R.I.P. Alien Annihilation, here comes FALLOUT SHELTER!

Over the weekend, Knott’s announced the first new maze concept for 2010: Fallout Shelter. This maze will replace Alien Annihilation, their half-maze, half-laser tag offering. No details were given about the concept, but they provided this tag line: 

“The denizens are insane, and they haven’t seen the sun in decades. True terror in the atomic age.”

This concept is bringing back (bad) memories of “Revenge of the Dead,” “Industrial Evil,” and “The Underground.” Knott’s has been free of the postapocalyptic-themed maze for a while, so we suppose it was only a matter of time before that theme reappeared. No word as to whether laser guns will be involved in this maze. We hope not. 

We’ve heard that 2009 was the last year of Doll Factory, so we expect another new maze to be announced in the coming months. Also, it’s about time Pyromaniax got a new theme. The log ride has a lot of potential, but Pyromaniax has been one of the worst mazes in the park over the past 2 years. We hope that with Universal’s event building steam, Knott’s will consider stepping up their game this year and add bigger and better concepts, and perhaps more innovative scares. We can’t wait to find out!

Here’s a video of Alien Annihilation, for old times’ sake:



  1. […] Fallout Shelter, where the insane residents haven’t seen the sun since the Atomic Age. This maze replacedthe tired and predictable Alien Annihilation 3-D laser-tag maze with a new and predictable alien 3-D maze. There were some cool sets and it was very claustrophobic in sections which added the experience. The big problem here was the maze is very long so the gap between scares is big. It would of been better to make it a little shorter, and have the scares come faster. In addition, they said it was a 3-D maze, but upon entering we were told we won’t need the glasses until the end.  At the end no one told us when to put on the glasses and it was hard to tell if there was anything that was supposed to be in 3-D.  2.5 Skulls * […]

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