Knott’s has confirmed that The Gauntlet scare zone has (finally) been killed off and will now R.I.P. in the Ghostown graveyard. According to their Twitter, taking its place in 2010 will be a new scare zone with a Victorian Steampunk Vampire theme. This could be interesting and very effective if they invest in the right costumes and props, but if it’s done on the cheap, it runs the risk of looking like a Lady GaGa video (which actually could be horrifying in itself). Let’s hope for the best! One has to wonder if this means Knott’s obligatory vampire maze will return to this section of the park (Camp Snoopy). If so, let’s hope that the Club Blood theme goes away and they create a more foreboding setting for a vampire maze. This also could spell the end of the Labyrinth maze, which should also be put to rest.