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Our top rated maze in California for 2011 was at the Winchester Mystery House located in San Jose. Their haunted attraction “captured the elusive magic of Halloween in a nearly perfect way”. We really loved this attraction. Each scene was completely detailed, perfectly lit, and told the story of the Winchester Mystery House while bringing in the true icons of Halloween, such as Jack-o-Lanterns, scarecrows, and ghosts. And make no mistake: this attraction was SCARY! There were a lot of unexpected and well-planned scares. Now, the award-winning Winchester Mystery House® attraction “Fright Nights” returns for a second year kicking off on Friday, September 28, 2012.

The world-famous mysterious, rambling and reportedly haunted home of Sarah Winchester has more thrills and exciting additions to last year’s award-winning Maze and Mansion tour. Throughout September and October the grounds of the Winchester Estate will be transformed into the world’s most terrifying Halloween experience. Filled with haunted walk-through attractions, roaming scare performers, and nightmare inducing tales, “Fright Nights” will once again be an event visitors won’t want to miss.

“We are excited to bring the Winchester Mystery House® ‘Fright Nights’ back to life for a second year,” said Brett Tomberlin, President of Imagination Design Works. “To give visitors even more, we are stepping up the 40-minute maze by adding over 100 spine-chilling characters and surprises around every corner. The Mansion ‘Flashlight Tour’ is also ramped up in a way that will shock and awe visitors.”


Guests at Winchester Mystery House®“Fright Nights” will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the revamped “Curse of Sarah Winchester Maze” – an interactive, multi-sensory gateway between Heaven and Hell which will be opened exclusively for visitors of “Fright Nights.” Reports have said, that for a lifetime, Sarah Winchester built and rebuilt her house to avoid a treacherous curse and to escape the legacy of death. Those who perished by the Winchester rifle seek revenge and are ready to torment souls. Visitors find themselves trapped inside an estate that is empowered by the undead as they travel through the Corn Fields of Winchester Mystery House®, into the haunted ruins of the family Graveyard and ultimately, to a showdown with Sarah herself as she presides over one of her infamous séances.


Tour the mansion as you never have before – on your own. Since Sarah’s death, millions of people have visited her home and many have reported sighting ghosts. Do the phantoms Sarah communed with, or does perhaps Sarah herself, still lurk nightly in the maze-like corridors of the Winchester Mystery House®? You’ll tour the rambling, mysterious mansion with only the moonlight, a souvenir flashlight, and your imagination to provide illumination through the bewildering labyrinth of rooms and stairways.


•  “Fright Nights” is a special ticketed event at the world famous Winchester Mystery House®. On select nights in September and October, the grounds of the Winchester Estate are transformed into Northern California’s most terrifying Halloween experience, filled with haunted walk-through attractions, intense scares, roaming scare performers, and nightmare inducing tales. Remember we do not build haunted houses…we are one!

•  The Curse of Sarah Winchester Maze is 40 minutes in length, making it one of the longest haunted attractions on the West Coast.

•  A total of 110 performers bring the Curse of Sarah Winchester Maze to life every night.

•  The bell tower which chimes during the pre-show of “Fright Nights” is the same Sarah Winchester used in her nightly séances.

•  The carriage in the pumpkin patch scene below Sarah Winchester’s bedroom is actually an authentic buggy which was owned by Winchester the rifle heiress.

•  The graveyard you enter in the maze is actually a real pet cemetery. Make sure you pay your respects to Baron and Spirit.

•  Five rooms you pass through in the Halloween Flashlight Tours are actually renowned for being haunted. Paranormal investigations were held in the Séance Room, Sarah’s Bedroom, Daisy Bedroom, Main Ballroom, and Basement by SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel’s Most Haunted.

•  If visitors look hard enough they will see Sarah Winchester’s recurring theme of “13” which was tied to her infamous home and also themed into various elements of the haunt.


