As kids most of us would have birthday parties themed to Transformers, GI JOE, Pokemon,  Hello Kitty, etc. As grown ups many of us have turned to hitting the local night club, bar, or throwing a house party with friends. For us haunt stalkers, unless our birthdays are during haunt season it’s kind of hard to have a haunted house party.  Wouldn’t it be great if we can turn up our parties a notch and treat ourselves (and guests) to an actual haunt experience from the comforts of our own home? Well, in our quest to fine unique haunt experiences we’ve come across Terror Trucks, a company that offers that manufactures and operates “Xtreme Haunted Walk Through Attractions“.

Terror Trucks will roll out for public and for private events. They say that these are intense attractions designed to submerge guests into an unforgettable experience, assaulting all of their senses, fears and phobias. These attractions are not for cry babies or the faint of heart and they are not equipped with “Chicken Exits”. These Terror Trucks are extremely large custom designed and built trailers that are fully self contained and completely automated. Since the entire attraction is built inside of a trailer they can be transported to any venue anywhere in the nation. This reminds us a little of Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror in Vegas, which housed their incredibly themed and  terrifying haunts inside some unassuming trucks.

Now we’re not outright endorsing this company but we do think that concept sounds is fun. If any of you have experienced a Terror Truck we’d love to hear how it was.

Take a closer look inside  the Terror Trucks and their themed offerings:

BURIED ALIVE is one of our most popular Terror Trucks and one of the most feared. After entering this attraction you are lead into an open grave. If you are afraid of the creatures that lurk underground, if you are bothered by the smell of rotting flesh and if you are afraid of being buried alive, alone and left in the dark, then the first moments of this Terror Truck will leave you looking for the exits. Only in this attraction there are no “Chicken Exits”. After you find your way out of the grave you will find yourself lost and disoriented underground. If you can fight off the the dark, damp, rancid surroundings and fight your way through the small claustrophobic corridors that seem to never end and the intense pounding resonating through your body then you might be one of the lucky ones that find their way out, but you will never forget the experience of being BURIED ALIVE!

This is one cold blooded Terror Truck! Once you step inside our COLD STORAGE attraction to chill out you’ll soon feel the cold sweat on your body as you realize that the doors to the room you are in will not hold back the the mob of frozen zombies trying to break it down. Your only chance to escape is to first squeeze your way through our meat locker occupied by some of our previous visitors, but that is just the beginning. Step carefully on the thin ice and try not to breath in the moist smell of decay that fills the air. All of your senses will be overwhelmed and the feeling of discontent will resonate throughout your body. But before you leave you will have to endure the feeling of being alone and out in the cold. In the end, when you think you have survived, you better look down at your feet, because this attraction comes with a free toe tag.