The LA Haunted Hayride was never going to give up. In this world of COVID and quarantine, when other haunts went quiet and cautious in the early summer months, Southern California’s popular Halloween hayride event continuously teased that they’d be back this year. We were skeptical, to be honest. How could they pull off a haunted attraction during a pandemic at their bustling Griffith Park location, with people crammed shoulder to shoulder in a small tractor trailer?

Now we have the answer: they’re not doing any of that. Goodbye, hayride tractor; hello, passenger cars.

This year, everything is different, and the Hayride has adapted. They’ve moved locations to Bonelli Park in San Dimas (next to Raging Waters) have have created a new “drive-up” attraction that victims will experience from their own vehicles. Here’s their description of the event:

An immersive and interactive experience from the creators of LA’s favorite Halloween event! Don’t call it a drive thru, and don’t call it a drive in, it’s a combination of the best parts of both, with a unique spin. This is a one of a kind live “Drive Up” experience! Guests will venture down a dark stretch of “All Hallows Lane” that will feature some of the awesomely creepy scenic environments you’ve come to love at the hayride. Then drive into horror where you will experience a haunted show featuring an original multimedia story displayed on a 40′ screen, accompanied by horrifying sets, lighting, sound, effects, and most importantly live characters from the town of Midnight Falls!

Tickets are on sale now, and be warned: they’re not cheap! They range from $49.99 to $199.99. The price ranges depending on what parking spot you’re assigned for the main show. (Front row is $199.99.) Additionally, these prices are good for only two people per car: additional passengers are $10 each. However, in “these unprecendented times,” haunts are really struggling to open at all, and drive-through experiences just won’t pull in the larger numbers of guests these events normally see. The increase in price is certainly understandable, but will guests be willing to pay? Time will tell, but if you want to attend, we suggest buying a ticket early so you can get your preferred date and time.