Details emerged today about Fright Fest at Magic Mountain, in Valencia, California.

The event will now consist of 7 mazes, 3 scare zones, and 7 shows/parades/offerings.

The new maze for 2010 is the unimaginatively named “Bite II,” and it’s about–you guessed it–vampires. (Zombies and vampires–can’t people think up new haunt concepts anymore?)

Here is the full lineup:


Bite II (New for 2010) — A haven of the sexy and sinister undead (Samurai Summit)

Lector’s Slaughterhouse — A celebrity butcher exacts revenge (Gotham City Backlot)

The Asylum — Pitch-black insanity in the dark (Near Mooseburger Lodge)

Escape of the Zombies — A dumping ground of twisted creations and failed experiments (Tidal Wave queue)

Willoughby’s Haunted Mansion — A haunted house of terror and dread (Samurai Summit near the Ninja coaster)

Jokester’s Hideout 3D — Sideshow clowns run amok (former Flashback coaster location)

Warehouse 13 — An inescapable toxic warehouse (Logjammer queue)

Scare Zones

Camp Gonnagetcha (New for 2010) — A haunted trek through a fog-shrouded campground (near Roaring Rapids)

City Under Siege — Comic characters escape from the insane asylum (Gotham City Backlot)

Exile Hill — The dead haunt the grounds of Willoughby Estate (Samurai Summit)

Shows, etc.

Dr. Fright’s Roc Zombie (New for 2010) — Rock ‘n Roll Halloween-style (High Sierra Stage)

High Sierra Hypnotist (New for 2010) — Mark Yuzuik and Suzy Haner hypnotize audience members (Golden Bear Theater)

Six-Foot Under Club — DJ dance party (Entrance Plaza)

Heckles and Twitch Show — Dark humor from the offbeat and irreverent clown duo (Gotham City Backlot)

Dead & Local – Local bands live on stage (Carousel Bandstand near the fountain)

gRave — DJ dance party (Gotham City Backlot)

Spooktacular Street Party (throughout the park)
Don’t forget: you can ride Colossus backward and numerous other coasters “in the dark” during Fright Fest, as well.


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