If you’ve been following the construction progress of Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, you already know that permits were issued for the build of only 7 houses so far this year. This is already one less than the 8 houses at the 2011 event. Now comes news that one of the locations of the 7 houses, Building 44 (the Herc&Xena soundstage), is under the wrecking ball right now.

Demolition of Building 44: Image from MiceChat.com

MiceChat reports that HHN crews were already in the building and working on the haunted house planned for Building 44 when the order came through for the demolition (most likely to make way for a new attraction). And as ParkRumors points out, no new permits have been filed yet regarding a replacement location for this house. This is concerning because it’s nearly July, and work for these houses should be well under way. If they do find a new location, there will likely be some scrambling to catch up with construction progress. A new location could require a rethinking of the house flow and design. We hope that they can figure out a Plan B quickly, because there will be a lot of grumbling from guests if HHN Orlando has only 6 houses this year.

Building 44 was set to house the attraction with a “creature pit” and “spike room,” according to the original permit.

Be sure to check in with ParkRumors.com for the latest information on the permits and HHN construction, and go to MiceChat for more images of the demolition.