As if there weren’t enough to do during Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center this July, the Zombie Apocalypse will be taking hold of Petco Park, just about a mile away. The stadium will be turned into “The Walking Dead Escape,” a zombie experience that invites you to “Live the Apocalypse.”

For $70 (online price until June 9), you get a ticket to what sounds like a zombie obstacle course, where you will “climb, crawl, hide, and slide” your way to safety as you try to make your way through  zombie-infested corridors without being touched by any “walkers” (zombies). You will be scanned at the end of the course to determine if you have been infected. It’s not exactly clear what happens to you if you have or have not been infected. The mystery is intriguing.

You can participate in three ways: as a survivor (evading the zombies), as a walker (being a zombie), or as a spectator.

Although this sounds very similar to the Zombie 5K race we reported on last month, The Walking Dead Escape promises that this is not a race, and no one is timed. They estimate that the average completion time is 35-45 minutes.

This sounds like a very interesting concept. Will you brave the Walking Dead Escape?

The Walking Dead Escape runs at Petco Park in San Diego from July 12-14, 2012.