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Sinister Pointe’s “SCARY PLACE”

We’ve really missed Sinister Pointe.  Their absence was fully noticed and felt out here in SoCal during haunt season. After a period of darkness, one of our top-rated Haunt events is making the most spectacular return with what’s billed to be the LARGEST MULTI-LEVEL, INDOOR HAUNT EXPERIENCE in California.

In past years the inventive Sinister Pointe Productions team has created some of our most memorable haunted experiences which includes the revival of Queen Mary’s ‘Dark Harbor and the special haunted nights at The Winchester Mystery House.  Through the years, they’ve also terrified us with Christmas and Valentine’s day haunts along with SeancesScavenger Hunts, VR Experiences, and haunted bars.

For fall 2018 they’re unleashing a brand new kind of Halloween event, Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place. Haunt lovers will be scared to death in three stories of unrelenting terror, covering over 150,000 square feet and featuring two all-new mazes and a brand new haunted dark ride. Yes, a ride!

The experience will begin as the brave and foolhardy alike cross the veil into the foggy realm known as the Scary Place. Two mazes and a new ride will await haunt goers in this murky realm of terror for a full night of Halloween fun including…

Evil on 2  (Walkthrough Attraction)

There is an evil that has taken over the second floor of this quaint little hotel and we need you to venture into this maze to investigate! Let’s just hope that the terror within hasn’t spread!

PHOBIAS  (Walkthrough Attraction)

Welcome to “PHOBIAS”. Step right up and see if you have what it takes when you’re put up against some of your greatest fears. A fully interactive maze experience that will test your abilities to cope with your worst nightmares. We hope for your sake, being alone isn’t one of them!

Boogeyman Express (Ride):

All aboard the boogeyman express. Rumor has it that the boogeyman and his evil minions roam these grounds hunting innocent bystanders! So I have an idea, let’s go see if the rumors are true! Please keep your hands and arms inside the carts at all times, for this here is the most hair-raising terror train in the wilderness!

Between the screams, horror fiends can feast on a variety of snack foods and check out the revolting entertainment including the main stage, wandering magicians, games, roaming packs of monsters, and the Sinister Pointe Dark Market where new merchandise from vicious vendors will be available for purchase.

“For 20 years I have been producing Haunted Attractions that many guests have traveled great distances just to experience a 15-minute attraction. I figured it’s time to give our fans an experience that will last an entire evening!” says Jeff Schiefelbein, the creative fiend behind Sinister Pointe.

Two types of tickets will be available, allowing guests to choose their fate. The All Night Pass will allow guests unlimited access to all entertainment, attractions, and vendors for a single price starting at $42 on select nights, and $52.00 on Friday and Saturday nights. The All Night VIP Access allows for front of the line access to all mazes and attractions, along with priority seating for shows and performances with prices starting at just $60.00 on select nights, and $70.00 on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tickets: https://ocevents.ticketspice.com/scaryplace18

Scary Place will take place at the Laguna Hills Mall located at 24155 Laguna Hills Mall, Laguna Hills, CA, and will run on September 28-30 and October 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28, 31. Hours will be from 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. on Sundays – Thursdays.

Where do you go when you close your eyes? Sinister Pointe wants to send you to your Scary Place.

Hashtag: #ScaryPlace

Happy Haunts Materialize for The Haunted Mansion’s Birthday


Today we wish Disneyland’s original ‘The Haunted Mansion’ a Happy Birthday. The Haunted Mansion truly showcases the darker side of Disney’s imagination with an attraction that has made getting scared so much fun. Sadly, this would be the last attraction which Walt personally oversaw the designs for and he didn’t live to see the Haunted Mansion come to life, but many believe that his own ghost resides among the 999 ghost inside, who are always celebrating with a “swinging wake”.

While not considered to be particularly scary (for most adults), the Haunted Mansion has endured for over 45 years and offers a unique mix of Gothic horror, frighting fantasy, and creepy fun. The Haunted Mansion’s kooky and creepy ghostly inhabitants have upgraded the place to keep it in perfectly downgraded condition where candelabras can freely float down cobwebbed halls and portraits change with a flash of lightning. As children, this attraction left many lasting impressions on us and we’re sure many others. We simply found it to be “delightfully frightening”. In spite of being scared, we also had fun as our Doombuggy floated through the dark hallways filled with stretching doors and creaky old crypts, past musical seances, through the ballroom’s swinging wake, into the attic and finally out into the graveyard filled with “grim grinning ghost”. This is probably the one attraction responsible for making us here at Scare Zone (and many of you) addicted to haunts.


