The House of Torment in Austin, Texas, is consistently ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the country, and this year, it’s bigger and better than ever.

According to Jon Love, Vice President of the House of Torment (how’s that for a title?), as reported by Channel 8 News in Austin, House of Torment will be 70% new this year and will be about 20% longer. The title is House of Torment: Revenge of the Immortals, and victims will be taken “deep into the apocalyptic wreckage of a war-torn city where infected, abominations, and immortals prey on each other, and on the living.”

In addition, they have added a brand new house: Nightmare Mansion. Described as a “theatrically driven horror escapade that takes patrons through the macabre and demented experiments of an early 20th century physician,” this one seems to have a more classical Halloween feel.

Finally, they’re offering a “Haunted 4D Experience,” described as “dynamic 3D movie technology with ongoing in-theater physical and special effects that are all synchronized together creating a new thrilling and exciting way to get scared!” The description is a little vague, with the only detail being “an unforgettable Halloween adventure.” We hope the movie/ride is better than their description.

You can experience all 3 attractions for about $25. House of Torment is open now!


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