We all waited, like a dead old lady in a hotel room window, for the full line up HHN Hollywood mazes to be announced. It was almost more torture than a Jigsaw trap. After playing the game of cryptic clues that terrorized us for the past 8 months we can all either brag about guessing right or shame ourselves for being wrong.

Since January when Scare Zone broke the news of all the concepts they where considering, our Haunt Stalkers have been keeping the site busy with all of your guesses.

Here’s a a look a what all of you had hoped to see this year. It appears Murdy and his team did deliver with your top 3 choices of Scream, House of 1,000 Corpses, and Hostel. There also was strong interest in seeing classic monsters which we get with The Wolfman. The biggest surprises of the season are the Alice Cooper and La Llorona mazes. We truly enjoyed everyone’s input!

Now, with no further ado, here’s the entire 2011 Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights line up!

*Que Horror! Just Confirmed* La Llorona: Villa De Almas Perdidas: The maze will tell the story of La Llorona, doomed to walk the earth forever after drowning her own children to win over a lost love. When they failed, she drowned herself.

Terror Tram: Scream 4 Your Life







Hostel: Hunting Season

The Wolfman: The Curse of Talbot Hall

Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses in 3D

Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare

The Thing: Assimilation


Scream: The infamous Ghostface killer is on the loose and may be right behind you — ready to strike with his razor-sharp blade!

Zombieville: Feel your stomach churn as you encounter a decaying English village, ravaged by the walking dead. Breathe in the foul stench of decay as the corpses of butchers, barbers, and yes—even senior citizens, reawaken in search of satiating their hunger for human flesh.

The Reapers: The Grim Reaper and his evil minions of death have been unleashed upon the Earth, equipped with mutilating chainsaws. There’s nowhere to run or hide; death lurks around every corner!

KlownzMurder and mayhem reign as an ultra-violent gang of clowns take over “The Big Apple.” These psycho circus rejects are armed to the teeth and hell bent on destruction…yours! Now that the Klownz have come to town, the city will never be the same again!

Freakz: A renegade band of out of work sideshow performers have set up camp on the smoke-choked streets of Paris. With the Freak Shows shut down and food in short supply, the Freakz have developed a taste for human flesh! If you venture into their camp after dark, you may not make it out alive!

Keep checking with Scare Zone as we follow final planning before the studio gates creak open for another season of horrors. Also, here’s a look back HHN Hollywood from years past.


  1. will if you put together clowns and freaks scare zone and call it circuz or karnevil it would be better than last year as the ringmaster and freak show’s leader is shown for the first time with newer scares, actors, settings, and facades. make the zombieville scarezone larger and put in more roaming zombies in the park some now armed with chainsaws and some using stilits or carrying various weapons. replace the enterance scarezone with an end of the world theme put in fear the reaperz in house of horrors and the terror tram lead by evil dead, army of darkness, trick r treat, jeepers creepers, paranormal activity, the exorcist, or classic universal horror theme that is hosted by the director, jack the clown, freddy kruger, billy from saw, chucky, ghostface, jason voorhees, the pig masked scare actors again, micheael myers, and other various horror icons from 2006 and 2012’s terror tram yeah kind of like celebrating a hundred years of universal seeing old and new horror icons appear .

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