Monsterpalooza is the annual celebration of classic and modern horror, fantasy and science fiction, in film, literature, media, art, illustration, make-up and more. Simply put it’s the “Art of Monsters”.  Although you won’t find much about the haunted attraction industry here, the assortment of horror movie collectibles, art, makeup, and merchandise is well worth the visit.

In addition, on Sunday, Universal’s HHN creative Director, John Murdy, will be  presenting and making some of the first announcements about HHN 2014!  Last year he announced the “Design A Character contest”  based upon classic Universal monsters and we assume this year he’ll reveal the new theme for aspiring monster makers.

The event is taking place this weekend, March 28-20,  and tickets are on sale now. Unfortunately you can’t buy Saturday tickets online  so we suggest you plan to arrive as early as possible or buy advance tickets for Sunday. This event has become incredibly popular, and the ticket line is long and slow (we waited almost 2 hours last year). We still hope that Monsterpalooza will find a bigger venue soon; for now, it’s returning to the Burbank Marriott.

This year’s Celebrity Guests From The Genre And Beyond includes:

Kenji Sahara – War Of The Gargantuas, Destroy All MonstersRodanGodzilla vs The ThingThe MysteriansKing Kong vs Godzilla

Harou Nakajima – GodzillaRodanDestroy All Monsters

Russ Tamblyn – “Twin Peaks”, War Of The Gargantuas

Rutger Hauer – Blade RunnerThe Hitcher, “True Blood

Dee Snider – Twisted SisterStrangelandVan Helsing’s Curse

Tippi Hedren – The BirdsMarnie, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Nancy Allen – Blow Out