Circus Circus Adventuredome has announced that it’s 2010 Fright Dome will once again feature a haunt themed to SAW, and will offer a new haunt themed to My Bloody Valentine. It’s interesting how they are using haunt concepts that were also at Universal’s 2009 HHN just down the road (5 hrs down). We’ll like to see how their versions stack up. Rounding out the 5 haunts will be the original mazes Flesh Feast, Chainsaw Massacre, and Hillbilly Hell. Scare zones will include Zombie Apocalypse and Clown Evil Alley.  They also will feature two haunted ride simulators Elvira’s Superstition and Dracula’s Haunted Castle.

In addition, they are expanding the haunt into the hotel itself with a Haunted 13th Floor Tour of the Circus Circus hotel tower. This “tour” of the hotel’s real 13th Floor will take place daily from 2pm to 10pm everyday in October and will have guest  visit 13 frightening rooms on the 13th floor. Appropriately the tickets will cost $13.

The Scare Zone may be packing up our bags for a quick road trip out to Vegas in October.