The Scare Zone publishes  news, rumors, and reviews of theme park and other commercial haunted attractions throughout the United States and the world, as well as general information about the horror genre and other scary things.

25 Years of Haunt Stalking

The Scare Zone’s Co-founders and writers are ‘Terror-spondents’ Kendra and Russell. We’re also joined by Craig who’s The Scare Zone’s haunt photographer and graphic designer.

We began haunt stalking together 25 years ago with our first visit to Knott’s Scary Farm. Over the past 25 years our desire to be scared has become insatiable taking us on tours of  haunted attractions across the country from our home base in Southern California to New York, Florida, and everywhere in between. Even though we’ve been “haunt stalking” for 25 years, we still get scared like everyone else and continue to enjoy the fun and adventure of a good haunted house. We’ve experienced some of the best haunts and some of the worse but we always appreciate the passion and energy put into just about every attraction we’ve visited.

We created The Scare Zone to “share the scare” and provide ‘Haunt Stalkers’ with a place to share insights, stories, and advice from our own haunt stalking experiences. We’re also glad to be able to share the experiences of our ‘Haunt Stalkers’ from all over the world.

Media Contact

To share press releases, media events, haunt news, rumors, and reviews you can contact us at: info@scare-zone.com