So we’ve got a few rumors circulating around the Internet regarding Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. 2010 is an anniversary year (20 years, or “XX”), and of course that means a most likely “best of” theme this year. We hear the most popular icons will be back to host, as well as the possible return of some of the most popular mazes. (We’re partial to Superstitions from 2001, mostly because of the hallucinogenic properties of a certain cocktail called “Eddie’s Revenge”. Don’t ask.)

But really, didn’t they already do this sort of thing back in 2006, with their “Sweet 16” theme? Exhibit A:

Other rumors include themed queues, expanded scare zones, and even more mazes (the most likely seems to be 10 mazes). (Side note: Those of us on the West Coast have our fingers crossed that HHN Hollywood expands their event this year to include more mazes as well.)
Finally, the new site HHN Rumors has a copy of a trademark renewal application for “Festival of the Dead.” We at the Scare Zone have not seen this parade, but the word is that it wasn’t that great. Maybe they’re just protecting their intellectual property, but only time will tell if this is brought back. Be sure to check out HHN Rumors. It’ll be a great site to watch for future updates about HHN Orlando.