Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater is expanding its Halloween offerings with an all-new limited run “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” (A.S.M.R.) experience.

A.S.M.R. is described as a tingling, static-like, or goosebumps sensation in response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli. These sensations are said to spread across the skull or down the back of the neck and, for some, down the spine or limbs. When experiencing A.S.M.R. sensations, some people report pleasant feelings of relaxation, calm, sleepiness, or well-being. Not everyone experiences A.S.M.R. For those who do, the experience seems to be in response to various triggers or situations involving sight, touch, or sound.

DARK A.S.M.R. is a haunting sound bath, performed by the sultry V Cate. Let the sensations of the season wash over you in the shadows of the candle’s flicker. Audiences will experience a soothing blend of scary stories, visceral arcana, a curated soundscape, and just a bit of blood.

A snack-sized Halloween treat for the senses, come in your comfiest attire or spookiest outfit. The experience includes classic A.S.M.R. elements such as whispers and amplified sounds to elicit a tingle. The soundscape weaves together pieces from classic horror, such as Poe, Lovecraft, and Vincent Price, along with a soundtrack of seasonal sounds both comforting and disturbing. The show culminates in a witch’s spell.

“Each year, ZJU has a truly incredible fall season,” said Cate. “Urban Death and Cabaret Macabre are both long-standing destinations for theater-goers looking for a thrill at this time of the year. Both shows deliver something unique, and something more biting than the jump-scares of commercial haunts. Working in tandem with these shows and our friends at Worst Ever Productions, we have set a new record this year by having a performance for every single night in October.

“From a creative perspective, I wanted to experiment with a uniquely live auditory experience, which I think is perfect for a season so connected to the senses. Sound and sensation have always been great sources of pleasure during Halloween (the best time of the year, in my opinion), and are fundamental elements of horror.”

We think this will be an exceptional Halloween experience, particularly when covering our ears to hide from the scares isn’t an option. We love that Zombie Joe’s continues to create new and innovative ways to thrill audiences during the Halloween season and year-round.


Created & Performed by V Cate

Opens: Tuesday, October 17 at 9:00pm

Runs: Tuesdays, October 17, 24 (9:00pm) & October 31 (matinee performance, 2:00pm)

Ticket Prices are $20 online or $25 at the door
All ticket sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges.

The show runs slightly less than one hour, with no intermission.

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group
4850 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 For tickets – visit ZombieJoes.Tix.com


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