Have you ever wondered what goes into making all the gory effects of a haunt? How do you make a room float or make a zombie puke up blood, over and over again? Well, a special episode of History’s Modern Marvels takes a look at how all of this is done at The Darkness in St. Louis, Missouri. From the technology to craftsmanship behind the “perfect” haunted house, this clip will give you a glimpse into how haunt designers get us to scream into the night.

Modern Marvels: Halloween Tech

In addition, here is a review of this year’s haunt from the local CBS affiliate, KMOX:

The folks at Scarefest deserve all the international attention they get for their haunted houses. My husband and I experienced the Darkness in Soulard last night and it was AWESOME!

The special effects, the monsters, the make-up, the various rooms and themes at the Darkness make you feel you’ve stepped into a Hollywood horror movie. The 3-D funhouse was totally mind-bending (with scary clowns!).

The Darkness was featured on the History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” and Creepyworld in Fenton was featured on the Travel Channel. The haunted houses receive high praise from peers in the industry as well.

New this year from Scarefest is the Lemp Brewery Haunted Attraction. I have long wanted to get inside the Lemp Brewery and this sounds like sooo creepy! According to their website: Lemp Brewery Haunted House is DEEP underground inside real caves and caverns of the old Lemp Brewery built in the 1890′s.  Over 100 years later the old brewery’s caves and caverns are opened to the public only prepare to encounter REAL ghosts and spirits in St. Louis’ ONLY REAL haunted house.  Take an elevator several floors below street level and prepare to be dropped off inside area’s never before seen by the public where real ghost stories will unfold.  The Lemp Brewery Haunted House is St. Louis’ ONLY NEW and REAL haunted house now part of the Scarefest tour of fright.  I CAN’T WAIT! Opens September 24th.”


  1. well i ave not been yet but when i go them im gone have hella fun and i wi ll tell u what happens when i do go im going this weekend

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