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The Delusions Will Return in 2016


Over the years Delusion has created innovate and suspenseful haunts expereinces with unique challenges for it’s audience. This year, our friends at Delusion faced a unique challenge of their own as they worked to navigate the scary landscape of Los Angeles real estate. Alas they’ve found a new nightmare home for their moving theater productions. Unfortunately, it was’t in enough time for them to be open for the upcoming haunt season, however, they’ll back early next year in a home that’ll be able to host a year round production.

Here’s more on the story of the upcoming Delusion 2016 that Jon Braver shared this evening with his “loyal Delusionals” like us…

To our amazing, loyal and patient Delusionals,

We cannot even begin to count the strange, disturbing and exhilarating memories (and people) from the otherworld of Delusion over the last four seasons.
Last year, I recall a guest so into the story that he begged our protagonist to sign his Playbill! This intimate, theatrical adventure means so much to so many people and we want nothing more than to share this experience further.

As many of you know, we’ve been looking for a long term and non-residentially zoned venue for quite some time. I am beyond excited to announce that we’ve found a special place to call our cryptic home for years to come! But can Delusion exist outside of the Fall season? Damn right it can. It’s interactive theatre! And strange, intimate adventures, to places we cannot even fathom, should exist any time of the year!

So for limited nights, starting early next year, you will play your part once again. And beyond the play, we’ll have special screenings, parties, live music, magic and so much more at the new space!

Ok, I know what you’re saying, “That’s amazing! But will there be a play this fall season?!” This time around, having recently found the right space, we need to focus on building out our most spectacular show yet. Of course I’d be lying if I said we won’t miss falling down the rabbit hole with you this Fall. But never fear (or do), as we will dive into another psychologically disturbing journey before you know it!

You should know that this is all your fault! You made us do it! So from all of us who create Delusion, we can never thank you enough for your incredible support. It has, and will continue to be, darkly euphoric.

Playing My Part,
Jon Braver – Creator/Writer/Director – Delusion

P.S. You made it this far! You deserve a hint about our first play at the new space:
A misshapen figure sits at the piano, his fingers dance across the keys as the darker melodies of Chopin bring him further, blissful misery.
“Death is… whimsical tonight.” He whips around and faces us.

Haunted Play presents Delusion Reveals 2014 Theme

“Haunted Play presents Delusion” revolutionized the traditional haunt experience in 2011 when it debuted its theatrical, interactive, immersive experience in Los Angeles. Set in a historical home in the West Adams district, the play was part theater, part haunt, and totally impressive. In the 2 years after their debut, Haunted Play expanded and improved its unique take on the haunted attraction, changing up the story line each year, and moving the location to an old church in Silver Lake in 2013.

Last week, Haunted Play revealed a few details about its 2014 event, to be called “Delusion: Lies Within.”

Delusion 2014

An all new, original, interactive play from director Jon Braver will have the audience play their part in the grim tale of Elena Fitzgerald; a revered, and reclusive author whose dark characters and fantastical worlds have somehow manifested themselves within her dreadful home. The audience will once again fall further from reality as they partake in a horrific, epic journey unlike any other into “DELUSION: LIES WITHIN.”

There’s no word on the exact location of this year’s play, but producers have indicated it will located in a “legendary mansion” new Downtown L.A. One essential element to Haunted Play has always been its pick of location, which often serves as an integral part of the story itself. So we’re confident that the new location will be beautiful and appropriately themed to this year’s story. We hope they can avoid a situation similar to last year’s Pilgrim Church location, when they were forced to shut down early after crotchety neighbors complained to the city about the noise and parking problems caused by the event.

Haunted Play has also announced some details regarding casting. Open casting will be held at Scare LA on August 9 and 10 (bring your headshot and resume!). Additional casting will be held by appointment only mid-August.

delusion casting



It’s More Than a DELUSION

We’re very excited to hear that one of the best original live-action horror experiences is returning to L.A. as DELUSION: Masque of Mortality.



During haunt season we like to take a break from the large multi-maze theme park events and venture out to the local independent haunts and Halloween experiences such as The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion. To our delight and fright, for the past 2 years, DELUSION has been one of our most highly rated haunts. It has not only impressed us but also actor Neil Patrick Harris who loved it so much, he signed on as co-producer for last year’s intensely wicked show. What we all like about DELUSION is that it’s not the typical haunted house/maze experience you’d find elsewhere. Here you find yourself inside a completely immersible environment from the moment you walk onto the property. It’s best  described as part haunted house, part theater, and part interactive story. It is a very unique attraction with amazing set design, great actors, stunts, magic, and of course… some very good scares.

