The Santa Cruz Broadwalk is a famous Northern California vacation spot and home to some classic horrors. You might also remember those Lost Boys who hung out there in the 80s’. Now the Boardwalk is in the process of updating one of their most famous attractions The Haunted Castle. The terror comes back to death this summer. The new ride system is described as being a classic dark ride without any shooting guns with 4-passenger cars, that may have some doombuggy style action.The Castle is going to be two stories tall, starting on the boardwalk level and then spiraling down into the terrors below on a floor underground to the beach level.

This upgrade also seems to offer more scares with state of the art animatronics and effects.
It’s been reported that the rotating cars will begin your journey by traveling backwards down a creepy “tower spiral” section of track to the basement level. At the bottom, the cars will quickly spin around forward where you will encounter the first of many new surprises. Other scenes to expect include a trip through the Royal Kitchen / Banquet, Wine Cellar, Ghastly Caves, a Murky Swamp, a Torture Chamber / Dungeon area, a crypt full of coffins, a castle “furnace” scene and possibly some kind of scene of the underworld.

Sounds fun, so we’ll see you in Santa Cruz this summer… 6ft under the boardwalk and beyond!