Are you tired of the standard 5K race through boring old city streets? Has the novelty of the trendy “mud run” worn off for you? If so, maybe it’s time to try a race that actually motivates you to run–from the hordes of zombies chasing after you!

Part haunt, part 5K run, this “zombie-infested 5K obstacle course race” puts a terrifying twist on the standard race. Runners will wear “health flags” on a belt around their waists, and as they navigate through the obstacle course, the zombies will try to grab the flags. If you make it back to the “safe zone” with at least one flag, you will be eligible for a time-based award. Lose your flags, and you’re considered “dead.”

But if running’s not your thing, and maybe you’d prefer to stagger around and grab at people, then consider signing up to be a zombie. For a $25 Zombie fee, zombies receive a full makeup transformation, a t-shirt, and a beer. As a zombie you have two choices: chase or stumble. There’s an activity level for everyone.

And if you can’t decide on being a zombie or a victim, you can do both! Zombies can take a turn running through the race for free, but they are not eligible for awards.

The Zombie 5K is coming to the following locations in 2012:

  • Massachusetts, May 5-6
  • Minnesota, June 2
  • Indiana, June 23
  • Colorado, July 14
  • Washington, August 4
  • Missouri, August 18
  • Pennsylvania, September 1
  • Toronto (Canada), September 22
  • Southern California, October 20
  • Maryland, October 27
  • Florida, November 17
  • Texas, December 15
Be sure to check out the website for all the details.



  1. Where are u having this in mo i am helping volentering for the zombie survival dash in oct here in mo i make a good zombie let me know jeff

    • Hi Jeff, here is the info for the Missouri race:

      August 18, 2012
      13712 West Highway M,
      Wright City, MO 63390

      1 hour west of St. Louis; 1 hour, 30 minutes northeast of Jefferson City

      Click here for more info.

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