Black Friday: What an appropriate name. And it’s even more relevant when you’re shopping for that haunt fanatic in your life–even if that haunt fanatic is yourself. Scare Zone has been gathering gift ideas, and we present a few of them here.


Creepy Tees: Creepy Tees is having a Black Friday sale–$9.99 for any shirt in stock! The downside is that they have only about 8 shirts available, but their selection includes the Friday the 13th 30-year anniversary shirt, plus classics such as Chopping Mall and Re-Animator.  The sale is for 24 hours only, so be sure to log on Friday!

Fright Rags is giving 25% off all t-shirts for 24 hours only on Friday, November 26. The sale begins at 12 am EST.

For even more great horror t-shirt selections, check out November Fire.


Season of Screams DVD: This DVD tells the story behind Knott’s Scary Farm. Perfect for the monster in your family. $24.99.

Haunted Media DVD Magazine: Forget turning magazine pages, now you can browse news and features about haunts using your DVD player. These DVDs provide an inside look into some of the biggest haunted attractions in the country and also include workshop features for those with their own haunts. Issue 3 comes out in February and will include a feature about Six Flags’ Fright Fest haunt. $19.99 per issue.

Amazon has several good deals going on NOW for horror movies. Here are just some of the deals:

Horror DVDs for under $5Drag Me to Hell, The Unborn, Howling IV, The Hitcher, Mirrors

Horror DVDs for under $10: Gremlins, Paranormal Activity, Trick r Treat, The Crazies, Halloween (Rob Zombie version), Friday the 13th (2009 version), Lost Boys 2-disc special edition

Blu-Rays for under $10: The Wolfman, The Final Destination, The Crazies, The Strangers

Video Games

Recently, ranked the top 10 scariest video games. Ranking at the very top were the following:

1. Dead Space

Scary moment: Take your pick. The ghastly operating room scene, the first time you encounter a Necromorph or… the ending.

2. Resident Evil 4

Scary moment: Try the Bella Sisters, meeting El Lago up close or shooting a hissing and creeping Regenerator in vain.

3. Left 4 Dead

Scary moment: When you hear the Witch weeping nearby and you have your light on, or the anticipation of calling for rescue, knowing “they’re coming to get you, Barbara.”

Check out the article for the rest of the list. All games are available on or other stores in various formats.


1. How to Haunt Your House: Book 2 is now available! This book provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your own pro haunt-quality props and even animatronics in your home haunt, accompanied by beautiful, full-colored photos. $39. Also check out Book 1.

2. So You Want to Be a Haunt Entrepreneur: Have you ever been walking through a haunt and thought to yourself, “I could do better than this,” or maybe “If I had my own haunt, I’d…” Well, now there’s a book to help your haunt dreams come true.  This book will guide you through the steps of opening up your own commercial haunted attraction. $24.95


You can check out eBay for some rare (or not so rare) items from your favorite haunts:

2010 HHN Orlando Media Kit: A starting bid of $240 seems a little steep for this (especially since the seller surely got it for free), but you get a bloody box, a bloody rag, a branding iron with the HHN logo, plus the press release and a photo of a really ugly guy (goes by the name of “Fear).

eBay also has some HHN shirts, pins, park maps, and even a set of Coke cans with HHN coupons on them (really? would anyone actually buy these?). 

Other Awesome Online Stores This site includes t-shirts, home decor, vintage Halloween items, and much more. The physical store is located in Burbank, California, and if you’re in the area, we highly recommend you check it out. Great selection of gothic and literary themed items, including Edward Gorey (of course), Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, and Michael Sowa items, such as shirts, jewelry, coffee mugs, prints, nightlights, and much more. Get 10% off orders of $50 or more through November 30 by using the coupon code THANKS.


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