The Blair Witch is now haunting Las Vegas in a brand new escape room experience from the team that created the well-loved “The Official SAW Escape: Las Vegas.”


ESCAPE BLAIR WITCH is brought to life by Jason Egan, owner of Egan Escape Productions. Egan is well-known as the creator of the immensely popular SAW Escape experience as well as for his work at Fright Dome, the popular haunted attraction staged at Circus Circus.

Blair Witch has cemented its position over the years as an iconic horror property, not only through its groundbreaking movie (and unfortunate sequel) but also through a popular video game from Lionsgate and Bloober Team. The all-new escape room experience will challenge those brave enough to enter with “memorable dramatic and terrifying elements” as they work together to escape multiple rooms that bring the classic film and the curse of the Blair Witch to life.


As guests enter the attraction, they will immediately be transported to the lifelike small village of Burkittsville, Maryland (including a trek through the Black Hills Forest) to investigate mysterious happenings and disappearances within the community. The experience will include multiple rooms featuring many different elements and puzzles. “We designed Escape Blair Witch as a ‘speakeasy-style attraction’, said Jason Egan, owner of Egan Escape Productions, “From the outside, the building looks like an old ranger’s station with no mention of the Blair Witch.” Players arrive as volunteers to help search for some local students who have gone missing in the forest. As they work their way through multiple scenes throughout the ranger’s station, the forest, and the old house in the woods, they quickly learn that they have become victims themselves and must work to escape the clutches of the Blair Witch.

Las Vegas-Escape-Haunted-Attraction-Blair-Witch

When we did Saw Escape two years ago, we were impressed by the incredible detail and thought put into all elements of the attraction. With our recent visit to Escape Blair Witch, we can definitively say that it takes all the excitement, challenge, and frights of a haunted escape room up to another level that we’ve never seen before!

To our knowledge, the Blair Witch has never been turned into a haunted attraction or maze before, so this new escape room presents a very unique experience for fans to step into an immersive Blair Witch world. Without giving anything away, we’ll share the general tip to keep your eyes open and pay attention to every sign, drawer, tree, and more, which isn’t easy to do with the Blair Witch lurking close by. If you really need help with some clues they do equip you with a radio that occasionally gets a signal back to the ranger station but it’s best to go there ready to rely mostly on your own wits and courage. We also recommend that you plan to go with at least a few people or join another small group so that you can utilize the teamwork needed to hopefully find your back to civilization.

To get yourself ready, be sure to check out the immersive experience’s heart-pounding official trailer that was filmed on-site and directed by and starring Hollywood’s scream queen Danielle Harris (Halloween movies).

Escape Blair Witch is a fantastic year-round attraction to experience when you’re in Vegas and especially now with the Halloween season in full swing. Along with The Offical Saw Escape, it’s a not-to-be-missed attraction for all haunt and escape room fans!

Reservations are required in advance. Private VIP games are also available. For more information or to book reservations, call 702-333-0770 or visit You can also follow Facebook & Instagram @EscapeBlairWitch for updates.