Southern California haunt fans have waited a long time to return to the narrow, dark hallways of a haunted maze. With the exception of Reign of Terror’s special event this past April, we haven’t had a chance to experience a walk-through haunt in more than 600 long, long days. But the fog at the end of the tunnel has never been stronger: Horrorworld will return with the first real haunt of 2021 next month!

Beginning August 20, Horrorworld will present a brand new attraction themed to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are few horror icons as terrifying as Leatherface and his family. And, given the history Horrorworld has of presenting high-quality, fully immersive haunt experiences, this new haunt concept is likely to be even more intense than anything presented at Halloween Horror Nights in years past.

Larry Bones, the mastermind behind Horrorworld, previously presented the amazing Into the Black attraction, which Scare Zone awarded a special “666 skull” rating back in 2017 for being above and beyond all other haunts that year. The Into the Black attraction returned the following year in a new location with additional attractions that made up the new “Horrorworld.”

In 2021, the new attraction will be house at Haven City Market in Rancho Cucamonga. In addition to Horrorworld, this location offers plenty of food and drink as well as vendors to help you round out a night of terror. The event is slated to run just three weekends: August 20-21, August 27-28, and September 3-4. So don’t delay in getting your tickets. One of the best features of Horrorworld is that only small groups (4 or fewer people) are permitted to go through the attraction; so there is no long conga line of people ahead of you, ruining the scares. You will feel as though you and your friends are walking through totally on your own, which really amps up the fear factor. For this reason, tickets are given out in specific time slots, so plan accordingly.

Scare Zone will be checking out this new Texas Chainsaw Massacre attraction, so be sure to check back next month for our review!