Taking a quick break from the large multi-maze theme park events, we ventured into the heart of Los Angeles to experience The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion The Blood Rite. Last year Delusion was one our most highly rated haunts and the best new entrant to the Southern California haunt market. In fact, it not only impressed us but also actor Neil Patrick Harris who loved it so much, he signed on as co-producer for this year’s fright show.

Delusion is not the typical haunted house/maze experience you’d find elsewhere.  The show takes place in a historic turn-of-the-century mansion in the Los Angeles West Adams district. The captivating 107 year old building has been home to Hollywood horror movie classics such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and more. Here you find yourself inside a completely immersible environment from the moment you walk onto the property. It’s best  described as part haunted house, part theater, and part interactive story. It is a very unique attraction with amazing set design, good actors, stunts, magic, and some good scares.

This year’s show is a continuation of last year’s story. They also have made the the experience longer with more interactive elements and elaborate stunts. When it’s time for your show to begin, your small group is escorted to the back of the house where you all are inducted into the Blood Rite. As you make your way around the creepy surroundings of house, you have to find your way “back” into the house. After participating in a couple of challenges the group makes its way inside where the real fun begins.

Immediately upon entering the house, the lighting, furnishings, and sounds all combine to create a great atmosphere that instantly transports visitors back in time to 1918. Unlike last year, it seemed as if more time was spent on letting the story unfold. Each room required guest participation which included individuals having to leave the group to endure mini challenges and scares on their own. We won’t give them away, but be prepared for some pretty intimate encounters with the scareactors. Depending what you’re into you may even find parts of the haunt to be kinky fun.

The finale of the play is fantastic and they really go all out this year. At this point of the show the tension is peaked creating a incredibly suspenseful atmosphere. There’s uncertainty on how it’s all going to end and the finale is surprising and frighting creating both shrieks of terror and laughs of relief.

After our show, we were fortunate enough to meet Neil Patrick Harris. It’s obvious he isn’t just throwing his name on this haunt to sell tickets. He is fully involved and wanted to know what we liked and what we thought of the actors. In speaking with him, we can tell he’s proud of this collaboration with Jon Braver, and rightfully so.

In addition to the new show, you can enjoy a “final meal” from a taco truck or chill out in the themed bar area to help calm your nerves before or after you venture inside. These additions, help to make The Haunted Play the perfect Halloween Haunt date night. Now unfortunately, they are sold out for the rest of this season. You can try begging your way in but we just recommend that you check back with us and buy your tickets early next year. 


  • Haunt Design: 5 skulls
  • Theming: 5 skulls
  • Scare Factor: 3 skulls
  • Fright Value: 4.5 skulls

Overall Rating for The Haunted Play Presents: Delusion Blood Rite: 4.5 skulls

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  1. After last years disappointment, I have to say LA Haunted Hayride made up for it this year. The parking lighting was much improved from last year so that so a good start. For the Hayride, it was simply awesome!!! The new part where the the demons fly over your head and jump out was great. But I have to say the church scene was the best!!! When they all stand up and attack the hayride was perfect!!! My only critizism was the ending and the Clowns. It was not as good as in years past. But overall the length and scarinest was a 9.5 out of 10.

    The In-between-Maze was also much improved from last year. Lot more people scaring you and the additonal part outside was good. It was darker than last year so that was a plus. Overall 9 out of 10.

    Last, the food concession needs upgrading. the sodas for $1 great idea but could we not get a taco guy?? If you improve that, more $$$$

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