Play Dead

Haunt season may be over, but we’re always on the hunt for some off-season spookiness. Currently playing at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles (Westwood, to be exact) is Play Dead, written and directed by Teller (the usually silent half of Penn & Teller) and starring Todd Robbins. This “interactive” theater experience sounds like a haunt on a stage:

Invite death to come out and play in a creepy creation from Teller and performer/co-creator Todd Robbins who hosts a mesmerizing and terrorizing look at life, death and the horrific wonder between. Weaving together storytelling, illusion and telepathy proves that there is nothing more arousing than unholy resurrection and we’re never so alive as when we’re scared to death.

The stories and events of this interactive production contains some disturbing images, strobe effect, theatrical haze, interactivity, brief moments of nudity and a great deal of fun. Audiences are surrounded by sights, sounds and touches of the returning dead. Material may be inappropriate for the faint of heart – or those under 18.

Play Dead runs November 5 through December 22, 2013. Tickets run from $67 to $87, but there are currently discounts available via Goldstar ($39-$59).

Play Dead 2


  1. This show is absolutely fantastic and worth the full price of admission. I saw it last week and had a wonderful time with my friend. I can’t recommend it enough. Also, a small detail, but while Teller directed this show, he doesn’t actually appear in it. The main star is Todd Robbins, who does an amazing job in the role.

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