The influence from the Haunted Mansion can also be found in many haunted attractions across the world today. Whether it be the changing portraits, the ghostly holograms, or the singing ghosts; during haunt season, you can find various haunts that recreate these scenes to pay homage to the venerable attraction. Even some of the several prominent ghosts who have retired here from creepy old crypts from all over the world can often be found in reincarnations outside of the mansion. Especially Madame Leota and the three hitchhiking ghost.


Speaking of the mansion’s popular residents, one thing we find especially fascinating is that through the years the infamous bride has managed to keep changing her ravishing looks but still has not been able to keep her groom, at least all of him that is. Guess, he’s hanging around the mansion somewhere.


We can can go on and on about our love for this classic attraction but to learn more about the Haunted Mansion’s legacy and it’s various reincarnations around the world visit our friends at DoomBuggies.com . They have every single inch of the Mansion’s grounds covered and uncovered.


Santa Cruz Boardwalk’s Haunted Attractions

Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4391

We recently visited the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and had the opportunity to experience all three of their haunted attractions: The Haunted Castle, Ghost Blasters, and Fright Walk. Dark rides and year-round haunts are hard to come by, so finding them in one location is a real treat. In addition, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk has a famous haunted legacy as it was the set for the classic 80s horror movie The Lost Boys. We didn’t spot any vampires lurking around, but it was daytime, so who knows what freaks come out at night.

Haunted Attractions

The Haunted Castle

Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4388

Upon arrival at the Boardwalk, guests can see the large front facade of the Haunted Castle towering into the sky. This classic dark ride was revamped last year, and it now offers a new level of modern effects, fun, and scares. The ride’s vehicles look like a mix of a hearse and a Doombuggy from Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions. The entire ride takes place in the lower levels underneath the Boardwalk, so the haunted journey begins with the vehicle spinning backwards and then quickly descending down a steep spiral track into the heart of the castle. Once inside, you encounter ghostly royalty, their undead servants, demonic pets, and vengeful monsters.

We were surprised at the level of detail in this ride, which comes to close to anything you’d find at Disneyland (we actually think it looks better than the recently added Winnie the Pooh and Buzz Lightyear rides). In addition to the effects and settings, the layout of the ride tells a linear story that gets darker as the ride goes on. There were some real surprise scares, but the ride isn’t about making guests freak out; it’s a “fun” adventure through a unique haunted world.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4402Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4399

4.5 Skulls

Ghost Blasters

Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4428

The ghosts need to be evicted out of the old mansion, but they ain’t leaving willingly—so who you gonna call? Call yourself, as you and a fellow passenger are armed with a blaster gun and will have to shoot your way through the ghost-infested mansion.

This ride has a very cartoonish look with a lot of black light illuminating the vibrant set pieces. There are some fun special effects with a few surprising startles. The good thing about this ride is that it’s just as fun without the shooting game. In fact, the ghost blasting can distract riders from being able to focus on the ride around them. Nonetheless, if you get an all-day ride pass, it’s worth a couple whirls!

Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4441Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4437Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4443

3.5 Skulls

Fright Walk

Santa Cruz Boardwalk__4392

This is a year-round walk-through haunted house. The attraction is akin to a dark funhouse with numerous animatronic props and sensor-triggered scare effects. We thought that there were a couple of interesting animatronic props and found some of the very dark passages suspenseful to walk through, but we were disappointed that there were no real scareactors inside, even though the warning signs say otherwise. Perhaps it’s difficult to keep the house staffed on a year-round basis, so they have to rely heavily on all the props. However, since it was haunt season, we expected to have at least one real-life monster scare us.

The Fright Walk would benefit from a makeover like the Haunted Castle received. They should also create a story theme for the haunted house so it doesn’t feel like a tour of an animatronic haunt museum. Perhaps this would be a good lair for The Lost Boys! If you’re a Haunt Stalker visiting the Boardwalk, this attraction is worth checking out once, but it doesn’t effect anything more than a few startling scares.


  • Set Design:2.5 Skulls
  • Scare Factor: 1.5 Skulls

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