Here’s a fun look back at 2012’s Delusion: Blood Rite

For 2013 the original interactive horror theater company is BACK with a vengeance. This year, the much anticipated DELUSION live-action horror experience returns to Los Angeles with a new location, new story, and new official title – DELUSION: Masque of Mortality. Taking place at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles, show-goers will be taken back in time to 1930, where there has been an outbreak of the plague. Mysterious figures calling themselves The Doctors have promised a remedy not only to the plague, but of a greater life, free of the oppression of God and human limitations. Amongst all of this, you find refuge in The Church, where you await to be summoned when the time is right… In the meantime, you will seek comfort at the bar where fellow refugees will imbibe on craft cocktails of liquid courage, while they await their destiny.

DELUSION is the original first-person horror experience where you are the lead character. If you haven’t attended DELUSION, imagine being a character in a horror film.. moving through a dark, new world, where secrets and horror lurk around every corner. To survive, you must push forward into dark paths, and unravel the mysteries yourself. Last year’s executive producer, Neil Patrick Harris, says “DELUSION re-imagines and redefines the horror experience with an innovative blend of theatrics and action in a live performance that has never been done before. There are no seats, no comfort of the fourth wall and audience members really have to engage and participate to move the story forward.”

DELUSION has defined a new category of horror experience that has spurred similar shows around the country. However, only DELUSION holds true to the form, where you become the protagonist in a hands-on experience with special effects and theatrics produced by Hollywood stunt director Jon Braver, who has worked on A-list films The Dark Knight Rises, Star Trek, Iron Man and many others.

Last year, Delusion: The Blood Rite sold out quickly, and had to be extended. This year, DELUSION will have a full extended run from September 26 through November 23 and is sure to sell out. You should also allow 2 hours for the whole experience. This should account for everything from parking, checking in, refreshments, waiting for your show time, THE SHOW, and after…decompression!

For more information about the show and to purchase tickets, please visit their WEBSITE.  Tickets are going fast! So, don’t lag behind and come to the refuge… and play your part!!! You can also get up to the minute updates on dates and special happenings by stalking them via FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Rumor Zone: The Haunted Play – Las Vegas?

In a recent Facebook post – our friends at The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion have been hinting around with the idea of doing a Vegas version of their show. With their show’s mix of magic and horror we think that The Haunted Play could be strong compliment to Vegas’s unique haunt season offerings such as Goretorium, Freakling Bros.,  The 13th Floor Experience and Penn & Teller (scary we know).

In his recent trips to explore the possibility, Haunted Play creator Jon Braver, believes that there is great amount of potential there, yet he realizes that the Vegas audience is quite different from L.A. (Hollywood) crowd. In addition, for a Vegas production  he received the suggestion to make it more of a flow-through event (i.e. get more people through, quicker!). From a purely business perspective it makes sense. From a Haunted Play perspective that means a loss of intimacy and doesn’t coincide well with Jon’s goal to make it a high price ticket event which will allow a truly unique, interactive and intimate experience.

Perhaps, they can find the right balance with either a space that allows for  two groups to tour simultaneously or enter more frequently after each other. In L.A. the challenge is that the mansion location requires some backtracking through scenes, so to keep groups from colliding they have to keep them spaced apart thus limiting the number of “tours” they can offer each night. In addition, the mansion is located in a residential neighborhood so they have to stop shows by a certain hour which isn’t an issue in Vegas.

The Vegas version isn’t confirmed but they are currently scouting locations so it seems that there is a strong likelihood we’ll see see some Delusions in Vegas.

Back in L.A., The Delusion Mansion (talk about your fixer uppers), which has been their home for the last two years, is currently for sale. It seems that bids are coming in around the $900K. It’s believed that owning the mansion would serve as a viable investment property as it’s frequently used for film shoots throughout the year and of course Delusion from mid-Sept to mid-Nov.

This doesn’t mean they’re planning to move out of L.A. (pending the new owner’s willingness to rent the home for an extended period of time) but they are also considering opening another show in Pasadena (L.A. suburb). This could be good whereas they will be able to create a completely new kind of experience within a new house/mansion. Pasadena has some very old historic and creepy neighborhoods and houses including the famous Michael Myers house from Halloween so they should fit right in.

