John Murdy has been holding a sporadic contest via Twitter to guess what this year’s mazes will be based on the code names and clues he’s been giving out. Here’s what we know so far:

Maze (and Other) Code Names

1. GV Black (maze)

2. Soap Opera (maze)

  • Additional clues: “Run, Forest, Run” and “O’Dowd”

3. Trivia (maze)

4. 3DN (maze) (Full name: 3 Dog Night)

  • Murdy has said this is NOT a 3-D maze
  • UPDATE: We’re hearing this could be a “Hostel” maze: The band “Three Dog Night” had a song called “Eli’s Coming,” and Eli Roth (director of Hostel) is serving as one of the judges in HHN’s short film competition. Also, Murdy has said that 4 of the mazes are set outside the United States this year, and “Hostel” would fall into that category.

5. Bunny Gibbons (maze)

  • This code name was release on April Fool’s Day, and Murdy says to “keep that in mind”

6. Steven (maze, scare zone, or terror tram)

  • Additional clue: “something in common/connection with Back to the Future and Indiana Jones,” however, Murdy says that connection is NOT Steven Spielberg, and the clue doesn’t have to do with the characters in that movie
  • In this “project,” you will see a basement and a headmaster, and hear a tape (note: It is NOT SAW)
  • You will also see these clowns in this maze/scare zone/terror tram (whatever it’s going to be)

Additional Clues (Corresponding Code Name Unknown)

  • “Slim”
  • “Broken Neck”
  • “Anarchy in the UK” (specifically the abbreviation “IRA” used in the song)
  • “Real Wild Child”
  • “Blue Cross”


The real G.V. Black was a “founder of modern dentistry” and inventor of the foot-driven dental drill. Mr. Murdy has implied that the name has some (perhaps tenuous) link to the maze itself, and the obvious guess was Saw. Which he denied. He did indicate that he came up with the code name by reading the movie script. There have been a lot of guesses that this could be Trick r Treat or Candyman.

As for “Soap Opera,” our guess is that this will be an Evil Dead maze, given the clue of “Run, Forest, Run” and the fact that Bruce Campbell played a soap opera actor in Fargo. However, Murdy has said that no one has correctly guessed what this maze is, so now it seems that our Evil Dead theory might not be correct. What we DO know is that this maze will be going into the Shrek queue area (where Nightmare on Elm Street [NOES] was located in 2010). So it appears reasonable to infer that NOES will not be returning this year. Murdy has said “Soap Opera” is not a “Scream” maze, but then again, he has also said that he cannot “confirm or deny” any guesses on Twitter.

Additionally, “Nicasio” was revealed as a code name for a maze this year, but according to John, the deal fell through and it will not be happening. However, he said that it may happen sometime in the future, so he won’t reveal what it was going to be. He did say that none of the guesses were even close.

Let us know what your guesses are for these mazes. Remember that the usual criteria for a maze at HHN Hollywood are a strong main character (who can be represented by actors) and many different environments for the guest to experience.


    • Knott’s revealed one new maze already. I think HHN should tell us one to help build up the anticipation.

  1. Howdy! Seems a pretty solid guess that SOAP OPERA would refer to a maze patterned on the big WB movie of gothic horror soap DARK SHADOWS. With the lead vampire BARNABAS COLLINS we have a strong supernatural villain for it, and many more if they delve into the series’s past.

    • Dark Shadows is an upcoming production but I wonder if it’s widly known enough by the general public to resonate before it comes out in theatres? Nonetheless, this is a very good guess and everything and anything is possible. That could be a good makeover for the House of Horrors.

  2. i know whats coming back is saw and plans for scream4 mazes along for trick or treat in hhn hollywood. work in lossprevention there and want to keep my identity unknown dont know what the other two mazes would be!!

  3. As far as I know the three mazes in HHN universal Hollywood are Scream, Saw, and Trick-or-Treat. In the New York area across from the Blues Brothers stage the same props from last year will be used. Once again I dont want am GUY 31 I work at Universal Studios as a Loss Prevention, and is very close to John Murdy’s crew. Shout out to HHN BRO in YOUTUBE say hi to me bro call me “guy 31” if you see this. My identity or real name is unknown because if it is leaked i’ll get fired or worse go to court so just call me “GUY 31” okay. THANKS FROM “GUY 31”

    • Scream and Trick or Treat were on the survey so this doesn’t sound off base to us at all! Scream is like a Soap Opera so I would leans towards this one too. Thanks for sharing this info. We look forward to hearing more.

  4. I just hope when we do learn what they really are the clues make sense and are not way off base from what the actual mazes are.

  5. Hopefully not another saw maze. It’d be nice if HHN started getting fresh new mazes every year instead of recycling.

  6. HHN for Universal Hollywood as for shows Billy and Ted are still on and the hhn crew are having a vote to see if we want to bring back Slaughter World. UPDATE on the scarezone on the bottom level of the park once again we will be having pigs with chainsaws, and Terror Tram will be almost the same no plans on expanding it. Freedy is not coming back this year to HHN Hollywood and there will be a 3D mazes. Shout out to HHNBRO in YOUTUBE say hi to me bro call me “guy 31″ if you see this. THANKS FROM “GUY 31″

  7. There was a new code name released yesterday by John and the code name is “Steven”. I believe that the codename is for the maze Trick ‘r Treat cuz one of the main characters’ name is Steven Wilkins.

  8. indiana jones was afraid of snakes doc was afraid of the thunder storm steven speilberg as a child was afraid of clowns he made both those movies and the movie polterguiest which had a clown in it ? idk where im going with this lol

  9. There seems to be a modest connection between Steve “Steven” Mcqueen and Back to the Future/ Indiana Jones, and o yea Rob Zombie… “The Blob” Which Rob was going to do the ramake to. but dropped. The whole headmaster thing might throw that theory off though. “Wild Child” sounds like Sam from Trick r’ Treat ;)

    • Sounds obvious, maybe to obvious though. John has been saying the clues won’t be obvious, but he also could just be saying that – lol. Hopefully if they do a Scream maze it won’t be based on the recent movie. Scream 1 & 2 provide the best setting and elements for a haunt.

  10. i think the gv black clue is scream because g could stand for ghost v for vestment which is a synonym for costume and black for the color of the ghostface costume

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