Have you all  been stalking HHN Twitter? John Murdy, Halloween Horror Nights Creative Director, is currently holding a contest on Twitter, using code name/ clues to this year’s mazes. As we know, so far the code names are “GV Black,” “Soap Opera,” “3DN,” “Trivia,” and “Bunny Gibbons.” Follow John on Twitter for more details.

We currently believe that “Soap Opera” correlates to “Evil Dead,” “GV Black” to “Trick ‘o Treat,” and “3DN” to “Fright Night 3D.” We’re unsure about “Bunny Gibbons” but in our reserach we learned that he was the owner of a fun fair that displayed the car of serial murder Ed Gein. As many horror fans know, Gein is the inspiration for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, we doubt that Leatherface will be coming back or at least we hope he doesn’t.

Of course, this is all still speculation, so your guesses are as good as ours. Keep ’em coming.

Update, 5/1: John Murdy has released 5 more clues to go along with the code names. The clues are the following:

  • Blue Cross
  • Anarchy in the UK
  • Slim
  • Real Wild Child
  • Broken Neck

He did not reveal which clue goes with which code name. Any guesses?


  1. I actually agree with every guess you have made. Evil Dead is a no brainer really. Trick r Treat doesnt fall within John’s list of usable characteristics but could work,Fright Night suffers from the same problem but as of now I have no clue so thats why I agree.

    • Yeah, I definitely agree that Trick r Treat is problematic for a maze. So we’ll see.

      I’m also starting to think that playing the guessing game with the clues given out on Twitter is not going to get us anywhere. John has said that the clues are buried within layers of layers. So even though it might sound like GV Black = Dentist = Candy = Trick r Treat or Candyman, it’s probably not that simple. I think it makes more sense just to consider what are the likely properties that could be made into a maze and what would the general public respond to. So, Evil Dead = definitely; Trick r Treat = not so much. We wouldn’t be too surprised to see Texas Chainsaw back again. They did it only one year, and it was a really excellent maze. They brought back Freddy and Jason after a hiatus, after all, so there’s a precedent for it.

  2. In the past John stated a lack of interest with the Trick ‘r Treat film,

    Also though, Gein was the inspiration for “The Silence of the Lambs”.

    Personally, I would also love a return of the Texas Chainsaw maze. That was the best they’ve had thus far.

    • I think a lot of people were expecting a Scream maze for this year…until the movie came out, and it was hard to really imagine it as a maze. But it does have one major element in the bag: a completely recognizable killer icon (and with that generic mask, they could really save on the costume budget). I think it’s still a possibility.

  3. It would be one of those franchises where the maze is better than the movie (ala Nightmare on Elm Street: Never Sleep Again”.

    Also, I’ve been really thinking about Bunny Gibbons and I think I’ve come to a conclusion that it refers to Ed Gein who was the inspiration for Psycho which is another way of saying Crazy or… the Crazies. which has some intense iconographic images of the military chemical warfare suits and psychosomatic small town civilians. Any thoughts?

  4. Blue Cross= GV BLACK. Blue Cross offers a dental plan and the dental plan coincides with halloween. His direct clue was “a medical provider” and that works with the context of the clue.

    • I agree in the clue being “Medical Provider”, so in that case It must be Resident Evil, with him meaning the umbrella corp. who in fact is a medical provider.

  5. I think Trick ‘r Treat is definitely going to appear. We’be already heard that it is “on the short list” and director Michael Daughtry has also vocally supported the idea.

  6. So it’s been revealed that GV Black = The Thing (based on the prequel coming out this October). GV Black was the guy who invented fillings and I guess that in the new movie they use fillings to see who’s still human. Blue cross refers to the Norwegian flag, since the group of scientists is mainly from Norway and the flag has a blue cross on it. 3DN is probably going to be Hostel, Bunny Gibbons will most likely be either TCM or HOTC and as for the others I don’t really have a guess yet

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