We also don’t know if Neil Patrick Harris will be contributing his creativity to the show again but we’ll keep you  posted as we hear more.

Christmas Haunts Return for 2012

The holidays are almost upon us, so what better time to being planning your Christmas haunt stalking?

Although there are not a whole lot of scary Christmas activities out there, the list does seem to grow every year. When we hear of more Christmas haunts, we’ll be sure to bring you the details.

Las Vegas

The Screamont Experiment will re-open December 1st all decorated up with slay bells for the holidays. This multi-level 35,000 sq. ft haunted attraction is loacted inside The Las Vegas Club on Fremont Street and  was designed by the maniacal mind of The Amazing Johnathan. It certainly is not a cover up for some sort of biological disaster in the north tower of the hotel.

Goretorium hasn’t announced any special holiday plans, but the year-round haunt will continue to terrorize through the holiday season and beyond. Click here to see more of our coverage of Goretorium.

Evil Dead: The Musical


Tired of seeing the Nutcraker year after year? Then how about a Boomstick, chainsaw and zombies.  What’s the show that people keep returning to again and again, sometimes yelling the lines along with the actors and sometimes interacting with lines of their own? You might think ROCKY HORROR, but in this case you’d be WRONG. It’s EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, the camp comedy that is painting the town BLOODY! Critics, fans, theater lovers, theater haters, and just about anyone who happens to find themselves at the show all agree – this is the best thing since sliced veins! Hot chicks! Dancing zombies! A guy with a chainsaw for a hand! Come get your “groovy” on! 

We hear this show in a 4D experience with a “splatter zone” so be sure to check your seats before you buy!

New York

Nightmare (Before Christmas): The Experiment is coming back to town. New York City’s Nightmare haunted house producers, the Psycho Clan, are ready to spread some holiday fear.

This event is described as a “sensory assaulting theatre experience,” the 50-minute interactive show  it runs December 7 through December 23, 2012, at Los Kabayitos Laboratorio at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (CSV), 107 Suffolk Street between Rivington and Delancey.

Studies have shown that the anxiety of the holiday season, coupled with seasonal depression, heightens the neurotransmitters associated with feelings of fear.  The Psycho Clan plans on exploiting those levels of fear for an adrenaline rushing 50 minutes of twisted holiday pleasure, with NIGHTMARE (BEFORE CHRISTMAS): THE EXPERIMENT. This year has been expanded with all new experiments while taking old ones to a more intense level in this terrifying (and entertaining) examination into the limits of fear. The Experiment takes place in a small lab putting the audience through 10 intense experiments testing a broad range of common fears that people experience. The audience plays the subject in a case study for research on the threshold of fear. Will YOUR limits be hit?

NIGHTMARE (BEFORE CHRISTMAS): THE EXPERIMENT has been created by the Psycho Clan members: Timothy Haskell, John Harlacher, Paul Smithyman and David Hinkle.

Performances are on December 7,8,9,14,15,16,18,19,20,21,22 and 23 all at 7 and 9 pm, as well as Family Friendly performances on December 22nd, and 23rd at 3 pm

Tickets for NIGHTMARE (BEFORE CHRISTMAS): THE EXPERIMENT are $30 for regular performances, and $15 for the family friendly performances on December 22nd and 23rdat 3 pm and are available at www.hauntedhousenyc.com, or by calling 212.352.3101 or at the box office 1-hour prior to each performance.


Times Scare hasn’t announced any special holiday plans, but the year-round haunt will continue to terrorize through the holiday season and beyond. Be sure to check out our review of Times Scare before you go.

 Southern California

Delusion is extending it’s run due to popular demand, “one final time”! As we’ve shared in our review, Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Braver have created some horrifying magic together as Delusion: The Blood Rite is adding 6 more dates to spice up the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas: Nov 30, Dec 1, 2, 7,8 and 9.  Special VIP tickets will be made available giving fans an exclusive behind the scenes tour with creator/director Jon Braver and a chance to join the action in a unique way. If you still haven’t experienced it be sure to go see it ASAP!

Sinister Pointe reopens this December to bring back their “Not So Merry” holiday haunt. They’ll be open December 7, 8, and 9 as well as December 14, 15, and 16 (7-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 7-11 pm on Sundays).

