Our tour through Cedar Scares continues tonight with a look at Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt. Kings Dominion is located in Doswell, Virginia, in Hanover County, 23 miles north of Richmond and 83 miles south of Washington, DC, on Interstate 95. The 400-acre park was named after its sister park, Kings Island in Kings Mills, Ohio. Both parks were originally built and owned by Kings Entertainment Company and are now a part of the Cedar Fair family.  While Kings Island was named as a combination of Kings Mills (its location) and Coney Island (the theme park that it was built to replace), Kings Dominion’s name was more than likely a reference to Virginia’s nickname  “Old Dominion.”

Beginning this Saturday, September 25, the atmos-fear of Kings Dominion will fill with shrieks, screams, and scares as Haunt returns to life.  This year’s line up includes three new mazes, a part of a total of nine mazes, and five scare zones. They also boast having more monsters and creepers than ever before, making Kings Dominion the Mid-Atlantic’s PREMIER Halloween-themed event.

The three new mazes actually are anything but new, with The Doll Factory, The Asylum, and Camp Killaue. All of these mazes can be found at other Cedar Scares parks, and the themes are anything but truly original. Nonetheless, they’re new to this park, so local guests should find these to be real thrillers.

Of the remaining six haunts, once again there’s Club Blood and the Slaughterhouse.  The other four in the line up include the following:

Alien Outpost
We have all heard about Roswell and its alien sightings – but are you aware of Doswell’s? Creatures from outer space have landed – and it does not appear they have come in peace. After venturing through this area, you’ll really want to phone home.

Blue Ridge Bloodbath
Mountain life is slower, less complicated… boring. One family has found a way to add some excitement to their life, and you are the main course. This is not the scenic Blue Ridge you have heard about. Welcome to one family’s twisted Blue Ridge home, welcome to the bloodbath.

Medieval Macabre
As plague ravages the land, sending millions to a hideous demise…survivors seek vengeance for the deaths of their loved ones. Consumed with hatred, they mutilate the innocent as they search for someone to blame. The graveyards are full, but there is always room for more.

Toxic Plague
Grab your bug repellent and face your worst nightmare. All of the slimy, grimy creatures of the night are dying to slither into your hair, ripple across your hand, and ooze over your skin. Brave the twisted tunnels of the putrid sewers as malignant millipedes and rotten rodents crawl out of their dank holes to feast on your flesh.

Here are Scare Zones for 2010:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages – step right up and fear for your lives. Join us for the best show in town…where our freaks do more than entertain and our clowns are looking for their next meal. Once you enter our midway – you may not get a chance to leave…

Central Stalkway
It’s always midnight in this garden — the question is — is it good or evil? Hidden behind the great mausoleums, stalking behind the trees and rising from the ground, the ghosts and spirits of this cemetery are always looking for a few folks to move in….permanently.

Feary Tales
Jack & Jill…. Hansel & Gretel… Little Dead Riding Hood… Take a walk through our twisted nursery and see the other side of your childhood friends. Go beyond the dead time stories and see what happened when they lived unhappily ever after…

The Harvest
In the twisted hills of old Virginia, the farmers have finished up for the year. Watch your step as our farmers prepare for their next big harvest. The fields and animals get a break as our farmhands turn all of their attention to you.

The Ruins
Journey back in time to an undiscovered land. The rules are simple – eat or be eaten… kill or be killed. Danger is around every corner in a land where ancient rituals and evil collide. Welcome to the ruins.

All in all, Kings Dominion has a very solid line up of mazes in store for this season, and we’re most excited to hear about their new versions of the Doll Factory and The Asylum, along with the new Ruins Scare Zone.

For the most up-to-date information regarding Kings Dominion or Haunt, please visit www.kingsdominion.com.


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