California’s Great America (Santa Clara, CA) has released full details for their 2012 Halloween Haunt. This year, the event is adding another maze, Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor, bringing the total number of mazes to seven. Club Blood is also getting a new layout and some new scenes, to go along with its new name: Club Blood Re-Vamp’d.

Scare Zone visited the park last year and found the event to be a good value with some excellent actors and many solid mazes. You can read our 2011 review here.

Here is the full lineup:


Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor (*New for 2012!)

Money does not always buy happiness. For Madame Marie, this could not be more true. As Louisiana’s wealthiest heiress, Madame Marie has perfected the art of Voodooism. Enter her Manor with caution as there is nothing richer in her eyes than blood. Your visit in her lavish home will leave you breathless.

Club Blood Re-Vamp’d

Follow the creatures of the night to the hottest nightclub around, Club Blood. This club has it all, the latest beats, the hottest dancers, but there’s just one problem…it’s overrun by hungry vampires waiting to feast on their next victim. Watch your neck or you’ll be next!


Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and don’t be shy! The most gruesome carnival is back in town. Get ready to face your worst childhood fears as demonic clowns and other freaks of nature terrify guests at every corner where they have turned the tables to make you the attraction!


A cult of evil scarecrows lies in wait in this overgrown path of debris, hay bales and cornstalks. Guests must weave their way through this twisting maze of bedlam, dodging a series of dead ends and avoiding the stalkers who are “dead-set” on forbidding anyone to escape.

Slaughterhouse: Annhilation

There’s too many people in the world and not enough food. This Slaughterhouse takes care of both problems. A constant feed of humans are being subjected to the grinders which keep the river of blood flowing through this dark complex. It’s a virtual cornucopia of bloody remains as parts are ground into a tasty meat treat, using a very special recipe which includes one very special ingredient … You. Do not let the fear paralyze you as you attempt to escape from the edge of Annihilation.

Toy Factory

Once a place where dreams were made, this toy factory is now a place where nightmares come true! The maniacal factory workers are manufacturing a variety of disturbing new toys and novelty items for their demented amusement, using any part available, including human parts. Buyers beware as your favorite toys have now been turned against you, or you’ve been turned into one of them.

Werewolf Canyon

Be careful as you venture deep into the murky woods through a hunter’s trail where the hunters have become the hunted. A pack of blood-thirsty werewolves have taken revenge on those who dare invade their domain. With only the full moon’s light to help you navigate through…can you make it out alive?

Scare Zones

  • Dead Man’s Cove
  • The Gauntlet
  • Underwood Alley


  • Blood Drums
  • Ghostly Glow Party
  • Overload’s Resurrection
  • Culture Pop

Great America’s Halloween Haunt opens September 28.


    • Thanks for the info, Nibblet. For some reason, the Haunt site left this off their “attractions” list for this year, but I see it on the map.

      • No prob, I was Supervisor for Gauntlet last season, this season i’m in charge of Underworld.. time to whip them into shape =)

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