Sinister Pointe is spreading a little Christmas FEAR to all you horror fiends with a NOT so merry haunt. SP will be adding a little dark Xmas flare to our existing haunt with  a few new surprises and a horrible holiday theme. This event is rude and crude! Expect inappropriate behavior, language and insults. If you are easily offended then this specific holiday event is NOT for you!!

It sounds like they are bringing back the drunken Santa and perverted bunny. Read our haunt report from last year’s holiday event to see what we’re talking about. Tickets are $17 for general admission.


Moxley Manor is open in December for their 3rd annual NightScare Before Christmas! The Holiday season has a new twist with NightScare Before Christmas at Moxley Manor Haunted House. A Nightscare Before Christmas will have all the screams that were heard throughout October, only now it is our Elves that have taken over Moxley Manor in our Christmas themed haunted house.


Haunt Review – The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion The Blood Rite

Taking a quick break from the large multi-maze theme park events, we ventured into the heart of Los Angeles to experience The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion The Blood Rite. Last year Delusion was one our most highly rated haunts and the best new entrant to the Southern California haunt market. In fact, it not only impressed us but also actor Neil Patrick Harris who loved it so much, he signed on as co-producer for this year’s fright show.

Delusion is not the typical haunted house/maze experience you’d find elsewhere.  The show takes place in a historic turn-of-the-century mansion in the Los Angeles West Adams district. The captivating 107 year old building has been home to Hollywood horror movie classics such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and more. Here you find yourself inside a completely immersible environment from the moment you walk onto the property. It’s best  described as part haunted house, part theater, and part interactive story. It is a very unique attraction with amazing set design, good actors, stunts, magic, and some good scares.

This year’s show is a continuation of last year’s story. They also have made the the experience longer with more interactive elements and elaborate stunts. When it’s time for your show to begin, your small group is escorted to the back of the house where you all are inducted into the Blood Rite. As you make your way around the creepy surroundings of house, you have to find your way “back” into the house. After participating in a couple of challenges the group makes its way inside where the real fun begins.

Immediately upon entering the house, the lighting, furnishings, and sounds all combine to create a great atmosphere that instantly transports visitors back in time to 1918. Unlike last year, it seemed as if more time was spent on letting the story unfold. Each room required guest participation which included individuals having to leave the group to endure mini challenges and scares on their own. We won’t give them away, but be prepared for some pretty intimate encounters with the scareactors. Depending what you’re into you may even find parts of the haunt to be kinky fun.

The finale of the play is fantastic and they really go all out this year. At this point of the show the tension is peaked creating a incredibly suspenseful atmosphere. There’s uncertainty on how it’s all going to end and the finale is surprising and frighting creating both shrieks of terror and laughs of relief.

After our show, we were fortunate enough to meet Neil Patrick Harris. It’s obvious he isn’t just throwing his name on this haunt to sell tickets. He is fully involved and wanted to know what we liked and what we thought of the actors. In speaking with him, we can tell he’s proud of this collaboration with Jon Braver, and rightfully so.

In addition to the new show, you can enjoy a “final meal” from a taco truck or chill out in the themed bar area to help calm your nerves before or after you venture inside. These additions, help to make The Haunted Play the perfect Halloween Haunt date night. Now unfortunately, they are sold out for the rest of this season. You can try begging your way in but we just recommend that you check back with us and buy your tickets early next year. 


  • Haunt Design: 5 skulls
  • Theming: 5 skulls
  • Scare Factor: 3 skulls
  • Fright Value: 4.5 skulls

Overall Rating for The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion Blood Rite: 4.5 skulls

Click here to read about our rating system

DELUSION is Back: Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Braver Co-produce the All New Haunted Play

The Haunted Play presents Delusion, one of our highest rated haunts of 2011, is returning with what promises to be a gripping blend of interactive theater, stunt work and dramatic storytelling that is sure to shake up the haunt season. In its 2011 debut, we found DELUSION to be one of the most unique haunt formats to date. The exprience can be best described as part haunted house, part theater, and part interactive story.  Overall, it was a very unique attraction with amazing set design, good actors, and some good scares.

Hollywood trailblazers Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Braver are busy now plotting new diabolical scares to create “the ultimate Halloween experience in Los Angeles”. DELUSION is a bold take on the haunt experience and has been met with wild acclaim by audiences nationwide. It brings to life the best of Hollywood’s horror tradition with a dramatic story line and chillingly realistic special effects. The play immerses participants in a world of fear inspired by suspense classics such as The Shining and Aliens.

