Fright Dome is open from 7 p.m. to 12 midnight October 3-31 on select nights. General admission tickets start at $34.95, and fast pass tickets are available for an additional $15 to $20, which allows express line entry for all six haunted houses. For more information visit Fright Dome online.


Freakling Bros. Presents “The Victim Experience: March of Death”

Victim Experience

Freakling Bros., the little haunt in Las Vegas that is gaining recognition as one of the most terrifying, disorienting, and all-around awesome haunts in the entire country, has decided that it’s just not scary enough. Last October, they debuted “The Victim Experience,” an extreme horror experience that tested the limits of guests—an experience that only 30% of paying victims made it through. And now, by popular demand, Freakling Bros. is bringing it back for a special run this March! So if you missed it last October, now is your chance for some off-season extreme terror.

From their Web site:

Freakling Bros. Proudly Presents… our first ever off season event: THE VICTIM EXPERIENCE: MARCH OF DEATH.  A twisted, Masochistic, and utterly Hellish experience for that special kind of thrill seeker.  This experience is not for most.  This experience is not “fun.”  But most importantly, there is nothing quite like this ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY.  All ticket sales will be online.  There are a limited amount of tickets available and they will sell out.  THIS WILL NOT BE OFFERED DURING HALLOWEEN SEASON!

There has been some whining online about the high ticket cost for this ($185, + online service charge). but we think this price is actually a bargain. First of all, this is an extremely personalized experience. The actors/torturers will be entirely focused on you. They won’t be shaking a can at a conga line, like in most haunts. Second, there are a lot of perks included with this price, including a “special” shuttle ride, a “decompression” lounge that includes beverages and snacks, and a survivor shirt (if you make it through, and that’s a big if). Not to mention the bragging rights you’ll get for being able to claim you attempted (and maybe even survived) the most intense haunted attraction in the country.

If you’re on the fence about doing this, be warned that this will not be offered in October. So don’t miss your chance this March. Tickets are limited and will be sold online only through February 20th.

For more information and to buy tickets, check out The Victim Experience site.

Rumor Zone: The Haunted Play – Las Vegas?

In a recent Facebook post – our friends at The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion have been hinting around with the idea of doing a Vegas version of their show. With their show’s mix of magic and horror we think that The Haunted Play could be strong compliment to Vegas’s unique haunt season offerings such as Goretorium, Freakling Bros.,  The 13th Floor Experience and Penn & Teller (scary we know).

In his recent trips to explore the possibility, Haunted Play creator Jon Braver, believes that there is great amount of potential there, yet he realizes that the Vegas audience is quite different from L.A. (Hollywood) crowd. In addition, for a Vegas production  he received the suggestion to make it more of a flow-through event (i.e. get more people through, quicker!). From a purely business perspective it makes sense. From a Haunted Play perspective that means a loss of intimacy and doesn’t coincide well with Jon’s goal to make it a high price ticket event which will allow a truly unique, interactive and intimate experience.

Perhaps, they can find the right balance with either a space that allows for  two groups to tour simultaneously or enter more frequently after each other. In L.A. the challenge is that the mansion location requires some backtracking through scenes, so to keep groups from colliding they have to keep them spaced apart thus limiting the number of “tours” they can offer each night. In addition, the mansion is located in a residential neighborhood so they have to stop shows by a certain hour which isn’t an issue in Vegas.

The Vegas version isn’t confirmed but they are currently scouting locations so it seems that there is a strong likelihood we’ll see see some Delusions in Vegas.

Back in L.A., The Delusion Mansion (talk about your fixer uppers), which has been their home for the last two years, is currently for sale. It seems that bids are coming in around the $900K. It’s believed that owning the mansion would serve as a viable investment property as it’s frequently used for film shoots throughout the year and of course Delusion from mid-Sept to mid-Nov.

This doesn’t mean they’re planning to move out of L.A. (pending the new owner’s willingness to rent the home for an extended period of time) but they are also considering opening another show in Pasadena (L.A. suburb). This could be good whereas they will be able to create a completely new kind of experience within a new house/mansion. Pasadena has some very old historic and creepy neighborhoods and houses including the famous Michael Myers house from Halloween so they should fit right in.

We also don’t know if Neil Patrick Harris will be contributing his creativity to the show again but we’ll keep you  posted as we hear more.

