It’s turning out to be a great Friday the 13th already!

Knott’s Berry Farm released information this morning about this year’s Halloween Haunt. Like last year, Knott’s is the first to release complete maze and scare zone information. It may seem early in the year, but opening night is only about 4.5 months away, and planning has been well under way for many months. Here’s the complete list:

Returning Mazes

  • Terror of London
  • Sleepy Hollow Mountain (Timber Mountain log ride)
  • Dia De Los Muertos (3-D maze)
  • Lockdown
  • Virus Z
  • Fallout Shelter
  • Uncle Bobo’s Big Top of the Bizarre (3-D maze)
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Doll Factory
  • Cornstalkers

New for 2011!


Journey into your darkest nightmares. The dream is collapsing and there’s no escape.

Invasion Beneath (Calico Mine Train)

Creatures from beneath have invaded and there’s no stopping them.

Endgames: Warriors of the Apocalypse

The world has ended. The rich force the poor to fight to the death. Are you game?

Scare Zones


  • Necropolis
  • Ghost Town
  • Carnevil

NEW for 2011

  • Gypsy Camp – The backstreets of Ghost Town are shrouded by moonlit darkness, fearsome how pierce the silence. In a blur of crimson teeth, werewolves stalk the encampment seeking revenge for an ancient gypsy curse. 


Delirium was previously revealed in March during the West Coast Bash.  With the addition of two new mazes, this means that both Club Blood and Labyrinth are going to the Haunt graveyard. We had hoped that Doll Factory would be buried with them, but it turns out that the Haunt folks think there’s at least another year left in that theme. Doll Factory was a creepy and original maze when it debuted, but we feel it’s been around too long.

Delirium was said to be taking over Club Blood’s location near Ghostrider, but Endgames will NOT be taking over for Labyrinth. Knott’s has said that Endgames will be in an “entirely new place in Necropolis.” Perhaps those stairs in the old Camp Snoopy maze location were just too much?

Finally, we’re not sure what to make of Invasion Beneath and Endgames. “Creatures from beneath” is a pretty vague description. As for Endgames, the apocalypse is always a popular haunt theme. But the twist of rich against poor is certainly new. We wonder how those monsters are going to be costumed and how they can make that storyline into a maze. It will definitely be interesting!

What are your thoughts? Post in the comments below!

Knott’s Halloween Haunt opens September 23.


    • Yes, per the Knott’s official press release. They’ve never been known for great maze logos (nor names).

  1. I’ve just checked, and they’re already selling tickets online. I’m a veteran of the Haunt since 1986. True, that some of their mazes haven’t had the greatest names (Pyromaniax, Killer Klown Kollege, etc.), but they’ve had some damn good ones before Cedar Fair took over: Dominion of the Dead, Nightmares, Red Moon Massacre, Santa Claws Mountain, Curse of the Werewolf, Deadman’s Wharf, Revenge of the Dead. Then they began to use the Haunt as a launching platform for new horror movies (Grudge and Quarantine) where they had the premiere in the Charles Schultz Theater. I still go, but I think it’s losing it’s touch, especially with Universal competing, as well as those that are separated from the big boys (the theme parks). Most of the time, those ones are the real winners because they aren’t as limited by what they can do, but by how much they are willing to push the envelope. Watch Travel Channel during October, which they list some of the most scariest Halloween events around.

  2. To be honest, Sam, I think HHN is going to win this year. They’ve already announced four of the six mazes they going to have:
    The Thing: Assimilation
    Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses in 3D (returning from last year)
    Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare
    Hostel: Hunting Season (Note: In a LA TIMES article, Eli Roth announced that he’s going to work in the maze as a torturer on selected nights. I’m hoping he’ll be there on opening night.
    The other two have yet to be announced, or what the Tram’s theme is going to be, but I hope it’s better that last year’s theme.
    It’s definitely going to be a toss-up between the two, but I’m sticking with HHN. Knotts is so repetitive on their mazes. They introduce a few and keep a whole bunch of the older mazes that are probably running out of juice.

  3. Can’t wait! Sure Universal has better mazes, but you get twice as many at Knotts, plus if you go early you can do your favorites more than once. The Doll Factory seriously creeps me out and I don’t see that one losing steam for a looong time to come.

    • hi i want to know how scary is the fright farm 1-10 i never been there befor and i want to go this year

      • Knott’s Scary Farm probably rates about a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale for scary. If you’ve never been before, you might think it’s a little bit scarier than that, since it will be new to you.

  4. I am coming to california from Hawaii for the Halloween events, I have a year pass for Disney land so I can go there anytime from sept 28th to oct 10th, my plan is to go to Knotts scary farm 3 times and universal 2 times. I’m looking foward to it, and hope to see ted the werewolf and anthony the gorrilla canible and all the other monsters. I hope the new mazes are good, it’s nice to have something new. I have been coming since about 4 years ago. aloha, Neal

  5. Im 14 and I do NOT watch horror movies at all but im going to Knott’s scary farm with some family.. Since i don’t watch scary movies or anything will it be super scary for me?! Like maybe on a scale of 1-10? I want to go i think it would be fun but i dont know how scary it actually is.

    • I guess it depends on what you think is “scary.” The mazes are dark, they have music playing, there are fog machines, and you walk through elaborate sets. “Monsters” (people in costumes and masks) jump out from the dark and around corners to startle you. It might make you scream, but you’ll usually laugh afterward. Just keep an open mind, have fun, and remember that the monsters will never touch you and everything you see is just a show. You should be OK.

      • My sister and my family and I are going this year and im 9 and my sister is 11 and my sister is soooooo scared.Im going to tell her ur advice.

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