Great news Haunt Stalkers! Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ Fright Fest Haunted Houses are all now FREE and included with park admission or a Season Pass. Not only are the haunts now FREE, the expansion will make this the most terrifying Fright Fest® ever, beginning September 24! This year’s larger and more elaborate Fright Fest brings 16 nights of thrills and scares with two brand new haunted houses, and one new absolutely terrifying scare zone. Thrill seekers will not want to miss out on chill-inducing haunted houses, scare zones, elaborate Halloween shows, roller coasters in the dark, and spine-tingling excitement. Haunted houses are now included free with your daily park admission!


New in 2016

NEW Buried Alive – FREE Haunted House – exposes eerie tunnels and passageways long forgotten beneath Crackaxle Canyon. As you descend into the bowels of the abandoned mine via a rusty, corroded elevator shaft, your mistake becomes all-too apparent. A complete colony of the un-dead beckons you through the labyrinth of catacombs to discover skeleton ghosts of miners that ventured before you. Take a ride on the carrousel of the impaled, or step cautiously through the hall of maggots before witnessing the evening finale, a bizarre satanic ritual at the skeleton alter.

NEW Torture Chamber – FREE Haunted House – in Spassburg, is a dark and decaying medieval reminder of how far twisted henchmen will go to extract your most terrifying fears and phobias. Around each horrifying, scream-filled corridor in a castle dungeon, you’ll encounter pure evil as deranged sub-humans seemingly enjoy inflicting pain as they mutilate their terrified prey….and with one misstep, they’d relish in including you!

NEW Wicked Hollow – Scare Zone – features new state-of-the-art projection video mapping that brings alive the German-inspired themed area’s iconic buildings. The new scare zone allows the unsuspecting to enter a Pandora’s Box of secret rituals and strange clairvoyant traditions known only to those in the mysterious gypsy world. Maniacal wolves and witches fill the paths to destruction in Spassburg, where deranged puppets hypnotize you to your ill-fated demise by a giant fire-breathing dragon! Throughout Wicked Hollow you will find yourself immersed in a dark twisted fairytale world. By using specialized state-of-the-art equipment projected onto the themed building exterior, the existing castles will be brought to life. Fire will roar and you are no longer safe. Dragons, deranged puppets and walking skeletons will cover the walls transforming the buildings into purgatory.

Chilling Haunted Houses 

RockKill High School – Back from the dead with an even more horrific ending is RockKill High School! Would anyone dare stop by and visit the most horrific haunted house in RockKill? The walking dead roam the halls of RockKill High School in hopes to tear away at fresh brains and flesh. This gory haunted house features the bloodiest undead creatures waiting for guests at every corner. The walking dead will be waiting for new bodies to walk through the bloodiest haunted house ever known, located in Rockville High nightly.
Slaughterhouse 6 is a barn-full of screams and terror in Crackaxle Canyon. No one makes it out alive! Enter this primitive mansion of massacre and become a vegetarian forever! See your food chain too up-close-and-personal as creatures are led to slaughter where mistakes occur with alarming frequency.

Fear House 3D is a dark twisted circus of horrors with insane clowns who roam the halls waiting for new souls to prey on. This demented haunted house is a funhouse nightmare come to life filled with illusions that will make even the sanest guests lose their minds! Visitors can take gruesome experiences to the next level with the Fear House 3D, a frightening 3-D crazed-clown filled maze guaranteed to ramp up the fear factor. This circus of horrors is located in the heart of Circus Berzerkus, enter if you dare!

Frightening Scare Zones 

The Arrival – Start your evening of with a “group scare” as all the monsters, ghouls, villains, chupacabras, henchmen, skeletons, and creatures of the underworld make their debut each evening by scattering en masse off the train into Crackaxle Canyon at 7 p.m. These creatures of the night have waited all year to be reunited with the living. The sun begins to set as they make their way from the train station. Daytime detonations atop the Whistle Stop Train Station and surrounding buildings, awaken Crackaxle Canyon as the monsters begin to swarm in. There is nowhere left to run as you have now been surrounded by the undead.

Chupacabras from Hell brings a South Texas legend to life! Residents of Los Festivales have been on high alert as Chupacabra sightings have recently multiplied and the health department has now warned this “goat-sucker” population is now out of control and perhaps rabid. It was announced that crazed Chupacabras escaped a previously imposed quarantine and horrifically mutated, driving them to seek not only small animals to terrify and digest, but humans as well. Stay together and watch over others in your group as you enter the park, before these demonic creatures torture and devour your family and friends.

Aftermath located between Spassburg and Crackaxle Canyon. The soothsayers were right! It’s the predicted end-of-times as you enter Aftermath, where mere shells of humans wander aimlessly and their only focus is on discovering fresh human victims to extend their population. You’ll encounter a hazy, burned-out environment that time forgot, with hollow-eyed inhabitants that can only communicate through primitive grunts and shrieks.

Circus Berzerkus located in Fiesta Bay Boardwalk! Circus Berzerkus is home to the most demented carnival of horrors on earth including demented clowns, sinister freaks, and creatures tormenting any living soul that wanders through. Circus Berzerkus will play with everyone’s mind as they walk the grounds of a carnival gone insane. Circus Berzerkus has dark illusions that will give insane a new meaning to weary guests who dare to enter this sick and twisted sideshow.

Zombie Apocalypse located in RockKill, houses the walking dead roaming the empty streets aimlessly waiting for new survivors to wander through. The gruesome undead have escaped and now wander the streets looking for fresh brains and raw flesh to eat. They walk until tired guests can no longer escape!

Killer Shows

NEW Dead Man’s Party – Located in Zaragoza Theatre, your nightmare has come to life! Featuring spine-tingling hits such as “Thriller,” “I Put a Spell on You” and “Phantom of the Opera.” This brand new show will be sure to awaken even the darkest of souls. This is not your typical party.

Rock Apocalypse – A live band adds to the excitement of a Halloween classic-rock show with strong lead vocals. Set in the Crackaxle Canyon’s Sundance Theater, this live trip into a Rockin’ Halloween will have you singing along with classic high-energy favorites.

Skeleton Krew – A fun show for the goblins of all ages, this song and dance skeleton showcase offers seasonal songs such as “Black Magic” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Greeting guests as they first enter Los Festivales, this bone-rattling musical treat is available at the colorful Teatro Fiesta Theater.

Monster Mash Bash – Those daring to stay after dark will experience the thrilling, spooktacular, and completely revamped fearsome finale, Monster Mash Bash in Lone Star Lil’s Amphitheatre. This year, a fight between good and evil ensues and is choreographed to high-energy musical selections of the season. Join the excitement as a live band and dozens of talented singers and dancers perform a myriad of songs from various genres. New costuming and set design enhance this performance of rock music, lights, pyrotechnics, and video , sure to overload your senses!

Ticket Options & Info

All haunts, scare zones, and shows are now FREE and included in your daily ticket admission and Season Pass! To purchase a discount ticket for Fright Fest, visit

Fright Fest is featured Saturdays and Sundays, September 24-October 30, plus Fridays October 7, 14, 21 and 28.