For our fellow Haunt Stalkers who want to spend 15+ hours riding coasters, taking in behind the scenes tours, eating, and of course, going through mazes, Knott’s has the perfect deal for you. On Sunday, Oct 3rd. the park is hosting an exclusive Coaster Enthusiast day (and night) featuring ‘exclusive ride time’ (ERT) on 3 of their most popular coasters, a “Pre-Scare All You Can Eat Dinner” and early entry to Haunt, all for $99.

This is a good deal but probably only necessary for those with the endurance to spend all day at Knott’s. Of course, you don’t have to spend all day and can arrive when you want, but to enjoy the ERTyou’ll need to be there by 9 a.m. The reality is, for it’s theme park offerings Knott’s doesn’t take all day to see, so this may be a little ‘overkill’ in our opinion. In addition, if you plan properly and go on a less crowded night, it’s pretty feasible to get on all of their main rides and still experience all the mazes during the Scary Farm hours. The VIP event does include front of the line access for the mazes, but again, the first few Haunt Sundays tend to be slower nights and the waits are usally pretty short.

Nonetheless, this is a cool offer by Knott’s for enthusiasts and haunt fans. It’s also a very worthwhile option for stalkers coming from farther away… why not make a day of it. There’s also hotel deals available so you can “stay and scream”, which would allow one to go to their room for a brief nap and maybe even have a day-mare or two.

Click here to see the registration info (*must register by Friday, Sept 24th at 1pm (PT)).