TerrorVision: Creepy Haunt Commercials 2012

The first day of fall is only 3 days away and the official haunt season is set to begin. The signs are everywhere with the days getting shorter and the nights longer. There’s candy overflowing in the grocery store aisles and Halloween stores are appearing on every corner. Now our favorite signs of haunt season are the commercials that are materializing for this year’s major theme park and local haunt attractions.

We think our fellow Haunt Stalkers would like to get into the spirit of the season with us so take a look at some this year’s best haunt commercials. In particular, we really love Knott’s Scary Farm’s 40th Haunt commercial and just can’t wait to see what they have in store this year. The U.S. versions of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights share the same spots as do the other Cedar Fair theme parks, who all have a variation of the Cedar Point HalloWeekends spot. Howl-O-Scream’s commercials are creepy  and the Tampa Icon, Trickster, is one of the scariest haunt characters we’ve seen this season. The major local haunts have also put a good amount of production value into their commercials to scare us into coming… and you can bet we plan to go to as many as possible!

After you to watch these creepy commercials don’t forget to keep checking our Open Haunts 2012 page to get the latest info on haunts around the world (but mostly in America).

Knott’s Scary Farm

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights Japan

Howl-O-Scream Tampa

Howl-O-Scream Williamsburg

HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

Sinister Pointe (CA)


Six Flags Fright Fest (Nationwide)

Blood Manor NYC

Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House NYC

House of Torment (TX)

Goretorium (NV)

The Dent Schoolhouse (OH)

The Mortuary Haunted House (LA)

Jason’s Woods (PA)

Haunted Plantation (HI)

Graphic Sneak Peek of Eli Roth’s GORETORIUM

Last year, haunt stalkers had a chance to experience, in real-life, the disturbing terrors from the mind of Director Eli Roth inside the HHN Hollywood maze Hostel: Hunting Season. Now Haunt Stalkers can experience his terrors year-round at The Goretorium.

The Gortorium has shared a first-look into what promises to be Sin City’s most terrifying horror experience. The gruesome video trailer gives a glimpse of what guests (victims) will be exposed to should they dare to take a tour through Las Vegas’ first year-round haunt, opening this September. Roth’s twisted plans for the world’s first GORETORIUM will showcase his unfiltered approach to horror, bringing it from the screen to reality when the mythical hotel comes to terrifying life on the Las Vegas Strip.

In addition to the video, they’ve shared with us some gory details of what our Haunt Stalkers can expect when they “check-in”: The self-guided horror experience begins in the lobby of the eerie hotel and unveils gruesome sights of past hotel guest victims, and the serial-killing family behind the deeds at every turn. Employing high-tech Vegas showmanship with old-fashioned scares, the terrifying labyrinth of live actors, animatronic frights and stunning special effects is contained in a vintage hotel setting that rivals Hollywood’s best movie sets. Fans can expect both the trailer and GORETORIUM to have all the gory, classic scares amplified with the edgy spin that has made Roth the new mastermind of horror genre.

For those of you who’ve been trapped inside a Hostel torture chamber the past few years, Eli Roth is best known as the creator of the Hostel and Cabin Fever movie franchises, and for his role in front of the camera as Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.  His film label “Eli Roth Presents” produced the enormously successful horror hit The Last Exorcism, and he currently is shooting the horror series Hemlock Grove for Netflix.

Now, check out the Goretorium trailer in its full gory glory (WARNING – Features Gore Galore)

Advanced ticket sales for GORETORIUM are available now at

Eli Roth’s Goretorium: A New Year-Round Haunt in Vegas

Last October, Scare Zone made a trip out to Vegas to experience several haunts in the area. There were some extreme highs (Freakling Bros’ Trilogy of Terror), and some terrifying lows (Bonnie Screams, Fright Dome). We’d love to go back to check out Las Vegas Haunts (and of course, experience Freakling Bros all over again), and with a brand new haunt opening up this September, we may have found the perfect excuse to return.

This September 27, Eli Roth’s Goretorium will open on the Las Vegas strip. Although details are still scarce, Deadline is reporting that it will be a “multistory” attraction and will be open year round. There is no word on the theming, but given the fact that Eli Roth is involved, and the name “Goretorium” itself, we can certainly guess that there will be a lot of blood.

Reports say that the haunt will be located at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Harmon Ave., which places it in the vicinity of Planet Hollywood and the CityCenter. In fact, is placing the location of the haunt as inside a multistory Walgreens building currently under construction. (Other tenants in the building include Panda Express and a Bubba Gump restaurant—scary, indeed.)

