Every October The Tour-Ed Mine and Museum in Tarentum, PA  (20 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh) is over taken by evil and terrors becoming The Haunted Mine. This is one of of only 9 U.S. haunts based in actual mines

This mine is a realistic and unique haunt location and was also used for the filming of My Bloody Valentine 3D. Knowing this adds the atmospheric suspense (Harry is that you?). Guest must wear hard hats for some extra protection from the low ceilings and walking around requires some ducking down.

To get down to the main levels of the the mine, visitors get the extra treat of a ride in a mine train, which sounds like the real version of Knott’s Calico Mine TrainOnce in the mine people must walk through the dark tunnels filled with Scareactors guided only by flashlights.

We think this sounds like another classic haunt attraction in PA and look forward to our opportunity to explore the foreboding tunnels of the Haunted Mine. Until then, we hope to hear some trip reports from our fellow Haunt Stalkers out there.


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