“I am thrilled to bring a completely different horror theatre to Los Angeles this fall,” says DELUSION creator Jon Braver, “Haunted houses have become staples to the Halloween tradition but it’s time to shake things up and put old fashioned scare tactics to the test.”

“DELUSION re-imagines and redefines the horror experience with an innovative blend of theatrics and action in a live performance that has never been done before,” shares producer Neil Patrick Harris. “There are no seats, no comfort of the fourth wall and audience members really have to engage and participate to move the story forward.”

Haunted Play’s brand of dynamic action and suspenseful story telling focused on deep psychological fear is a recipe for a stirring haunt experience.

In its 2011 premiere DELUSION was named “LA’s Best Haunted Attraction” by FOX TV and “The Hottest Ticket In LA” by NPR’s All Things Considered. Back by popular demand this fall the story continues with DELUSION: The Blood Rite – a bigger, better and more terrifying show.

The show takes place in a historic turn-of-the-century mansion in the Los Angeles West Adams district. The captivating 107 year old building has been home to Hollywood horror movie classics such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and more.

The Haunted Play immersive experience DELUSION: The Blood Rite opens doors in historic West Adams near downtown Los Angeles on September 27 and runs through November 10, 2012. .

Now, we dare to learn more and purchase tickets at www.hauntedplay.com

Haunt Review: Haunted Play Presents Delusion

Haunt offerings in the Los Angeles area have, for a long time, been mostly confined to the typical maze format, and for many years were found only in theme parks (Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios). In the past few years, however, we’ve started to see more unconventional haunts crop up in the area, including the LA Haunted Hayride, Theatre 68, and Ghost Ship. And debuting in 2011 is one of the most unique haunt formats to date: a “Haunted Play.” Delusion can be described as part haunted house, part theater, and part interactive story.  Overall, it is a very unique attraction with amazing set design, good actors, and some good scares.

Delusion is located inside a Colonial-style house built in 1910 in the West Adams district in South LA. The house itself is beautiful from the outside, if a bit in need of repair, which only adds to the haunted feeling. Parking is on the street. We attended on a Wednesday night, and there were a few open parking spots, but we can imagine parking being an issue on busier weekend nights. The front of the house is lit up with eerie green lights, and fog machines and music help set the atmosphere. A brief prologue describing the back story is provided while you wait in line for your tour to begin.

Only small groups are allowed in at a time. Immediately upon entering the house, we knew from just the foyer scene that this haunt was going to be special. The lighting, furnishings, and sounds all combined to create a great atmosphere that instantly transported us back in time to 1910.

We waited in the foyer while several demented asylum patients slowly crept in and circled around us. Suddenly, Charles appeared to help us escape. He pulled us into another room and gave us more back story. The rest of the play involves trying to escape from the house without being sucked into the vortex of insanity. The play moves from room to room, up and down stairs, and finally into the basement.

Each room involves a mini-scene that helps tell the story of the Agnews Asylum and the patients within. The sets and costumes were very detailed, and everything looked right out of a period film. In addition, the house’s predefined spaces completely added to the authenticity of the experience. One of the most striking aspects of the haunt is the use of music in each scene. The music rises and falls with the action and dialogue as though you are in an actual movie.

There are a few good scares in the play. We won’t give them away, but be prepared for scares to come from all angles. Although we didn’t get too many startles, the overall feeling of the play is certainly creepy and spooky. Delusion successfully and consistently projects the feeling of something sinister lurking just around the corner—or perhaps under the bed.

Some of the transitions from room to room flowed organically, and others seemed a bit forced (e.g., the kitchen, a stark white room with a mental patient). The pacing was also a little inconsistent, as we were often urged to “go slowly,” and then immediately told to “hurry up!” We also thought that the finale could be reworked a little to deliver a bigger punch. However, we want to point out that we attended on opening night, and we know they were still working out the kinks. These are very minor issues, because overall, we thought Delusion was excellent. We were really impressed with the story they managed to tell in the time allotted and especially with the detail of the scenes and amazing stunts.

Haunted Play Presents Delusion is a very unique haunt combining theatrics and scares. If you’re tired of being startled by people in masks with shaker cans, we highly recommend checking out this one-of-a-kind haunt offering.

Haunt Design: 5 skulls

Scare Factor: 4 skulls

Overall Rating for Delusion: 4.5 Skulls 



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