Well, we knew something was up. As the haunting season got closer and closer, Sinister Pointe’s Web site remained static. We heard that Jeff Schiefelbein was working on the Queen Mary event, so we worried, “Will Sinister Pointe not happen this year?” And unfortunately, our fears came true.

According to their Web site, Sinister Pointe (located in Brea, CA) is taking 2010 off to focus on Queen Mary Dark Harbor. Although we are seriously sad about this news, since Sinister Pointe was definitely one of our favorite haunts (and certainly one of the scariest) we attended last year, we are very excited about the possibilities for Queen Mary this year. Queen Mary has been in desperate need of a revamp for many years. There are many signs that they are trying hard to make their 2010 event better than ever: (1) no more cheap preview nights ($20) that attract a cheap crowd, (2) the ability to buy tickets in advance, so you can bypass the slowest ticket-buying line ever, (3) local bands performing every night of the haunt (we hope this means no “dance party” on board the ship, but this is not entirely clear), and of course (4) the involvement of some serious haunt design talent. We are really looking forward to attending this Friday.

Sinister Pointe promises to return in 2011. We hope this is the case: losing Sinister Pointe would be a tragedy, and we’re still grieving over the loss of the Haunted Vineyard.