We Told You! The Wolfman is coming to HHN Hollywood. We’re honestly not sure how exciting this news is, since this will just be a thematic “layover” of Universal’s year-round House of Horrors. In ALL the past years, any theme that was placed in here ended up just being the inclusion of a few headlining characters into the haunt’s preexisting scenes.

While the house of horrors already has a Wolfman room, we expect we’ll see Wolfy popping out of the scenes of the other iconic horror movies featured inside. Guess we’ll finally get to see what Wolfman vs. Leatherface, vs. Chucky, vs. Norman Bates, Vs. Frankenstein will be like.

We could be completly wrong but so far, history has proven us right. Here’s a look at Universal’s House of Horrors aka The Wolfman: The Curse of Talbot Hall