Are you ready to take a chance?

Universal Orlando is know for its incredibly creative HHN Web site each year, and 2011 is proving to be no different. After months of waiting, we got a teaser site at the end of June, but it was nothing more than some dates and a couple of videos. We knew something else was in the works. Each year’s site usually brings an elaborate, drawn-out reveal with hidden clues and games. Given that this year’s HHN theme appears to be related to gambling, it’s a perfect opportunity for the Web designers to give us something really unique.

Today, HHN unveiled it’s “Take a Chance” site for HHN 2011. After registering, you get 90 tokens and the opportunity to play a few games. But if you make a wrong move and lose your tokens, the game ends and you’re banished for an hour. Make the right choice, and you can advance to additional games.

Inside the Magic has a good breakdown of the three different games you can play: turning on TV sets (which appear to be playing old Universal horror movies),  uncovering tombstones, and unlocking crypt doors. Are these clues to the mazes we might be seeing?

After winning some tokens, a house of cards appeared:

Notice the poker chips at the bottom of the screen: There are eight chips, likely representing the eight HHN houses for this year. It’s also clear that the cards used are all spades: the Queen of Spades (representing Lady Luck herself), and Aces and Eights (the same cards used in the “dead man’s hand“).

However, it does look like there are a couple “six of spades” cards in the house:

We’re guessing this represents the six scare zones. If so, this would give us the same number of houses and scare zones as last year.

If you’re “game,” be sure to play a few hands and let us know what clues you unearth.