This October, Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group’s facility in North Hollywood is bringing terror to the east San Fernando Valley with the all-new Urban Death: Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre Attraction.

Urban Death Flyer 2

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group’s all-new fun and frightening, interactive Haunted-Halloween theatrical attraction, steering theater-goers and thrill-seekers through a terrifying “Urban Death” maze of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbed spirits that walk among us!  Directed by Zombie Joe and Jana Wimer.

Urban Death joins the roster of other local theatrical-style haunts, such as Delusion and Theatre 68, which have proven to be unique experiences among the crowded haunt scene in Southern California. If you’ve never been to a theatre haunt before, we highly recommend checking one out. They can be very unique (and often much more immersive) than a typical walk-through attraction at a theme park.

Urban Death runs Friday and Saturday nights from October 11 through November 2, at 8:30, 9:15, 10:00, 10:45, 11:30 pm. Tickets are $12.

Check out the Urban Death website for more information.