“Dubstep + Monsters = pulse-pounding horror! ” – HHN Facebook  Post

Well, we’ll actually share a comment or two… This is fucking lame! So they’re gonna put together a bunch of unconnected Universal monsters and play loud crappy music (Dubstep remixes) inside the existing year-round House of Horrors attraction. This has to be the laziest layover of their already poor excuse for a haunt offering, and there’s nothing we can do about it but opt to avoid it when we’re at HHN. But of course, we’ll have to go in just to make sure it’s worthy of our buried skull rating. Guess the coffin’s silver lining is the thousands of guests who won’t know better and will stand in line, helping to disperse the crowds.

We’re really not sure what is going on at Universal this year. We’ve been hearing it called the “Comcast Effect,” referring to this year’s decline in quality of HHN offerings and originality at both Orlando and Hollywood. Maybe Knott’s has a shot at recapturing their audience in Southern California (and the West Coast for that matter), if Knott’s originality keeps going up while Universal’s goes down.

Here’s a Frankenstein Dubstep remix for your listening displeasure


  1. On his Twitter, Murdy said this is going to be the most they’ve changed HOH for HHN and that the monsters for HHN in this maze will be different than the ones they use during the day. He also said it was a radical idea and a huge chance for them to take. Also described the music as something darker and not-exactly dubstep. From the sound of things, this is far from the laziest layover they’ve done.

    • I suppose we’ll see what the end result turns out to be. If it’s not exactly dubstep, we’re not sure why the official maze tagline includes the word “dubstep”; that could possibly make dubstep fans mad if the music isn’t actually in that genre.

      We’ve been in plenty of lower-quality haunts that use very loud music, and the effect has always been to decrease the scares. Universal has been the master in setting the mood and tone, including using subtle and thoughtful soundtracks to enhance the settings of their mazes. So that’s one of the reasons why the idea of this not-exactly dubstep overlay does not excite us.

      If they are planning to seriously revamp the HoH, perhaps they should have put more time into crafting a a better maze logo and description. As it stands now, it looks really cheap.

  2. Murdy is going say it’s “radical” because he wants to sell tickets. The old monsters are not relevant or scary and most of us don’t even know who they are.

    • You’re an idiot. Most people know who they are. If you don’t, you don’t belong on the planet. They paved the way for the crap horror you see today. Stop being so negative. If you don’t wanna go, don’t. It’ll make it easier for the rest of us.

  3. Murdy has been very honest. You can tell from the way he talks about House of Horrors that he knows how people feel about it. He NEVER said it would be a radical change, he just said this is going to be the most they’ve changed HOH for HHN. I do agree with the loud music thing. If its too loud, it’s going to distract. I hope it’s more like the Alice Cooper maze last year where it really helps with setting the tone. I like the font of the logo, because I feel like it fits the style of the maze, I just wish there were more to it to give us a better idea of what’s going to be going on with it.

  4. In your first comment you said that he said it was radical? The logo does fit the style of the maze… cheap & generic.

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