Haunted Attraction Magazine is reporting that Molar Manor in Canyon Country, CA, will be open for one final weekend…January 29-31, 2010.

There’s not much information available about what to expect this weekend, but The Scare Zone is making plans to check it out on Saturday night.

UPDATE: The Scare Zone was able to experience Molar Manor on both Saturday and Sunday nights. We were really impressed with their collection of amazing props and animated figures. The sets were really great. The black-light vortex nearly knocked us over, and the elevator ride to hell was fun. On Saturday, there were a few “scareactors” inside the maze, which heightened the scares. So we were somewhat disappointed to find that there were no actors inside the maze on Sunday night. But still, we had a great time. And you can’t beat a $5 haunt in January!

We were able to speak just a little bit to one of the workers at Molar Manor. She indicated that the haunt could be back in the future, maybe at a new location. The haunt’s future seems uncertain. We see great potential in this haunt, and we hope that it will live on, in one form or another.