The Haunted Play presents Delusion, one of our highest rated haunts of 2011, is returning with what promises to be a gripping blend of interactive theater, stunt work and dramatic storytelling that is sure to shake up the haunt season. In its 2011 debut, we found DELUSION to be one of the most unique haunt formats to date. The exprience can be best described as part haunted house, part theater, and part interactive story.  Overall, it was a very unique attraction with amazing set design, good actors, and some good scares.

Hollywood trailblazers Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Braver are busy now plotting new diabolical scares to create “the ultimate Halloween experience in Los Angeles”. DELUSION is a bold take on the haunt experience and has been met with wild acclaim by audiences nationwide. It brings to life the best of Hollywood’s horror tradition with a dramatic story line and chillingly realistic special effects. The play immerses participants in a world of fear inspired by suspense classics such as The Shining and Aliens.

“I am thrilled to bring a completely different horror theatre to Los Angeles this fall,” says DELUSION creator Jon Braver, “Haunted houses have become staples to the Halloween tradition but it’s time to shake things up and put old fashioned scare tactics to the test.”

“DELUSION re-imagines and redefines the horror experience with an innovative blend of theatrics and action in a live performance that has never been done before,” shares producer Neil Patrick Harris. “There are no seats, no comfort of the fourth wall and audience members really have to engage and participate to move the story forward.”

Haunted Play’s brand of dynamic action and suspenseful story telling focused on deep psychological fear is a recipe for a stirring haunt experience.

In its 2011 premiere DELUSION was named “LA’s Best Haunted Attraction” by FOX TV and “The Hottest Ticket In LA” by NPR’s All Things Considered. Back by popular demand this fall the story continues with DELUSION: The Blood Rite – a bigger, better and more terrifying show.

The show takes place in a historic turn-of-the-century mansion in the Los Angeles West Adams district. The captivating 107 year old building has been home to Hollywood horror movie classics such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and more.

The Haunted Play immersive experience DELUSION: The Blood Rite opens doors in historic West Adams near downtown Los Angeles on September 27 and runs through November 10, 2012. .

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