We think a year-round haunt in Las Vegas is a fantastic idea. It’s a city brimming with all kinds of entertainment, but the horror genre has been sadly absent–until now. (We do feel a bit sorry for the future scareactors who will probably have to deal with drunken patrons on a nightly basis.) Scare Zone can’t wait to check out this haunt!

Scare Zone’s 2011 Top Haunts

Well, the 2011 season is over, so it’s time to rank the best that we Stalked! Haunt experiences can be a highly individual and subjective experience; what may scare one person might not be frightening at all to another, and what scares you one night might fall flat on a return visit. For this reason, the Scare Zone writers will be providing separate rankings.

Also, while we did visit quite a few great haunts across the country throughout the year, please note that we’re only ranking the haunts we visited in California and Nevada during the “official” Haunt Season (September – October). For a list of all the places we visited and to read our full reviews, please click here.

Now, on to our 2011 Top Haunts   

*Maze also refers to an individual haunted house or walk-through attraction.   


M. Leota’s Haunt Rankings

Best Maze Design (lighting, sound, FX):

1. Haunted Play Presents Delusion (Los Angeles, CA)

2. La Llorona (Halloween Horror Nights, Hollywood)

3. Curse of Sarah Winchester (Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA)


Best Maze Theme (consistent story/setting):

1. Haunted Play Presents Delusion

2. La Llorona (HHN Hollywood)

3. Castle Vampyre (Freakling Bros.)


Best Individual Scene in a Maze:

1. “Hallway/bathroom scene”: Haunted Play Presents Delusion

2. “Flying Vampire”: Castle Vampyre (Freakling Bros.)

3. “Cockroach room”: Delirium (Knott’s Halloween Haunt, Buena Park, CA)


Best Maze Name:

1. La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas (HHN Hollywood)

2. Endgames: Warriors of the Apocalypse (Knott’s Halloween Haunt)

3. Gates of Hell (Freakling Bros.)


Best Scare-Actors:

1. Circus of Horrors (Freakling Bros.)

2. Haunted Play Presents Delusion

3. Gates of Hell (Freakling Bros.)


Highest Scare Factor:

1. Tie: Castle Vampyre, Gates of Hell, Circus of Horrors (Freakling Bros.)

2. The Thing (HHN Hollywood)

3. Sinister Pointe (Brea, CA)


Most Improved Maze (compared with  2010):

1. Lockdown: The Asylum (Knott’s Halloween Haunt)

2. Hellfire (Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor)


Best New Maze for 2011:

1. La Llorona (HHN Hollywood)

2. Curse of Sarah Winchester (Winchester Mystery House)

3. Delirium (Knott’s Halloween Haunt)


Best Overall Maze of 2011:

1. Tie: Circus of Horrors, Castle Vampyre, Gates of Hell (Freakling Bros.)

2. La Llorona (HHN Hollywood)

3. Curse of Sarah Winchester (Winchester Mystery House)


Best Haunt Scare Zone:

1. Ghost Town (Knott’s Halloween Haunt)

2. Necropolis (Knott’s Halloween Haunt)

3. The Barricades (Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor)


Most Unique Haunt Experience:

1. Gates of Hell (Freakling Bros.)

2. Haunted Play Presents Delusion

3. Ghost Ship (Newport Beach, CA)


Best Value Haunt:

1. Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror (especially for the $10 fast pass t-shirt)

2. Knott’s Halloween Haunt

3. Reign of Terror (Thousand Oaks, CA)


Top 2011 Stand Alone Haunt

Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror

Top 2011 Theme Park Haunt

Halloween Horror Nights, Hollywood


Matt E. Horn’s Haunt Rankings

Best Maze Design (lighting, sound, FX):

1. La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas (HHN Hollywood)

2. Haunted Play Presents: Delusion 

3. Curse of Sarah Winchester (Winchester Mystery House)


Best Maze Theme (consistent story/setting):

1. Haunted Play Presents: Delusion 

2. La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas (HHN Hollywood)

3. Reign of Terror


Best Individual Scene in a Maze:

1. “Feed the Beast” in Circus of Horror (Freakling Bros.)

2. “Collapsing Bridge” in Hellfire (Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor)

3. “Flying Vampire”  in Castle Vampyre (Freakling Bros.)