Pre-sale tickets from Aug. 1 – Sept. 9: $35 or $50 VIP

Two-pack tickets available at any Northern CA Costco from Sept. 10 – Oct. 31: $54.99     

From Sept. 28 – Oct. 14: $40 or $55 VIP

From Oct. 15 – Nov. 3: $45 or $60 VIP

Tickets now available HERE

*VIP tickets include front of line access – Limited quantities available

*Regular and VIP tickets include access to the Curse of Sarah Winchester Maze and Walk with the Spirits Flashlight Tour

For more information please visit their website.

2011 Haunt Profile: “Fright Nights” at the Winchester Mystery House

A few months ago, we reported that the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, was going to get its very first maze, brought to you by the folks at Sinister Pointe.

Now, details of just what this Halloween event will entail have been posted on the Mystery House’s Web site. And we’d like to be the first to say that it looks awesome!

They’re calling the event “Fright Nights,” and it will be open weekends and selected weeknights September 30 through October 31. The event will include one maze, the haunted flashlight tour of the mansion, roaming “scare performers,” and “nightmare-inducing tales.”

They’ve had the flashlight tour in the past, so the addition of the maze is the real news here. And they’re not messing around: Sarah Winchester herself is the star of the maze. They’re digging up her bizarre life story and turning it into a haunted attraction for our amusement. Everybody wins! Well, except for respect of the memory of the real Sarah Winchester, of course. Anyway, on to the description!

For a lifetime, Sarah Winchester built and built and rebuilt her house to avoid this treacherous curse and escape her husband’s legacy of damnation. But this Halloween, a portal, a gateway between Heaven and Hell, has been irretrievably opened. Those who perished long ago are seeking revenge, now ready to sacrifice souls before midnight strikes.

Guests find themselves trapped inside a mansion empowered by the undead, traveling through the Corn Fields of Winchester Mystery House, into the haunted ruins of the family Graveyard and ultimately, a showdown with Sarah herself in the middle of one of her infamous séances.

Survive it all, LIVE, only at Winchester Mystery House.

Maze Length: 15 Minutes

We can’t wait to see what a Sarah Winchester “scare performer” looks like! Maybe something like this?

Along the way, guests will also run into giant spiders, scary “pump house” workers, and a corridor of pumpkin heads (which looks particularly amazing).

Check out the web site to see more of the storyboards. The story and atmosphere of this haunt look first class, and we know that with Sinister Pointe at the helm, it will be as scary as hell.

2011 Haunt Profile: Terrors Coming to the Winchester Mystery House

The twisted minds behind the excellent Sinister Pointe haunted attraction (formerly located in Brea, California) have been hard at work in 2011 designing haunts for other locations. They’ve been sharing details via Facebook about some of their projects, and we were excited to hear that they’ve been helping design a brand new maze for 2011 at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California.

The Winchester Mystery House was built continuously between 1884 and 1922 by Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester gun fortune, who was convinced that she had to keep building the mansion in order to ward off spirits of those who were killed by her husband’s rifles. The house is 4 stories and 160 rooms, including stairs that lead to the ceiling, doors that open to a sheer drop, and a repeating motif of the number 13. The house holds tours year round and features a nighttime “flashlight tour” in October. Some claim the house is actually haunted, and they play up these stories to attract tourists.

Sinister Pointe did not give any details about the haunt or where exactly it would be located, but there’s no way the haunt will be in the actual Mystery House itself. The house is a mansion and includes things like gold chandeliers and impressive antiques. So don’t expect to be walking through those halls waiting for a monster to jump out at you.

Sinister Pointe also claims to be working with Horror Hall haunted house in Scranton, Pennsylvania. And of course, last year, they helped the Queen Mary completely revamp their Halloween offering into a great, scary event. Check out our 2010 review of Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.

We just hope that with all this consulting, Sinister Pointe still has time to bring their own haunt back to Southern California this year.

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