Shopping at the mall, choking down fruitcake, dealing with your relatives….Is there a scarier time of year than the holidays? NO! That’s why holiday haunts make perfect sense.

If you live near Portland, Oregon, you’re in for a real Christmas treat this year, as Fear PDX Haunted House brings you not one, but FIVE haunted attractions all themed to the horror of the holiday season!

House of Krampus

We all know about Santa Claus, but his dark companion Krampus has a more sinister way of doing business.  He and his henchmen are visiting an old farm house to punish the undeserving. Sadly, Krampus turned out the lights and turned up the fear so you must fight through with only one glow stick. Good luck…


Who says clowns lack festivity? The rat king may meet his maker this holiday season as the glitter and glamour of this classic tale turns to gore and grime. So step right into this ballet of horror and experience a darker comedic version of the Nutcracker.


They should have let him join those reindeer games, but it’s too late now as Rudolph has a new way of making history. He’s tired of the torment from the other reindeer and has joined forces with evil spirits deep below the cavernous North Pole to seek revenge on those who ridiculed him.  Whatever you do, don’t look at the light.

Zombie Xmas

What better way to ring in the holiday spirit than by being stormed by a horde of brain-eating zombies. The apocalypse right during the holidays gives you just that with a festive twist.  I triple dog dare you to join us.  Christmas dinner is being served rare and nobody has seen Grandma in a while… Can you survive?

Elf Block

Thousands of years working the assembly line would drive anybody mad. So what happens when the elves finally crack? Now you can experience the place where elves can finally be corrected on their duties, sentenced to a lifetime of labor.  But can you survive? Afterall, somebody’s gotta make the toys.

Fear PDXmas is open for TWO NIGHTS ONLY: December 18 and 19, 2015. So stuff your stocking with some tickets. At only $20, it’s a real bargain.