Scare Zone’s Haunt Rating Guide

The Scare Zone rates attractions using a scale of 1 to 5 skulls:

  • 5 skulls is exceptional/intense scares 5-skulls
  • 4 skulls is exciting/numerous scares 4-skulls
  • 3 skulls is interesting/a few decent scares 3-skulls
  • 2 skulls is fair/minimal scares 2-skulls
  • 1 skull is weak/no scares 1-skull

Sometimes haunts are just so good or bad they go off the charts:

  • Buried Skull indicates a horrible (not in a good way) attraction that has no redeeming qualities and should be skipped
  • 666 Skulls is our off the chart rating for the most intense haunt experience we’ve had and is currently held by Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror  666-skulls

Attractions are rated under the following categories:

  • Haunt Design: Evaluates the use of special effects such as lighting, sound, and animatronics. Also takes into account the use of props along with the uniqueness of scenery and setting.
  • Theming: Effectiveness of unifying the story, design, and characters.
  • Scare Factor: Effectiveness of building up suspense and delivering scares. Includes scareactor/monster performances and use of scare tactics (i.e. monsters appearing from the most unexpected places).
  • Fright Value: The perceived value of an attraction’s overall offerings per the admission price (mazes/haunted houses that are apart of haunts with multiple attractions are not given individual ‘Fright Values’ rather they’re combined for the overall haunt)
  • Overall Rating: The combined average of the aforementioned categories.

Please note that the ratings on this site are purely the opinion of The Scare Zone. Every haunt experience is different, and what might be scary on one evening might fall flat the next, and vice versa. Our reviews are meant to serve as a general recommendation when deciding whether or not to attend a haunted attraction. We welcome other opinions and reviews. If you would like to review a haunt or provide us with your own opinions, please contact us at the e-mail address above (and we might feature it on our site).


The views expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the authors. No official endorsement of any product, service, or business mentioned on this site is expressed or implied. Readers should attend haunted attractions at their own discretion and risk.