Best Maze Name:

1. Habitat of Hags (Pirates of Emerson)

2. La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas (HHN Hollywood)

3. Delirium (Knott’s Scary Farm)


Best Scare-Actors:

1. Gates of Hell (Freakling Bros.)

2. Haunted Play Presents: Delusion 

3. Sinister Pointe


Highest Scare Factor:

1. 3-way tie Freakling Bros. Mazes: Circus of Horrors, Castle Vampyre, Gates of Hell

2. Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare (HHN Hollywood)

3. Sinister Pointe


Most Improved Maze (compared with  2010):

1. Lockdown (Knott’s Scary Farm)

2. Hellfire (Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor)

3. Village of the Dammed (Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor)

Best New Maze for 2011:

1. Sinister Pointe

2. Curse of Sarah Winchester (Winchester Mystery House)

3. Haunted Play Presents: Delusion 


Best Overall Maze of 2011:

1. 3-way tie Freakling Bros. Mazes: Circus of Horrors, Castle Vampyre, Gates of Hell

2. Sinister Pointe

3. The Thing (HHN Hollywood) Curse of Sarah Winchester (Winchester Mystery House)

Best Haunt Scare Zone:

1. Ghost Town (Knott’s Scary Farm)

2. Zombieville (HHN Hollywood)

3. The Gauntlet (California’s Great America Haunt)

Most Unique  Haunt Experience:

1. Haunted Play Presents: Delusion 

2. Ghost Ship

3. The 13th Floor at Circus Circus


Best Value Haunt:

1. Knott’s Scary Farm

2. Freakling Bros.

3. Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor


Top 2011 Stand Alone Haunt


Top 2011 Theme Park Haunt


Scare Zone’s Worst Rankings

This is where we load up the buried skulls and drive them off to the crematory. Of course, being in the world of horror, we’re aptly aware that not everything will die immediately or forever, but we can hope.

Worse Mazes

1. Slaughter of the Swines  and Maze of Mayhem at Bonnie Screams

2. Mental Maze at Pirates of Emerson

3. Terror Tram: Scream 4 Your Life at HHN Hollywood

Worse Value

Worse Haunt of 2011

 2011 Repass

This year we experienced new haunt environments along with new levels of scares. During the official haunt season (Sept. – Oct.), we ventured throughout California and out to Nevada to visit as many new haunts as possible. Along the way, we encountered one of the best haunts we’ve ever been to and one of the worst. We give credit to all the haunts out there who are challenging themselves to create new environments and stories to scare us with. While some of our reviews may seem harsh, we take haunting and our earned dollars seriously, so we don’t have tolerance for the so-called haunts who are more interested in taking people’s money than putting effort into a quality production.

There were many high-quality haunts and mazes that didn’t make our top list, but they did offer a great time and good scares such as Fear Overload, California’s Great America Haunt (the CarnEvil maze was great), Reign of TerrorTheater 68, and a few of the Knott’s Scary Farm mazes. We also acknowledge all of the great haunts out there that  we didn’t get to this season, like The Haunted Hotel, Old Town Haunt, and Coffin Creek, just to name a few. We’ll also be curious to see how first-year haunts such as Haunted Play Presents Delusion and Ghost Ship do in their second years, if they come back.

Finally, we have to thank our fellow Haunt Stalkers from Theme Park Tourist for sharing their UK Haunt reviews and all our other fellow Haunt Stalkers who shared their experiences and ratings with us this season and throughout the year. We appreciate all your support and engagement with our site, and we look forward to sharing more scare-ventures together.

Scaringly yours,

M. Leota & Matt E. Horn

Co-Founders & Writers,  Scare Zone

2011 Haunt Profile: Asylum and Hotel Fear (Las Vegas, NV)

When Scare Zone was in Las Vegas just a couple of weeks ago, we had a long list of haunts we wanted to see. Unfortunately, two of the haunts had long lines stretching to hell and back, so we were unable to squeeze in as many haunts as we wanted (click here to our reviews of the haunts we attended in Las Vegas). Two near the top of our list that we didn’t make it to were Asylum and Hotel Fear. And just because we missed out on this haunt, we don’t want you to!

Asylum and Hotel Fear (collectively known as “Las Vegas Haunts“) are located just north of the Las Vegas Strip in North Las Vegas. Both have extensive back stories and are billed as “story-driven” haunts:

Asylum and Hotel Fear, hosted at the same location, each tells the story of Mortimer Feoray, troubled child turned madman. Visit the subject’s former home at Hotel Fear, then experience his new “haunt” at the Asylum.

The haunt prides themselves on providing elaborate detail in every set and a cohesive theme, not only within each haunted house, but also between the two houses. On the web site, you can listen to the back stories for both houses. In addition, they’ve been voted a Haunt World Top 13 haunt.

Next time we’re in Vegas, you can bet that we’ll be sure to visit this attraction.

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