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Clown Academy


Dark Harvest (Coming Soon)


The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park (Coming Soon)

The Haunted Hotel San Diego (Coming Soon)

Haunt O’ Ween (Coming Soon)

Knott’s Scary Farm

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (Coming Soon)

Reign of Terror

Sea World San Diego Howl-O-Scream

Temecula Terror

Universal Studios Hollywood HHN

Ventura Feargrounds (Coming Soon)

Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour of Terror


Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream

Sea World Orlando Howl-O-Scream

Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail

Universal Studios Orlando HHN


Escape Blair Witch 



Urban Legends Haunt (Costa Mesa, CA) c5f96b41a81298087222327017472_43a988006c2-5-1



The Fleshyard (Anaheim)

Haus of Creep (Creep L.A.) (Downtown Los Angeles)

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios (Hollywood)

Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt (Buena Park) 

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (Long Beach) 3-5-skulls

The Seance (CrossRoads Escape Games) (Anaheim Hills)

Sinister Pointe’s MIST (Westminster)



HorrorWorld (Puente Hills)

Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt (Buena Park) 

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (Griffith Park) 3-5-skulls

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (Long Beach) 

Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place (Laguna Hills)

The 17th Door (Fullerton) 

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood) 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour ‘Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights’ (Burbank) 

Wicked Lit 2-5-skulls


3HaunTs Haunted House (Shepherd) 4-skulls

Creepy Hollow (Rosharon)  

Haunted Trails (Houston) 2-5-skulls

Houston TerrorDome (Houston) 

Kingwood Asylum (Kingwood)  4-skulls

Phobia (Houston) 

RedRum Haunted House (Richmond)  

Scream World (Houston) 4-skulls



CREEP LA: Lore (Los Angeles) 

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood (Los Angeles) 

Into The Black (Pomona) 

with a   Scare Factor!

IT Experience: Neibolt House (Hollywood) 

Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt (Buena Park) 

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (Long Beach) 

Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest (Valencia) 

Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour Of Terror: 5  (North Hollywood) 



17th Door Haunted Experience (Tustin)   4-25-skulls

The Backwoods Maze (Burbank) 4-5-skulls

CREEP LA (Glendale) 

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood (Universal City)    4-5-skulls

Knott’s Scary Farm (Buena Park)    4-skulls

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (Griffith Park) 3-5-skulls

Motel 6  Feet Under (Anaheim)   3-5-skulls

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (Long Beach) 2-5-skulls

Sinister Pointe Haunted Attraction (West Fullerton)   c5f96b41a81298087222327017472_43a988006c2-5-1

Sinister Pointe Seance (Brea)    4-skulls

Rotten Apple 907 (Burbank) 5-skulls

Zombie Joe’s Urban Tour of Terror (North Hollywood) 4-5-skulls



Creep Los Angeles (Los Angeles) 4-5-skulls

Drunken Devil (Los Angeles) half-skull

Knott’s Scary Farm (Buena Park, CA) – 3-5-skulls

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood, CA) – 4-skulls

Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland (Anaheim) 3-skulls

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor  (Long Beach) 4-skulls



Wicked Lit (Altadena, CA) 4-skulls

Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) 4-skulls

Haunted Hollywood Sports (Bellflower, CA)

Knott’s Scary Farm (Buena Park, CA) – 4-skulls

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood, CA) – 5-skulls

The Purge: Breakout (Los Angeles, CA) – 4-skulls

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (Long Beach, CA) – 4-skulls

New York

Nightmare NYC (NYC) – 2-5-skulls



The Empty Grave Haunted House (Anaheim) –

Haunted Hollywood Sports (Bellflower) –

Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt (Buena Park) –

Coffin Creek (Corona) –

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood) –

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (Long Beach) –

Delusion: Masque of Mortality (Los Angeles) –

The Purge: Fear The Night (Los Angeles) –

Zombie Joe’s Urban Death Tour of Terror (North Hollywood) –

Reign of Terror (Thousand Oaks) –

Theatre of Terror (Pasadena) –

New York

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses (Uster Park) –

Pure Terror Screampark (Monroe) –

Blood Manor (NYC) –

Nightmare NYC: Killers 2 (NYC) –


Terror Behind the Walls (Philadelphia) –

Shocktoberfest (Sinking Spring) –   with  a Scare Factor!

Pennhurst Asylum (Spring City) –


13th Street Morgue (Red Oak) –

Dungeon of Doom (Red Oak) –

Hangman’s House of Horrors (Ft. Worth) –

The Cutting Edge (Ft. Worth) –




Blumhouse of Horrors (Los Angeles) 4.5 Skulls

The Empty Grave Haunted House (Anaheim) 4 Skulls

Fear’s Gate (Oxnard) 3 Skulls

Halloween Horror Nights (Hollywood) 3.5 Skulls

Haunted Hollywood Sports (Bellflower) Buried Skull

The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion The Blood Rite (Los Angeles) 4.5 Skulls

Knott’s Scary Farm 40th Haunt (Buena Park) 4.5 Skulls

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (Los Angeles) 3 Skulls

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (Long Beach) 4 Skulls

Reign of Terror (Thousand Oaks) 4.5 skulls

Sinister Pointe (Brea) 4.5 skulls


Halloween Horror Nights 22 (Orlando) 4 Skulls

Howl-O-Scream (Tampa) 4 Skulls

Haunted Grimm House of Old Town 1/2 Skull

New York

Times Scare (NYC) 2.5 Skulls

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Ghost Ship (Newport Beach) (1 Skull)

Haunted Play Presents Delusion (Los Angeles) (4.5 Skulls)

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood
 (Universal City) (4.5 Skulls)

Knott’s Scary Farm (Buena Park)  (3.5 Skulls) 

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor  (Long Beach) (4 Skulls)

Reign of Terror (Thousand Oaks) (4 Skulls)

Sinister Pointe (Brea) (4.5 Skulls)

The Haunted Hotel (San Diego)

Theater 68’s Haunted House (Hollywood) (3.5 Skulls)

California’s Great America Halloween Haunt (Santa Clara) (3 Skulls)

Fear Overload (San Leandro) (3 Skulls)

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Haunted Attractions (Santa Cruz)

Winchester Mystery House (San Jose) (5 Skulls)


Bonnie Screams (Red Rock Canyon) (Buried Skull)

Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror (Las Vegas) (666 Skulls)

Fright Dome (Las Vegas) (1 Skull)

The 13th Floor Experience (Las Vegas) (3 Skulls)


Fright Factory (Philadelphia)

United Kingdom

Carnival of Screams at Alton Towers Scarefest

Experiment 10 at Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights

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Fright Fair Scream Park at Pierce College (3 Skulls)

Halloween Time at Disneyland

Haunted Hotel (3 Skulls)

Haunted Trail of Balboa Park (4.5 Skulls)

Knott’s Scary Farm (Part 1 and Part 2) (3.5 Skulls)

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (3.5 Skulls)

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor (4 Skulls)

Reign of Terror (4.5 Skulls)

Scream Zone at Del Mar Fairgrounds (4 Skulls)

Theatre 68 (4.5 Skulls)

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (+ first night trip report) (4 Skulls)

13 Nights of Terror (Buried Skull)

New York

Headless Horseman (4.5 Skulls)

Blood Manor (Bloody Valentine’s Day haunt)


Ripley’s Haunted Adventure (4 Skulls)

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