Like an 80’s Slasher, Coronavirus refuses to die! So now we’re stuck pondering how Haunt Season will continue on this Halloween. One idea that has been floating around is that of drive-through haunts. The concept is starting to gain momentum around the world in places like Japan and now in the U.S.!

For Haunt Stalkers in Southern California (or those eager enough to make the road trip) an all-new immersive experience named ‘Road Trip Mysteries’ is ready to clear the lanes for a summer driving adventure. “The Mystery of Simi Knolls” will be available for a limited free testing period beginning June 28, 2020 through July 5, 2020. Taking place about thirty miles north of Los Angeles along the scenic Santa Susana Pass Road in Simi Valley, California, travelers will uncover mysterious happenings in historic locations. 

Throughout the approximately 45-minute journey, people will be guided by a fictitious murder mystery that leads to dark secrets and despair. Driving in your car, you will travel from scenic location to the next and at each stop, more of the puzzling story is unveiled through downloaded audio. Along the way, helpful clues can be gathered from real-life natural settings to provide more information about the bizarre mystery.

Road Trip Mysteries: Episode One: The Mystery of Simi Knolls. Following a dark trail of coverups and mysteries, the historic trails lead to shocking crimes. Will the clues found along the way help uncover the terrifying truth behind the horrific murders? It is up to you to find out!

With most media production companies currently at a standstill due to Covid-19, Hollow
Studios began to explore ways to entertain while maintaining safe and healthy guidelines. Hollow Studios founder and Chief Creative Executive, David Love says, “We are presenting this test phase for free to encourage as many people as possible to get out on the road, take part in our story and enjoy themselves.” The future Road Trip Mysteries will require a fee as well as downloading an official app.

The experience was created by seasonal themed entertainment director and writer, Ted Dougherty, who was looking for ways to create a positive and safe experience amidst the pandemic. In response to conceptualizing the adventure, Dougherty says, “So much of themed entertainment revolves around escapism. I wanted to offer something where people could safely leave the house, provide a brief escape for them and have some fun.”

Road Trip Mysteries takes place at the pace of each individual participant. There is no time requirement for the experience to take place – it can begin and end at the will of the participants. However, some of the locations are regional parks that have operating hours and so local rules, laws, and times are to be followed. Because driving is necessary to take part in the experience, participants will be required to sign a general liability waiver.

All drivers and their passengers are encouraged to follow Road Trip Mysteries on social media and sign-up for the free test phase beginning June 28, 2020. All participants will be asked to complete a survey about their experience at the conclusion of their adventure.

Road Trip Mysteries, where the exhilaration of traveling the open road meets mystique and suspense. Get ready to pack up the car, put your thinking caps on and gear up for a wild ride!

For more information on Road Trip Mysteries, visit RTMYSTERIES.COM and join their social media at Road Trip Mysteries on Facebook and @rtmysteries on Instagram.